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Following is a list of our Billboard staff The 100 Greatest Songs of 2000This week we are writing about some of the stories and trends that set the year for us. Here's another look at the NSYNC era No strings attached, and how the production and writing of the album made the Sonic move for all pop music at the end of the millennium.

* NSYNC: It was hardly the first pop act to make an album on the topic of controlling their careers. The Monkees 1967 album Headquarters controversially invented what he had reached his creative zenith with the promotion of Jan Annette Acksson 1986 Control:. But * NSYNC really took steps in the 2000s No strings attachedentertaining their own image as “puppets” of the music industry and imagining themselves as literary puppets, cutting off their movement lines, album cover and video for the song “Bye Bye Bye”.

The main boost for the title No strings attached the group had a break with former manager Louis Perlman, a controversial architect & # 39; & # 39; 90s boy & # 39; & # 39; the group's explosion, which was eventually found guilty of money laundering in 2008 and died in prison in 2016. But the idea that * NSYNC * wanted to create creative control was to choose. The thing was that their musical direction, and not just the singing, were the songs that Swengali had assigned them. And that was the sound No strings attached it set it apart. The 3 month album released in the new millennium was a turning point for the turning point pop.

Before: No strings attachedNone of the major youth pop albums of the era featured guest rap producers or names from the R&B world, and almost everyone who followed. For the next three years, the street-pop youth arms race will end in Christina Aguilera's main single featuring Redman. For the time being, * NSYNC was still working on a fun new direction with Rami Jacobs and Max Martin following the debut of a growing Swedish pop genius debut with the biggest single of 'Gonna Be Me'. No strings attached featured frequent appearances by Johnny Kemp's 1988 hit "Just Got Paid" from the recently released Johnny Kemp hit * NSYNC worked with New Jack Swing worked with Teddy Riley and Aaron Holler.

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TLC, a group of Atlanta girls whose three hit '90s albums starring on the street with sugar melodies, became the unbelievable microbe of R & B's teen pop. To them to make a decision "… Baby One More Time" indirectly led to the rise of Britney Spears. Instead of releasing them in 1999, No Scrubs kept them in the forefront. Total claim live-Or pop alongside British and boy bands.

The trio's Lisa's "Left Look" in the mountains is in the process of starting a solo career that was cut short by a 2002 car accident that killed and raped her. No strings attached follow "Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)". And producer Kevin Shakespeare Briggs and Xscape singer Candy Kerres, the songwriting team behind "No Scrubs" and the groups behind the book "Counts, Bills, Accounts" by "Child of the Convicts" have been trained. "No song was released as a single, but young fans who turned teenage pop into the catering industry were more interested in deep cuts than musical listeners of the time thought. After all, Ariana Grande, attentive student of pop / R&B cross-music in the early 2000s, quotes "It makes me sick" "Break up with your girlfriend, I'm bored," reached No. 2 last year's Hot 100.

Another hit pop album released two weeks later No strings attached later, the lines between pop and R&B became clearer. Partially thanking Shekskspere and Burress once again, Pink began her career with a double platinum debut I can't take me home. He was not a particularly R&B producer. He had great confidence in adopting a version of the hypo-triple forms that were popularized several years ago by Tim Timbaland Mosley. The brighter, more 40-ready Timbaland aesthetic was probably better suited for 2000 * NSYNC, but Justin Astin Timberlake will eventually start a long and productive collaborative relationship with his original 2002 solo article. Justified.

No strings attached it was still an extra step away from the softer side of the teenagers pop. & # 39; & # 39; Adult veterans of the 80s Diane Warren and Richard Marx wrote ballads for the album, most recently & # 39; & # 39; I I promise & # 39; & # 39; that reached # 5 on the Hot 100. Bye Bye Bye and It Gonna Be Me were more shocking and synchronized than NSYNC's earlier hits "I Want You Back" and "Tearin & # 39; Up My Heart". It is clear that No strings attached Even the orchestra that was most similar to the orchestra's debut was not included in the American release of the album. Max Never released "I'll Never Stand" released as the album's second single in European territories, playing at number 13. Great Britain

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But it wasn't even available in the US until it appeared on them Greatest hits the compilation, released in 2005, after the band began its vague hiatus. Not all gestures sound more "urban" No strings attached Wein Timberlake's painful work "we did it again". At the end of the ad that makes me sick, it may make you cringe a little. "Gonna Be Me" was immortalized in a million "it'll be in May" memoirs as a direct result of Timberlake's portrayal of a title contender. And "Digital Get Down" presents JT, awkwardly copying Timbaland's signature "fragile fragile“Boxing, which will eventually become a frequent presence on Timberlake / Timbaland partnerships. Still, this was a relatively new direction for a band whose first album featured Christopher Cross's "Sailing" and Boston's "More Than A Feeling."

* NSYNC had a single writing credit on their first album as a band No strings attached saw their two most notable singers creatively guide their lead. JC Chasez has written 4 songs and produced two of them, and Justin Astin Timberlake is a co-author and wrote "I'll Be Good For You". And the latter predicted the direction of a more soul-filled Timberlake to join the band and his solo career as a fun base that was sampled the relatively obscene Teddy Pendergrass single, 1994's "Believe in Love."

In time * NSYNC released the third and last album Known for: In the summer of 2001, the band's voice and leadership changed dramatically. Timberlake's writing credits outnumbered Chasez's writing credits, and JT's heavy singles "Gone" and "Girlfriend" moved the band to Billboard's Hot R&B / Hip-Hop song chart. . The celebrities were the last time Justin Astin Timberlake had worked with Max Martin for nearly 15 years while they were reunited with Hot 100 charts "I Can't Stop Feeling." In 2016, he released four blockbuster solos, all of which were mainly produced by Timbaland, sometimes along with another Virginia R&B hitmaker, Farrell Williams.

In 1994 he finished in the Hot 100 block of "New Kids" "Dirty Dawg" Awesome hip-hop intersection experience with the Bronx duo Nice & Smooth. Over the next five years, hip-hop became such a massive commercial force that the next wave of young white pop singers couldn't help but absorb its influence. And with a more tactful, musically more reliable approach than NKOTB had, * NSYNC changed the charity paradigm and in the process climbed to the top of the Boys Orchestra pile.

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