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NEW YORK, October 28, 2019 / PRNewswire / – ASCAP Foundation announces that multi-poster recording artist, songwriter and social justice activist Natalie Merchant will be recognized with ASCAP Foundation Champion Award and composer, conductor, artistic director and founder of the Youth Choir New York (EAEU) Francisco Naze will accept ASCAP Foundation Life in Music Award: the time ASCAP Foundation awards on Wednesday, December 11 inside New York.

»Natalie Merchant has given its name and voice to environmental protection, domestic violence, racism, arts education and more, and Francisco Nice has enriched the lives of thousands of children of all cultural and economic backgrounds with innovative music education, ”he said. The: President of ASCAP Foundation Paul Williams. “Their passion and dedication to charity are great examples of how the creative community can step by step improve the human condition. They 'walk by walking' and inspire us all. ”

Natalie Merchant – ASCAP Foundation Champion Award winner
The Champion Award was created by the ASCAP Foundation to honor ASCAP members whose contributions extend beyond music to significant charitable and humanitarian efforts. Former members who have received the award include: Tony Bennett, Dee Dee Bridgewater:, Yeah Collins, Arlo Guthrie, Billy El Hale, Richard Marx, John of Melensamp:, Ason Jason Maze: and: Ne-Yo.

He is known for his solo concert career and as the lead vocalist and vocalist of the band. 10,000 Maniacs, Natalie Merchant has supported a number of non-profit organizations through both financial and public awareness raising. These include Scenic Hudson, Riverkeeper, Center for Constitutional Law, Doctors Without Borders, Tibet House, Greenpeace, Southern Center for Human Rights and Planned Births. In 2007 he was appointed to a five-year term of five years New York State Council of Arts (NYSCA) and 2013 Efforts were made to stop the progress of hydraulic fracturing New York State with a concert film, Dear Governor of Cuomo. In the same year, she again used a concert film format to address the domestic violence crisis in the Hudson Valley. Shelter. The merchant is now a painter on the Hudson Valley Charity Commission's Economic Opportunity Commission, where he is developing a music, poetry and dance curriculum for their Head Start program.

Throughout his 30 years of music career, Merchant has been ranked among America's most respected recording artists as a accomplished songwriter and as a stage performer. He released two platinum and four gold records with 10,000 Maniacs from 1981-1993. Between, and as a solo artist, 1995 Tiger more than 5 million copies have been sold. In subsequent years, he continued to release solo material, including a 2010 double album, Let go of your sleep (Nonesuch Records), a musical adaptation of 26 classic and contemporary poems of childhood by poets such as Robert Louis Stevenson, e. Cummings and Mother Goose, who later received the Lion Award from the prestigious New York Public Library. Recently Nonesuch released a full 10-CD set of its entire solo album entitled New Album Butterfly (2017):

Francisco Núñez – ASCAP Foundation Life in Music Award winner
In the Life of Music Award, ASCAP presents the ASCAP Writer for his unique achievements as a composer, songwriter, performer, instrumentalist or vocalist. Previous winners include: Ny ony Cash: and: June Carter Cash:, a crushing jazz composer and orchestra Maria Schneider, He is a composer of renowned choir music Morten Lauridsen, composer, musician and activist Ess i's Winchester: and jazz pianist, composer and instrumentalist Horace Silver:.

Francisco Núñez is a composer, conductor and visionary, a leading figure in music education and the Artistic Director / Founder of the Youth Choir New York (EAEU). Since the establishment of the EFSA in 1988, Nietzsche has been raising awareness about the ability of children to rise to unpredictable artistic heights, and has been praised The: The New York Times "For raising the bar (for children's choirs) by performing a steady stream of works by composers who usually write for adults."

As a composer, Naze creates countless works and compositions for all types of music formats and styles for choirs, orchestras and solo instruments and is currently composing a song cycle commissioned by The ASCAP Foundation. He also runs the University Gel Club New York, its fifth conductor since the founding of the Universal Choir, in 1894. Nice is sought around the world as a guest conductor by professional orchestras and choirs, and as a keynote speaker on the role of music in achieving equality and diversity among children in today's society. Among his many awards and awards are the MacArthur Fellowship, the Music Teacher of the Year Award 2018, and the ASCAP Victor Herbert Prize He has both honors degrees in music Ithaca College and: Getisburg College.

In addition to celebrating music creators who have exceeded their craft, ASCAP Foundation awards shows the fund's investment in developing new talent by recognizing its 2019 high school and college scholarships and recipients. The evening will also feature talented performances rising in different musical genres.

About ASCAP Foundation
Founded in 1975, the ASCAP Foundation is a charity dedicated to supporting American music makers and encouraging their development through music education and talent development programs. These include songwriting, grants, scholarships, awards, recognition and community outreach programs for songwriters, composers, and vocalists. ASCAP Foundation supports donations from ASCAP members and all music fans United States:.


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