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Some Things to Know About Richard Marx Before Digging Here: Yes, adult contemporary kiosk Richard Mark, responsible for hits like the '80s and' 90s, such as "Here We Wait," "Now and Forever," and "Endless Summer Nights."

For one thing, Marx has been married to former MTV VJ Daisy Fuentes since 2015. And just a year after the wedding, the couple helped restrain a Korean airline passenger who was violently aggravated by flight crews and other passengers. There will also be Richard Marx would you like if you say something bad about him or her music online as one Morning news columnist: learned the hard way In 2013.

What brings us to 2020? Early Wednesday morning, Marx wrote a grammar lesson on his Twitter page, disguised as a political statement by Senator Bernie Sanders. devastating primary loss Biden in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi.

"I don't care if you are Trump or Burner," Marx wrote. "It's 2020, and Google has been around for 22 years. If you still do not know "your" from "you", it is strict because "you are arbitrarily ignorant and stupid."

Are you a little hostile outside the gate? Maybe! Given his patronage, it may be like, don't mix with Richard Marx. Unfortunately, some poor on Twitter Rando Marx's behavior was not chosen with 34 followers who describe themselves as "universally agreeable boy".

"What songs do you sing?" wrote to a user whom Marx fired two minutes later. "Your daughter's girls were joking before she met you."

Now, with everything going on in the world, most of us probably wouldn't have expected to wake up around Richard Marx this morning leaving absolutely no animal waste to a friend who was following him on Twitter. But that's exactly what happened.

"Oh, my funny god Richard Mark just killed the man," wrote @ KFCBarstool. Richard Marks. From the parking lot. "

Others have tweeted similar sentiments about Richard Marx.

So far, Marx's fires have been one of Twitter's best kept secrets, as Patton Oswalt recently put it:

To be honest, we all should have known that something was a little off with this guy since his 1992 singleDangerยปWas he … Was it Richard Marx who killed that poor Mary all this time? All of this, of course, makes you see other things now in the light.


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