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Thursday's remarkable television electoral criticism list:

Project runway (9/8s, Bravo). The style of reality competitions is returning to a new season of fashion bands, with 16 new designers gathering in one of New York's most prominent venues. The former TWA hotel in the former hotel. TWA terminal at JFK airport. Using visual architecture as inspiration, the participants are instructed by the host Carly Claus paired to produce two space-age looks: a black dress and a fun space outfit for cocktails. Former winner Christian Siriano is invaluable during the 90-minute opening, as the designers are always present and thoughtful. (We can only imagine his reaction if he heard one of the designers' actual pride, "I'm already at (Judge) Brandon Maxwell and Christian Siriano's level." Judges, including Maxwell and Ell: Editor-in-chief Nina Garcia and journalist Elaine Welterot refrain from criticism. Fortunately, at least some of the creations are out of this world.

Charlie Brown Christmas (8 / 7c, ABC). Can't imagine Christmas without a TV set Peanuts the band that helps us cut the mess and commercialize the holiday season with senseless charm and the Linus brand of baby eye wisdom. The impeccable Vince Guaraldi jazz score (obviously fun to dance to) always serves to remind us that "Christmas is here."

At the same time, next Christmas (9 / 8c, ABC). Here's something you rarely see on television. Real new television. It is rumored that this holiday romance will air on both Hallmark and Lifetime, and will air on December 11th and again on ABC's sister channel, December 23rd. At the same time It also has a new location on the Hawaiian Islands, where two families have been on vacation for years. Olivia (Leah Michel) and eff (Charles Michael Davies) grew up as Christmas, but otherwise distant girlfriends, and now as they get older they have more than enough to gather them together. But, as always, there are obstacles on the way to happiness (or the beach), from Ol inclusive to Olivia's comprehensive friend (Brian Greenberg). Settlement is pure escapism, and assimilation is excellent, including Nia Vardalos and George Wolf Newburn as optimistic parents of Olivia, and Phil Morris as the effigy widower.

Evil (10 / 9c, CBS). Not a good case-punishment file. An irony that never happened The Exorcist:when David (Mike Colteris charged with alleged psychological harm by Caroline Hopkins (Morning showa few weeks after scaring off his exorcism, Karen Pittman). This failure makes David reconsider his word about the priesthood, and it doesn't help as he approaches his protector (Hamilton Tony winner Renee Elise Goldsbury). On the inner front, we cannot be surprised at how psychologist Christen is (Katja Herbers:) adjusts to returning his mountaineering husband (Patrick Bramel) home. Cam warning: Peter Scolari is hosted as Bishop Marx, who was probably not happy about David's legal troubles.

Streaming world. The second season of CBS All Access's diverted fairytale thriller Tell me a story reproducing legends Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and: Cinderella In the context of a magical fairy tale set in Nashville. Stars include: The Vampire Diaries:& # 39; Paul Wesley, Kerry-Ann Moss, Odette Enbil, Matt Loria, Natalie Allin Lind and Ashley Madekwe… Another Vampires Diaries: veteran, Ian Somerhalder, now fighting mutant vampires like Dr. Luther Swan on Netflix V wars, a series based on ry Onatan Maberi's best sellers of the disease that turns victims into human-eating predators … On a lighter note Netflix returns Christmas prince privilege with A Christmas Prince. The Royal Baby:which now features King Richard (Ben Gamb) and Queen Amber (Rose McIver) are expecting their first child, but a visit to another kingdom may repair the ancient curse. Now we are all together. Rumpelstiltskin!

Inside TV Tuesday. Life in pieces& # 39; Betsy Brandt returns to CBS & # 39; s Unicorn: (8: 30/7: 30) as Caroline, Widow Support Team Leader. He pretends to know Wade (Walton Goggins) to help her get out of the ongoing blind date created by messy friend Delia (Michaela Watkins) … Another support group heard on CBS Mother (9 / 8c) as the AA gang rallies around Bonnie (Kristen John Onston), who has difficulty adjusting to early conditional release. Nothing comes easily from these ladies … Investigative Disclosure Is Interviewer: (10 / 9c), by Houston Detective Phil Waters, who shares some of his most shocking cases, revealing how his cunning interrogation has led to unexpected confessions of gross truth.

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