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All videos recorded with the Yamaha BB 3000S using Avid Mbox with Logic X with two signals: Subway Mesa Boogie 1×15 cabinet cloud DI (posted EQ) and microbe mixed in 50/50..
Clip 1: "Apartment" setting.
Video 2. Bass / Shrink Amplification. The limit is set at 2 pm.
Video 3. The "old" parameters, the greetings went up at 1am and the limiter at 10am.



Attractive and practical front panel. With a 3-position signal switch you don't need a little more. W and fat, but not muddy.

There is no button to silence. The limit applies only to the speaker, not outside.

$ 799:

Markbass Little Mark Vinthe


Easy to use.

Build / design


Markbass, Italy, has been producing bass amplifiers and cabinets since 2001, but owner Marco De Virgilis, who started the telecommunications industry, has been building amplifiers under different clouds since the 1980s. The bright, black and yellow colors of the Markbass, as well as the impressive presence of the company in the big box retailer, are certainly hard to miss. But despite the catchy visual appeal of their amplifiers and taxis, I didn't have much experience with the brand, even as a backdrop for the flight date. So I had a great wait and an open mind when the Little Mark Vintage amplifier reached my door.

Big numbers
Anyone who is excited about an outfit even remotely will find that the 5 1/2 pounds Little Mark Vintage is definitely going to fit that part. The two biggest features of the front plate are a pair of Universal Audio LA 610-style swivel heads that control the gain and core volume. I welcome the choice not only visually but also practically. They are probably the two most important functions on any bass cloud front panel. Another immediately noticeable feature is the 12AX7 front-end tube, located behind a small window in the middle of the square in front of the square, and framed by the company's trademark-yellow color to pay more attention to its shine.

The front panel also features a DI volume control, which is small and located directly above the front camera. Putting DI volume in such a high traffic area on a Volume Acacia board may seem more risky than convenient, but the company has resolved this potential concern by giving the collection considerable resistance. The control will not move randomly, even when the cloud is in a gig bag, which is a clever way of thinking.

After turning on the plug for two seconds, two words immediately came to mind: fever and a headset.

The rest of the front panel brings us 4-band EQ segment, limiter control and leg input (not included). There is also a 3-way EQ pre-switch to choose between flat, mid-bore and "old". This serves as a one-way purchase signal control, but more on that later.

The rear panel provides all the usual suspects with two loudspeaker outputs (Speakon and 1/4 "), effects to send / return, adjust and remove DI, as well as small touch buttons for ground elevator and DI pre / post. .

How much is the grape harvest?
I've caught my passive P / J configured Yamaha BB3000S series with bright, new lines. I had hoped to hear the nuances of grape harvest, but with a very clear definition of what this maple necklace naturally designs. After turning on the plug for two seconds, two words immediately came to mind: fever and a headset. Compared to my other lightweight D-class power, the little Mark Vintage quickly brings in a ton of volume.

Markbas has not bought their Class D power unit from a supplier, which is often the case with other manufacturers. Instead, Markbas designed and manufactured inside power. Maybe that's why the little 500 watt Mark Vintage? feeling different and sounds higher than many of its competitors of the same class. Completely smooth with the cloud, at first I thought it was a bit too medieval. Through the headphones, I soon realized the mix of Mesa / Boogie 1×15 and DI 50/50 headphones, but the fact that the flat tone had a sufficient amount of rain that didn't need to be cut at all.

When testing the second position of the second tonal switch, where the heights and heights go up, I was able to get a very pleasant slap in spite of the word "amplifier" after the amplifier. I also set the panel limiter around 12pm to have a slightly aggressive pumpkin effect on my slap sound. The high end was present, but without any irritation going through the notes, I could hardly pull the 1st string. The 12AX7 still shows its personality in this setting, but not so much that players who have studied a lot of modern sound amplifiers need to worry about going after this kind of tone.

Let's get older
Well, so maybe the third position of the signal may have a more pleasant name than the "old" one, but it serves its purpose. According to Markbas, this position shaves the upper end of the roof, but it is clear that it also adds a lower end (about the same size as the average scan). And the result is great. Especially when I passed a trusty Squier P that was packed with flats and dumb foam. I also greatly increased my interest in introducing the tube to a brighter medieval personality in the old environment. The next holiday was both warm and vintage, but still maintained punch and characterization. How many times do we bassists expect a vintage from the holiday demanding the same, but all we got was gloomy and muddy. Little Mark Wintz stays out of that trap perfectly.

Yes, this amplifier has the words "small" and "grape harvest" in its name, but it can also be the opposite, making it big and quite modern, though not too much with modern, even lower volume settings. The very few things that this amplifier lacks are overwhelmingly dominated by the huge, delicious, medieval warm tone it provides. It is quite a touch, and I made myself smile and go back to playing more after finishing this review.

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