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Cornelius Castoriadis, a creation born of chaos

Nicole Poirier

The Waterfront, 2019:


120 pcs.

€ 15.40:

ISBN: 9782356876607:



The initial idea advocated in this book, inspired by Castoriadis, is that if institutions want to correct the peculiarities of public-political life, they must also allow themselves to work from the point of view of historical creation.

Castoriadis is recognized as one of the most up-to-date alternative political thinkers. But we probably know little about the close connection between his political analysis and his philosophical positions. Now they are giving each other light. Putting the practical reason into the theoretical thing allows Castoriadis to think about the idea of ​​creation. His break with Marx, whom he accuses of his deterministic ontology, forces him to rethink political and social emotion from the idea of ​​creative imagination. To fully understand this notion, one must confront the ideas of imagination espoused especially by phenomenology, in particular Sartre and Husserl. This leads to the concept of chaos, which reveals that human action is based on irreversibility disorder, which explains why it cannot be founded on democracy or any other, citing undisputed legitimacy. ,

The book, failing to connect the mind, work and life of a man who is dedicated to his time, pursues a path through the central themes of Castoriadis's philosophical and political thought, on which he deals with the ethics of the subject Maurice Merleau-Ponty, Claude Lefort, Richard Dorscomb, Richard Dortkom Michel Foucault. One chapter is also dedicated to the exile of Castoriadis's life and mind.

Nicola Paurier a philosopher, teacher and researcher at Sofiapol / Paris-Nantrée, he has published Castoriadis. Radical imagination (Puff, 2004), The political ontology of Castoriadis (Payot, 2011) and: Canetti: Metabolism vs. Power (Michalone, 2017).


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