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Richard Marx have released their new music video I wouldn't let you love me,

We see the artist performing in a large apartment with his group. The musicians are illuminated by very bright white lights that allow them to hide and enhance the rest of the decor. This title comes from his new album Inside my head to be released in Europe on June 1.

Marx doesn't change the style of music with this new single while still in the pop rock field. This new ballad is in addition to the many he has already composed Waiting right here or even danger, The singer was very successful in making such titles, so it was normal that she used the same recipe for this song.

But man is not only a singer. He is also a great music producer. He has collaborated with a large number of artists such as: Hugh Jack Emmen, Celine Dion, or: Barbra streisand:He has also sung a number of singles by some of the world 's leading artists such as: Donna Lewis, madonna:, Roch Voisine:, or: Lara Fabian.

Richard Marx spent last year in France defending his latest album To tell a storyIt is not yet known whether he will return this year to promote Inside My Head.

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