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Marx and Engels wrote in the Communist Manifesto long ago « The modern government is just a committee that manages the general affairs of the whole bourgeois class. " Macron and all of his ministers oversee the affairs of all the wealthy who brutally put them in power. The current government is not representative of all societies. Macron and his government are not in the service of everyone, but they serve the personal interests of some. That is, Macron is not the president of all the French, he is the president of the rich. Its whole policy is carried out against the special interest of the ruling class – the common interest.

Financial scandals, conflicts of interest, corruption, all sorts of fraud, omissions, forgetting, cumulative remuneration, all this mafia vocabulary only, in the final analysis, only the public interest replaces & # 39; private interest. This allows government politicians to use impunity in state coffins as if it were their own inheritance. Thus, the boundary between public funds and private revenues is erased, and the principle of transparency is rejected, ignored. Dishonest politicians do not like the light, they act in a shady and illegal way.

The number of politicians involved in business to some degree is impressive. It is simply impossible to make an exhaustive list of the political and financial scandals that regularly shake the head of state. Without going back to Giscard's Central African diamonds, we can only mention examples of a few names: Edward Balladour, Nicolas Sarkozy, Jacques Chirac, Alain Juppe, Jeremy Kahuzak, François de Rouge, Patrick and Isabelle Balcan. And tomorrow

These "cases" and scandals, which are always underestimated by the mainstream media, underlie bourgeois democracy. They are closely linked to the functions of the capitalist system that produce and reproduce them constantly. Not all bourgeois governments, to varying degrees, are in fact corrupt. Just in the days of Macron, and without taking into account Delevo's case, the seven ministers involved in the business were forced to resign.

– Richard Gerrand for "unlawful interference" in the Mutuelles de Bretagne case.

– Laura Flesell for "fiscal problems" (1).

– Sylvie Gullard, Minister of the Armed Forces, on the case of the fictional case of parliamentary assistants in the European Parliament (2). Antikor also asks the justice system to review the services provided by the former minister to the Berggren Institute of the American Research Center while he was sitting in the European Parliament (3).

– François Bayreau's Minister of Justice and Mariel de Sarnez, Minister of European Affairs, involved in the European Parliament's workplace of thought.

– Francois Niesen's culture minister was fired without authorization or taxation in his Actes Sud publishing house.

– François de Raggi's Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity and its sumptuous dinners at the expense of the taxpayer.

Jean-Paul Delevoye, who had fourteen mandates as Minister, simply chose Article 23 of the Constitution, which stipulates that "The functions of a member of the Government shall be incompatible with the exercise of any parliamentary mandate, any function of national representation, as well as with any public occupation or any other professional activity." (4),

The constitution, that is, the highest legal standard, officially prohibits the minister from carrying out any professional activity. But that has not prevented Mr. Delevoy from breaking the law in favor of a state summit, that is, the president and prime minister. Because at the suggestion of Edward Philip, Jean-Paul Delevoye appointed Mr. Macron as "Member of the High Commissioner for Pensions". Gold » The General Secretariat of the Government was aware of the cumulative remuneration paid by the High Commissioner when he was responsible for pension reform. " (5),

According to Article 5 of the same Constitution “The President of the Republic ensures respect for the Constitution. It ensures the normal functioning of state authorities and the continuity of the state through its arbitration. " Not only was this article not respected, but Emmanuel Macron accepted his minister's resignation With Regrets !

Since the minister's resignation, languages ​​have softened in relation to his behavior as president of the Economic and Social Council (EESC). He is even accused in the press “Serious waste state money » (6):

This is how bourgeois democracy works.

Remember, however, that it is the very same Minister who is leading the struggle on behalf of the government, and therefore the bourgeoisie, to dismantle the PAYG pension system. He, a corrupt bourgeois who lives in high demand, requires workers to work for longer and lower pensions. Employees still need to work hard. The powerful are immense. You must work until the age of 64, work on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and all other days of the week. You have to work day and night. Free time and time off from paid work are missing. Men and women (and possibly children as well) are thus reduced to the state of a machine that gives work without interruption.

The Delevoy scandal is not a moral matter but a result of an economic system whose class interests form its material basis. Fighting scandal, business, fraud, etc., practicing morality is an illusion and, first of all, hypocrisy. All these gestures around "The Ethics and Transparency of Public Life" (7) It is nothing more than to follow that the ruling class is trying to hide its disgusting face and temper popular anger.

We can adopt the laws we want against corruption, business and privileges, conduct all possible investigations, we can even reduce and limit their importance, but we cannot eliminate them. Because their existence and the existence of capitalism are so interconnected that one cannot be pressured without eliminating the other. The laws and measures against corruption are only screens behind which the bourgeoisie conceals its crimes. The problem, then, is not the issue of corruption, financial scandals, business and other privileges, but the issue of capitalism that creates them. There have been scandals before, there are scandals, and there will be other scandals in the future as long as this system exists. The real scandal is capitalism itself.

Mohamed Belaali




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