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What is doing Justin Asten Timberlake: really think *NSYNC: reunion And would you discuss JC Chasez on the road without him? These were two bright questions that were raised by fans "The Daily Popcast by Lens Bass" air this week and type of response.

Return to *NSYNC: original cover. Timberlake, Chasez, Bass, Chris Kirkpatrick and Joey Fatone – would be the ideal way to celebrate Twenty years after its release, No Strings Attached, with more than 2.4 million copies sold in its first week, is a record-breaking time.

"We talked about it," Bass says Variety. “No plans have been made. Even if there are plans, who knows? … I think if we had done something, it would have been fun. The world needs to hear something funny, and I think we can bring something positive with it. That's what we need now. It could be a simple thing to try, and if it works, it works, and if it doesn't, it's not. "

40-year-old Bass says fans will get a clearer answer as to which group he stands for when he airs his interviews, one day when it starts today. One member will also be interviewing Bass for Popcast Friday, and co-authors of Saturday's specials Peachy Keen (Jess Keener) and Giggles (Lisa Delcampo) are asking the singers questions about "fun" fast response.

"I've done ey ain and JC so far, and these are very different interviews," adds Bass. “The JC is the most difficult to nail down and the most mysterious, so it was interesting to come across it. You will definitely hear his opinion on reunification, and if that happens. "

Bass is also fascinated by the fact that he rarely understands Timberlake's thoughts on topics the two have "never discussed" in their 25-year friendship. "He's the only one (a band member) I haven't interviewed before, so I'm really excited to explore what his life is like now, talk about the 'No attached and that era' question, ask what that was like (alone) transition and get your opinion * on the future of NSYNC, ”says Bass. "I want to pull the curtain back and show you who Justin Astin was, who was my best friend years ago. He was 14 when I met him. A bond that is incredible. We have experienced things that many have not gone through, and I love what we used to do at the time and how we all grew up in what we grew up in … everything is because we are such At an early age, we influenced each other. ”

It is not surprising how influential the young singers' friendships have been with the stormy channel that they have co-led, prior to the publication of the AAA. Working on their first self-proclaimed debut in 1997, the band, as well as their peers, Backstreet Boys, became suspicious of their then-manager Lou Parlman's financial transactions. Both groups have taken legal action. * NSYNC has successfully severed ties with Pearlman and RCA, signed with Jive Records and retained their name.

"It was a fun time because we didn't know where our career was going, and every expert around us was saying, 'Your career excels at kids,'" recalled Bass, who shot the film "Ben Ben Con", which shot in 2019. Documentary about Perlman. . "It hurts when you're that young man and you've worked so hard. The last thing you want to hear is the label head saying: "Guys, you might have another album with you if you're just stuck with Lou Perlman." It was a terrible moment. We thought our career was over. So many crazy thoughts came to our head, but when we finally got our name and ended our relationship with Louis, it all started to flow. ”

The NSA released two of NSYNC's two biggest hits, "Bye Bye Bye" and "Gonna Be Me", which had written credits from Max Martin, Andreas Carlson and Cheiron Studios. The album also features songs by Richard Marx and Diane Warren.

While * NSYNC was watching 2001's 'Revelation', the quintet announced the anecdote in 2002, and has only been rebuilt on stage in recent years in honor of Timberlake and its Video MTV VMAs 2013 MTV VMAs. He has been missing since Coachella 2019, where the four joined Ariana Grande for a surprise appearance, just wrapping up her Man of the Woods tour.

It was at Coachella when Bass met an artist he had never heard of before, Lizzo, who would become the key to one of his biggest 2020 projects in collaboration with Richard Branson's Virgin Fest. In June, Lizzo and A $ AP Rocky hold a music and environmental awareness event in Los Angeles.

"Richard Branson and I are great space skills and technology people, so we wanted to create things that entertained people, bringing Lizzos and Anderson. Pix, but it also showed the future, ”says Bass. "It's about doing the right thing for the environment, and what next great futuristic thing will help our planet. It reminds me of a World Trade Fair where people went to see new things, with a little Coachella mix. "

Bass's love for podcasts will be shown at Virgin Fest, where The Daily Popcast and Bass's favorite hosts will be broadcast live from the Bubble Tap VIP area, a stain on his Bubble Tap Trailer mobile wine business. That's one of several fierce efforts, including his West Hollywood Hollywood bar Rocco's WeHo and the upcoming mixer series, J.A.X. (Just X – X is your favorite spirit), a collaboration with Vanderpump Rules star Ax Taylor, which kicks off at Virgin Fest.

"The funny thing about J.A.X's flavors is that they are unique, they taste great, they are low in calories and they have vitamins," says Bass. produces a movie about NSYNC superfants who put their lives in jail for touring the group. “The danger is that you can't taste alcohol. It will try on you. ”

As for J.A.X or Bubble Tap during the Bass interview lips, "I haven't done Austin or Chris yet, so maybe I can bring some … in that case they can give me testimony."

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