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Venice police alerted two people trying to force a garage door into Marx-Dormo from March 31 to April 1 at night. Quickly on the spot, police arrested, in the flagrante delicto, the only person present, and later reported that 31 other garages on the same street had just been broken.

An individual who has no papers but claims to have a 2002 Born, transferred to the police station. He also has a bank card and a phone, both of which were stolen. While under police surveillance, he who has no permanent residence denies the facts. But a detailed examination of his phone reveals his presence in other robberies found in Venice garages. 116 in general, where the man seized bicycles, scooters and other gadgets.

Based on corroborated evidence, the man finally recognized the facts for which he was charged. He will soon be handed over to the courts.

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