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Under the submerged rainwater, curtains run on the sidewalk, deciding to get into their cars and dry. The access blocks see that the pause is registered ahead and dispersed accordingly to stay away from it. But again, she's not like that. He throws the metal pole with such force that when his body suddenly changes, his flame rises above the wet concrete, and he finally ends up on the sticky pole for the expensive life, his friends hysterically laughing at his weight.

Hey, Rex Zapman, block or charge.

“Oh, that's positive. The signal for that cessation obviously had its collection. " The 52-year-old has to push through his personal laughter. Like always the poor sufferer who was repeatedly playing on a smartphone in his hand, Chapman is also raising his air in the air. He fell back on the couch again, slapping his knees with his hand and releasing his hand. "Why the hell do I still laugh so hard? I've seen it 50 times already. ”

It is nothing; the world in which he reviewed the video earlier in the week watched the video Three Million Occasions and Counts, more than 700,000 views of Chapman's actual performance, and another $ 2 million from the seemingly endless cycle of revivals. They think it's funny. To Zapani too. He thinks all this shocking factor is funny. It's not just the man who stumbles on the road, but his new post – @RexChapman, the man who fills our Twitter schedule not with pandemics and politics, but with frauds and clever jokes.

“Social Media Announcer. I'm not even sure what that means, ”says Chapman from his residence in Lexington, Kentucky. “Me, the announcer. Man, I hope not. "

It is unlikely that this concept will emerge as soon as Chapman has more than 580,000 Twitter followers. It is 10 times larger than it had been for a year, a devotion swap that began on Twitter on January 10, 2019.

Earlier in the day, his followers were almost entirely basketball followers, rooted in Chapman as the Kentucky high school hoops phenom, the Kentucky Wildcats legend, and the 12-season NBA player who found fame for the first time. the selection of the Charlotte Hornets. , the contestant who chose the NBA slam dunk competition and who, as a Miami Heat member in 1996, hanged 39 factors over Michael Jordan's son and legendary Chicago UnbeataBulls. His productive career has included followers such as Ice-T and Chuck D and Steph Curry, who has known Jepman all his life through Father Dell, a Hornets teammate and, nonetheless, Chapman's closest friends. :

However, since its January tweets, hundreds of groups have embraced Chapman's account, along with Bootsy Collins and Peace of Imami, Mark Hamil and Chris Pratt, governors and information correspondents around the world. Many of these newcomers have nothing that he has ever done in basketball.

In Lexington, as the huge residents of Rexington and Blue Nation call themselves, the over-aged, four-year-old former Basketball Player, a former viral celebrity, was hiding in his dorm room. and within the health club at the age of 18 will be free from rabid followers. They seem to remember more in the years the sequence of his addiction, which ranged from hoops and swimming to horse-drawn betting and five bottles a day. – a plan to bring down the painkiller people were crawling to kill him. They could see his carpet shot from 2014, the main product that appears to be from Google's search.

However, the overwhelming majority of Rex Chapman's orchestra today seems unaware of his troubled historic past in the courtroom or his deep struggle outside it.

"I used to be in the last year of the SEC event," he says. “I went in to get my certifications and it was eight out of 10 internships, just college students out there serving. I confirmed their ID to them, so they said: "You're Rex Zapman, the Twitter man." I went, yes, that's me, getting my credentials. We're gone. & # 39; "

For Chapman, all the pieces of the altered record were a trailer of a man on a rowing boat coming out of the ocean. Dolphin pods can be seen from the bottom of the water floor, located on real estate. Unexpectedly, one of the many dolphins explodes into the air so that the whole body can check the person off the board and the ocean, then reunite with his group.

"When I noticed it, I told myself that it was money. I tweeted it out, and people thought it was humorous, and it really is. That is all. "However, people watched the video from his gift and its responses on virtually 10 million occasions. The unintended effect was positively bent on one thing.

"Beautifully, I wish it were probably the worst rule in basketball," he says. "I want them to just throw it out or change it enormously. It's a terrible rule, block or expense. I shouldn't be able to stand there, and that's wrong. Come on! "

Chapman says that he has always been unnoticeable, oppressive and a little lonely. She says she was the child Jolly Rancher suggested to the chamber: "Wait, aren't you going to offer me the whole bag now?" He is the man who would stand for hours in the empty health club on the free throw line, turning from anger to any omission, and the one who would soon eat nothing but a canned turkey all year long. So having her face on the phone is a must on her Twitter. That, of course, also comes. The time spent on social media for each of us is locked in the echo chamber. For a person with a sense of urgency, it feels more like a torture chamber.

"Yes, I wanted it. I was so bored in the past, ”he says on Twitter. (He has never fallen on Instagram: "One meal is enough for me"). "Now it's just a poisonous, local political way. Every little thing is so captivating. And I'm that person. I have to be that guy, the smart guy. So, of course, I am not regularly happy, everyone is optimistic. Those who know me will let you know. "

However, he was unable to delete his account for the job of Kentucky basketball player, and the NBA television channel demanded social media. A man outside the rowing boat helped him get out of the dry holes of Twitter. he went to look for extra slaps. He found a zoo customer slapping an elephant in the long distance. He found a child who opened a brand new Nerf pistol and immediately shot himself in the bosom. He found a man who tried to ride a quad bike on a flight of stairs and ended up in the head. He found one after another, swinging with a rope, who tried to be Tarzan, but eventually Duffy Duck's Robin Hood centered a tree on his face.

He loved everyone. So did everyone.

“It started to pick up a lot of steam, it had to put some floor tile on the market. I asked people, 'I believe this friend is breaking his hand. Is that good to represent? ” But now there are really only two guidelines. One, it must make me cringe. Two, not dying. It is a little distracting that I even have to explain that there is no factor in the death of people, but I do. ”

At first, not everyone was a regular comedian. He says it happened all at once, but then he took it to the extreme. “I have certain opinions on certain issues, but at some uncertain time in the future I have noticed that there are a lot more intelligent people in the market than I actually interpret those things. Political science people, politicians, doctors and lawyers. All the stuff that I think I have a strong opinion on doesn't matter. I don't need to hear it from me. ”

They have to laugh. However, they should really feel good. Rex Chapman is one of the great delicacies of some of the dishes. For each humorous bone vibration, there are additional pores in the center. Check out his trademark tracks, "Animals, Brushes," and "That's Twitter Content I'm For Right Now." There are many animals that make newborns giggles and dozens of videos to revitalize our religion in the human race, from a child visiting a nursing home to receiving free hugs for the elderly at Down Syndrome High School in the nursing home.

“I just assume everyone loves good things. Everyone loves dogs, all people love to feel really good and to imagine what is perfect in people. I believe right now, if it offers something, it's just a little sniper during the day, just to remind yourself that we all just have ideas in our head. We expect, we write, and all the people who are just trying to get out together right here. So let's touch a little bit. "

Zappan said these words in an interview on March 3. Ten days later, the COVID-19 epidemic abolished the SEC event, then the NCAA event, and then it seemed like all the pieces were all over the place for an unspecified period of time. Chapman's twitter feed changed a bit to regulate this new world: movies that were knowledgeable about coronavirus threats (animated cartoon showing good social distance) supplied social distant laughs (espresso shop, which used shelter: facial masks in Puma sneakers running around his head) and showed fairy tales amidst the chaos found (The Spanish police carry out blockades through entertainment)

This week, she used her ever-expanding platform to advertise a fundraising marketing campaign to help those affected by the epidemic. On March 22, thanking his followers for his "fun, high-quality and fun" Twitter experience, he introduced the Rex Chapman COVID-19 Aid Fund, explaining that his already established charitable foundation is based on the Bluegrass district. has teamed up to withdraw money. to support the whole nation as they struggle to fight the monaural hardships of the coronaviruses. Three days later it raised more than $ 150,000.

Earlier in the virus disaster, when Chapman was asked if he was approached by sponsoring companies to install à la Kardashian products, he turned his eyes away and pointed out that this was not really his model. He even joked about his new energy that he was about to start his personal Jon Onestown worship, but only "if I had decided to use it myself, but I believe we all know I'm not going to use it myself."

But now he is. And he hopes that his followers will effectively follow.

"I believe I have gathered this group of individuals. These are people who appear on the planet in search of something good, ”Chapman said tonight after confirming his initiative from his residence. "So it will be clear that they have to do good things on the planet as well, right? The return wasn't like I used to sleep in my car. If it weren't for different people, desperately wanting to help me, I don't know where I could be. I will most likely be on the floor. So let's take advantage of a terrible situation and let's share some of that same kindness. ”

His charity is already the foundation of Rex Zeppman, who was formed to fight opioid addiction. It is a fight he is aware of only a very large number. Regardless of the NBA injury-plagued profession that has led to 10 surgical procedures, along with seven of his last three seasons, he is unlikely to ever allow doctors to prescribe pain medications. "I wanted to know how the damage caused as a result, then I might also know more when it felt higher," she says. However, as his profession was coming to an end, he had urgent appendectomy. The documents assigned him OxyContin.

“Two days later I fell in love. I never felt good about it, ”he says. “I used to be in social conditions before. I had a good time regularly. In fact, never before. However, everything was a terrible lie. I was taking 50 drugs daily rather quickly. Just crush its bottles, keep it hidden below my mattress in the evening. When I woke up, I could throw that bottle and the dust was pouring into my system faster. My husband didn't know. My 4 young men didn't know. And that led to it all falling apart. "

During the day, Jepman made two unsuccessful trips on the road to recovery. She was sleeping on the bunch of furniture. He, of course, got out of his car. He mistakenly communicated with everyone who had resettled in Kentucky. He has held a variety of NBA front office jobs and was promoted to a completely new position in 2013-14 as a television analyst at Grand Canyon College. Then, in the fall of 2014, he was arrested near his residence in Shotsdale, Arizona, after stealing Apple's retail merchandise and attempting to repay it in cash for what he says is debt repayment games. She says that she can't take it into account, her thoughts are on the fog-dependent addiction, and that she has never, however, been introduced to the video from the store. Less than two weeks later, he went to recovery again. This time, she was in Kentucky again at the Louisville Brook Hospital, led by former Wildcats teammate Paul Andrews.

For five years, Chapman says he is simple and sober. She has sought to restore contact with her ex-wife and four children, one of whom lives with her in Lexington. Much of his new lease on life has come to the point where he rebuilt the open air world that seemed to have abandoned King Rex as he grew up to become that man on the Googled rug, a connection built in the form of @RexChapman.

"I believe he is a messenger, that there is life after opioid addiction, that there can be good opportunities, and that you can succeed," says David Helmers, Chapman's best mate from third grade. They are now co-branding Cartoon Community's Block and Cost, a streaming gift inspired by Chapman's Twitter post.

"And I don't suppose an NBA contract," Helmers continues. "It is a state destroyed by opium. It is a state with a protracted historical past in Appalachia, particularly in Kentucky, Japan, drug and drug dependence. And now there is a suffering that really affects everyone on the planet. We have never wanted to entertain or feel more warmth than now. Rex was the one who wanted to have a motivation to smile, and I believe this was a huge half of his life savings. Now we all want a motivation to smile, and he serves us to take care of our whole lives. ”

Chapman rolls his eyes at such a discussion. However, you get the feeling that he is effectively aware of what he is doing. He has no market analysis or algorithms in place, or no fear of the best "peak social hours" or social media professionals the world is looking for. He is just a basketball retiree legend, written in a tweak of drafts that he will release whenever he feels he wants to.

"Look at this, it's funny," he says, scrolling through the answers to his latest performance. One is a comic by Tommy Fong. One is from singer Richard Marx. He had just bought a hint from lawyer and writer Pret Bharara. Zapani can't even remember what she published, even though she has 3.5 million impressions in six hours. Նա կրկին գնում է և հայտնվում: Այո, իշխանությունների կողմից նախազգուշացված է, որ անհատները չպետք է մատները դնեն իրենց դեմքին կամ նրանց բերանին, որպեսզի օգնեն դադարեցնել կորոնավիրուսի տարածումը: Դրանից հետո նա մատը սեղմում է ՝ ցույց տալու իր ելույթի հետևյալ վեբ էջը:

«Մենք հավաքում ենք մարդկանց, մարդ: Մի ժամանակ մեկ հիմար տեսանյութ »:

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