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previous Duty: published an interview with Reese.

Director Charlie Hebdo, cartoonist and author Reese – his real name is Laurent Suriso – was present during a January 2015 Islamist attack that killed eight of his friends.

Fortunately, he sustained a shoulder injury.


In an interview he gave debt on the occasion of the release of his latest book, One minute forty-nine secondss (duration of attack), Reese was attacked, which can be called "minority religion" or "religion of human rights".

"I feel we are reaching a stage of demand for individual rights that is worth reflecting on," he said.

"To what extent can rights be claimed for the category of persons, minorities, extreme minorities? Where is the general interest in all this?

"Shouldn't a democratic society be nothing more than a collection of demands and features? Or should we, on the contrary, try to find out what is common? «

The question is important, essential.

What is a society? Collection of small groups, all enclosed in their "differences", each with their demands, complaints, complaints, their accusations, their requests and complaints, or rather exceeds all that unites these small groups. ?


It is good to protect minorities and human rights.

But for several years we have witnessed the infinite expansion of these rights.

As Reese says, we not only protect minorities but also "extreme minorities" within minority groups.

Pens are created in pens, in groups, and in subgroups.

To use a horticultural metaphor we take so long to care for trees that we forget the forest.

But good for a tree can be good for a forest.

Don't environmentalists spend their time reminding us to protect ecosystems?

Well, society is an ecosystem. There are trees, ponds, insects, batarians, flowers …

Full of different elements.

The important thing is that each element of this system will not allow the cover to reach its maximum weight. It is about achieving harmony, balance.

However, the better, the more we feel that balance is broken.

in: Holy FamilyKarl Marx (yes, yes, I quote Marx) is outraged that the modern individual (human rights man) has acted as if he were separated from the social.

It is as if it were a universe within itself, "an atom, that is, existence without any connection, self-sufficient, without needs, absolutely complete."

Well, we are more and more inclined to this concept of man.

Man, today, is no longer a citizenship belonging to the great human brotherhood, no.

She is a member of a number of subgroups – such as race, religion, sexual orientation, age …

Society is divided, dissolved, divided.

And fewer and fewer people are thinking about the general interest …

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