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On the Muslim heroism of a New Jersey comedian President Donald Trump promising to cross the past coronavirus Easter is a viral crisis.

Trump's J-L Cauvin spoiler has generated nearly 3 million views since he created it and put it on Tuesday night.

“It's crazy. Six years as a standard, and all it took was a global epidemic for me to finally get through, ”NJ, 40-year-old NJ Cavine, who recorded the album as Trump, told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday night.

Cowin said the video was made in his two-bedroom apartment in Bloomfield around 2pm. Tuesday. Cowin was planning to go for a walk with the dog when he received a text message about Trump's impossible plan to get out of the coronavirus and jump economy with Easter on April 12.

She said she immediately thought she was "probably going to be okay" and asked her girlfriend to watch her dog for two minutes.

"I try to strike as long as possible," he said.

In the video, Cawvin, who became a lawyer for the comedian, imitates Trump's wording and salad in the word, while speaking in an almost incomprehensible voice from the President.

Like Trump, Cowin is hostile to the dismissal of Anthony Anthony Fuchi. in response to a phlegm like Trump, he got offended. Two days before Easter, he promised to "drastically improve" the economy and end with a loud cough in his hand.

"I've decided," I announce today, "we're going to bring the economy back on Easter Sunday. Because God, who, frankly, you know that he is a good God, he has done some powerful things, and some, frankly, his record does not seem so great, "said Cowin, as did Trump.

Born and raised in the Bronx, Cawvin lived in Manhattan until about seven months ago, just outside the Trump Tower.

"He voted in the same place as I did," said Covin, who has never met Trump.

He is not a fan of the president.

"I would never have thought of voting for him," said Covin, who voted for Hillary Clinton.

He started developing his Trump campaign during the 2016 campaign – never expecting, he said, Trump would win and he would continue to do so.

Kauvin doesn't have much of a Trump story. Shot Late in the evening and Dan Le Batard Show: On ESPN and regular Adam Carroll Show.

Nothing he has done so far has gotten him anywhere in his Trump video. His video has been shared by celebrities ranging from singer Richard Marx and former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson to George Wolf Conway, a cruel Trump critic who is married to Trump's senior adviser Kellan Conway.

Actor / producer Ken O'Leary wrote on Twitter about Kauvin. “It turns out to be a star. Bravo! ”

"My Twitter account is not used to this level of activity," said Kauvin.

According to him, Kauvin began preparing stand-up comedy at the University of Law School website. He worked as an assistant to the Bronx District Attorney and as an associate in a private enterprise before fully concentrating on comedy, though he said some law was still in place.

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