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The attractive Frenchman finally got married.

New risk of disappointment if confirmed … Richard Ancona would leave the singles market. An article in the main Paris daily and on January 19 (yesterday) reports that the actor is known for acting Uth of ignorance if I lie or even Jaya Pantin allegedly got married on the last weekend in cunning.

Direction 20/01/2020. This news seems to be groundless. (to know more)

Intimate ceremony with family and some loved ones

Recently, popular media have been constantly hearing news about Richard Ancona's involvement (the famous ring case). Would the couple just want to jump into the wedding box without crossing the engagement box?

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Marriage is as romantic as it is reserved. Lovers would say "yes" to the intimate ceremony with half a handful of guests. Everything had to be organized in such a way that the secret would last until the wedding; The bride only urged her relatives to collect the items, even up to the dress made by a fashion friend.

Buzz on Twitter

« They are an ideal pair On Sunday, a close friend wrote: some fans were quick to comment that such a reception does not necessarily confirm the news. True or not, the announcement of a secret, secret marriage was like a bombshell on Twitter.

"# Richard Ancona got married. noooo !!!!!! it should have been me !!!!!! – January 19, 2020

“It's official. There is a lot of news about him these days. ” – January 19, 2020

It has to be said that nobody has commented on the news since the weekend; from a journalist People and life At the time of digging, he confessed that he had not found any official confirmation. Did the mysterious marriage take place? Did Richard Ancona Really Get Married?

In any case, we wish our best wishes to the actor and his family…

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Richard Ancona is in the news

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