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Bad by Brad Berkwith

As most of you know who read my columns and for new readers, I'm the CEO / Publisher of Ringside Report's very popular boxing and entertainment site.“The Heart of Boxing and Entertainment”) So to speak, I greatly promote the work of my team, which I publish daily with other content. One of the social media platforms I use is Twitter. Well, also with me as a retired Navy veteran who served in the United States Navy for 20 years and 28 days in time of war and peace, I have always cared deeply for people to include the troops I command. This distorts me from Donald Trump's white racist orange traitor. The tramp, or what I call the "Lush Baby" – is the main one.

His disrespect for our soldiers and Americans in our society, minus his base, which he slanders every day with fake lies, makes me sick. I take to Twitter one of my social platforms to use my voice, as I've done for many years about social and racial injustice in this country. It inspired me to talk about my late father, Alvin Berkvitt, who also did for many years.

So when I see people like Don Fedal, Beth Middler, eff Efri Wright, Sher, referring to Williams and Richard Marx to name a few using Twitter as well as tweeting to their millions of followers, are despised for dismantling our country of Trump, it warms my heart. You do not need to use their votes, but they choose to do so. That's what America is about. Always talking about what's wrong and trying to move the scales to the right. As a longtime fan of everyone through their songwriting or acting activities, I personally want to thank them for being a voice for many, especially those who may not have their own platform to get their thoughts on Trump and his hands, the destruction of America!

I will close the column by saying that I am living my life…

"Every act of kindness is a little love that we leave behind."

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