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There is no doubt that Mark Hamil, himself, Luke Squalker, thinks Donald Trump is a Set Lord.

Hamil is among those worried that children were encouraged to play the "Build a Wall" game with their personalized paper bricks at the annual Halloween party.

The party took place last week at the Eisenhower Executive Office building; Large display letters indicated "Build a Wall".

The children, dressed as superheroes and ninjas, were given brick-colored paper cards and told to write with a marker in their name and stick to the wall.

On the wall of the paper were signs, including "America the First", a slogan frequently used by President Trump, which was criticized for having previously been employed by the Ku Klux Klan.

During the weekend, pictures of the game went to the media.

The Star Wars icon didn't say a word when he saw the news on his 3.3 million Twitter followers:

Singer Richard Marx also shared his disgust.

The installation of a wall on the southern south border signaled a policy proposal for Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, and he has repeatedly demanded that the wall be reinforced since taking office.

Although some existing fences have been replaced by new construction, overall length of barriers along the border have not increased since the Obama administration's day in August.

Trump's proposed border wall has been criticized for its value, and because opponents have argued that his rhetoric is racist toward Latin immigrants, accusing Trump of denying it.

Former officials have told Yahoo News that they think the "Build a Wall" screening at EEOB Halloween is a hindrance.

"To the extent that the wall is simply a symbol of xenophobia, this is obviously a cruel thing for children to have to do," said Ben Rohbaugh, who worked for the Obama administration in the National Security Council on border security issues. "As much as it represents an actual wall on the Southwest, kids have made almost as much progress as the President since 2017."

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