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A musician and producer, it has become a singer Lionel Richie that: Richard Marx became known. Honestly praised by the press from the beginning, he won the Grammy for Best in 2004 song for " Dance with my father "

"Nothing Means"

Born: chicago: In the United States, Richard Marx begins singing for advertising at the age of five. His voice is noticeable Lionel Richie who offers him to become his own choir.

His first anonymous album was released in 1987, released " Don't say anything "It's Dedicated to Ballad" Right here waiting Which praises the press. She becomes the only male artist to have seven singles in the top five. announcement board !

A talented producer

1989 Richard Marx returns to the studio to work on new compositions. He released his second album " Repeat the criminal Following Rush Street In the late 90's.

In addition, he began producing reputable artists, Barbra Streisand: to: Osh Nash Grob:, and put the author's talents in the service of many translators to whom: Natalie Cole,

Usually judged by critics, Richard Marx suffered worse press releases for his fourth album. " Paid vacation In 1994.

Then the singer slowly recognizes before returning to 1997 " Fur and bone Following Days in Avalon In 1999.

A Grammy:

In February 2004 Richard Marx wins Grammy for the best song for " Dance with my father », With the Congress Luther Vandros, In the same year released his new album, "My Own Best Enemy," which contains titles such as " When are you gone? "Or" Ready to fly? "

She continues her return to the stage a year later: " A Better Life », With the duo Keith UrbanMore on his latest album " Be now! "Title remains in country rankings for six consecutive 1st week announcement board !

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