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Richard Marx's words:


Memories of you and me
Immerse yourself in my head
It was the way it used to be
What I say

No one has ever made me believe so strong
You left me to wonder
How did our love fail?

(Khorus 🙂
Where do you run until now?
You had to turn around

I wake up at night
Wait for the sun to shine
I still feel you by my side
Your lips are mine

Without warning
You received our love
You said you were sorry
But you never told me why


Maybe my love is in vain
Maybe you're the offensive type
I can't take this pain anymore
I have to remove you from your mind

Tried to be what you want
I gave you everything I had
You left me without him
Nothin & # 39; s a photo


Album: "Repeat the Criminal" (1989)

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