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Mcdonald said he would not stay in the US shadow cabinet after Labor elected a new leader because of the worst party result in a general election since 1935.

On Friday, Jeremy Corbyn said he would step down as leader of the opposition party after losing some seats in his northern heart for the first time in history. McDonell, a 68-year-old follower of Marx, is seen as Corbyn's closest ally and has been the party's treasury spokesman since 2015.

McDonnell told the BBC that Labour's ruling body, the National Executive Committee, will meet next week to determine the timetable for the leadership election – and he expects it will be in a few months.

When asked who would return as the next leader, she chose Rebecca Long-Bailey, Angela Rainer, and Richard Bourbon in what she calls a "new generation."

"You can see a coalition that can give us, I think, the future that this country needs," McDonell said.

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