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It is said that Richard Markle saw that his cellphone was cheated.

Naked photos that were allegedly stolen Richard Marx, a singer known for her hit Right here waiting, distribute the network from Wednesday. It is for the information only that we reproduce it in its entirety here.

Correction 01/16/2020. This news seems to be groundless. (to know more)

And one more. Richard Marx is the latest celebrity to add to the already long list of celebrities whose phones have been hacked. Many personal photos of the 56-year-old American singer were actually posted online on Wednesday (January 15), where they caused an earthquake that never ceases to waver.

Invasion of privacy.

« No, we are not a popular magazine He assures the editor of the first American magazine that he has published nude photos. « It is information about a public figure who is interested in people "He assumes his approach. Yes, it sells. I make you buy and read newspapers "As for the use of stolen photos of Richard Marx, he denies any privacy breach.

Exceptional. All nude photos of Richard Marx

In total, five nude photos are circulated on the Internet. Knowing that these images of nudity may offend the youngest sensitivity, we covered some parts with a black ribbon.

According to our expert, Richard Marx would most likely have taken those nude shots on his cell phone during a visit to the Louvre at noon on Sunday from 2 pm to 3 pm (January 12). We would recognize “ Great Odalishka "Naked From Ingres," Sainte Marie Madeleine: "Naked: Gregor Erhart's Roman Sculpture" Wounded wolves »Naked, Egyptian naked daughter doll and probably Spinee: playing ball

Will Richard Marx, in addition to his talent as a singer and songwriter, therefore maintain a secret passion for fine art and nude photography? Police are investigating this new case of stolen photos.

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