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So how has your decade been? is a series of the most innovative musicians of the decade answering our questionnaire about the music, culture and memorable moments that shape their decade. Check it out to all the artists who participated in the series.

Richard Marx began 2010 with a significant milestone. The song he co-wrote with Keith Urban on "Long Hot Summer" reached number one on the country charts, meaning that the well-known singer-songwriter had charted every chart in the past. four decades. The song will represent yet another busy period for Marx, who spent the next decade working with artists such as Ringo Starr, Vertical Horizon, Tony Brixon, enn Eniffern Nettles and Rita Wilson.

While writing for others, as well as becoming a beloved social media and airplane hero (see below), Marx continued to work as a solo artist, touring the world and releasing three albums over a decade. He fell To tell stories, a collection of audio versions of previously released songs, in 2010, and continued to expand the record with new additions over the next year. In 2012 she released a holiday album: The spirit of Christmas, and in 2014 he was released Goodbye, the first album of all new material since his two 2008 albums, Emotional remnants and: Sandown. Mark is also going to start the next decade right releases his new album, InfiniteOn February 7. The singer shares her most enduring moments of the decade.

My favorite album of 2010 was: This is Tove Lo Queen of the Clouds

My favorite song of 2010 was: "More of You" by MAGIC. That song is ruining me.

The best artist of the decade was: Taylor Swift

The worst thing that happened to me in 2010 was: Daisy Fuentes married me.

My least favorite trend in music in this decade was: How has the flow allowed the songwriters, especially new and upcoming ones, to be properly compensated for their work?

The TV show, which I couldn't stop streaming in the 2010s, was as follows: Bush. Titus Welliver is truly one of the great American actors.

The best new jargon of the decade was: "Light", or maybe "woke up".

The best live show in 2010 was: Benson Bridge. Back in the 70's serious donkey fighting !!! Runner up. Pitbull: What a shocking show!

The most amazing meeting I've had with a fellow artist in over a decade: Chris Martin. At a dinner of six people at a mutual friend's house. He impressed me, and he offered me a pearl of wisdom, which I deeply appreciated.

The most common mistake the 2010s made was the following: I honestly can't think of anyone. I've learned a tremendous amount about who I am and who I still want to be, but it was just through life's experiences, not mistakes.

The best book I've read in a decade. Sin Ames Kaplan's two-volume biography of Sinatra. Maybe not the "best" one, but the one I enjoyed the most. From time to time I would like to be on stage exploding, but also thinking:

I did something wonderful in this decade that no one noticed. In the charts of the earth, I wrote another song in harmony. Keith Urban and I wrote his "Long Hot Summer". The number one performance of that song gave me at least one number one song as a writer over the last four decades.

In this decade, someone in the media has said about me in the media: The fact that I helped restrain some violent, unmanageable passenger on a Korean Airlines flight, and I helped him connect and… oh wait, it actually happened.

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The best outfit I've worn this decade was: I don't think about what I wear as an "outfit". I'm trying to look indefinite. You can't go wrong with a nice suit and a killer pocket square.

The most "2010" moment of 2010 was the following: It's weird. “Is the dress blue or gold? !!! »:

My biggest hope for the 2020s is this: Return to civilization and decency.

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