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A brilliant intellectual, he joined Ecole Normal in 1945, before joining Philosophy in 1949. banned, disciplinary battalions as a military service … This will not exclude the young professor from communist battles. He is very active, he assumes his responsibilities in the Haut-Marne, Gir Ironde and Bush-de-Rhone federations, depending on the positions he is assigned. He joined the Central Committee as a substitute member in 1961 and then in 1964 as a titular member. There he claims to be one of the important leaders of the WFP, having played a major role in the cultural and ideological issues of the Argentine Central Committee, organized in 1966, soon taking over the management of the Communist publishing house Editions sociales.

The Communist, who wants to transform the world effectively, inseparably links the political struggle with the high theoretical demand. Nor has he ceased to carry out the heavy and meticulous intellectual work on Marx, but also on Lenin, who will spend the rest of his life as a forerunner. Determined to marry with conceptual rigidity and accessibility, he multiplies initiatives without ever having access, maximizing accessibility, and more advanced theoretical developments.

Far from large university buildings

In 1969 he published a very innovative work, Marxism and theory of personality, have been quickly translated into more than a dozen languages. This was followed by decades of reflection on books, as well as articles in La Nouvelle Critique or La Pensée. Whatever the controversies over this or that aspect of his work, Lucien Black assures himself, without a doubt, as a major player in very high quality intellectual debates, without ever sacrificing humiliating contradictions, including in his dissenters, he rejoices Louis Althusser.

Far from major university structures, Lucien Black, the former deputy director of the Institute of Marxist Studies, also pays for the revolutionary orientation maintained by his research in the scholarly and editorial worlds, when Marxism was said to be more in season. Ignored by the university and non-Communist publishers, the quality of his work ended at the end of this endless Cold War. A member of the National Advisory Ethics Committee of the 1980s, he then published the works of Odil Jac Eikob observed earlier, presenting Marx's philosophical writings At Flammarion:

However, his loyalty and struggle will be devoted to the end of his life, the Social Editions, the publishing house he spent without counting his energy when he went bankrupt in the Messidor Group, taking part in the creation of La Vecchio. friend and accomplice Richard Lagachi. He trusts great astrology for this publisher Marx thinking Today is the year 2004, which will soon be finalized. It was still during the La dispute that he worked with his wife, François, to recover psychologist Vigotsky. Along with publications that recall that he is working hard to get French speakers to have a large edition of Marx-Engels in French, supporting young researchers and translators with the kindness, demand and generosity that characterizes him deeply

Of course, relations with the Communist Party from the 1980s would not always have been easy, and Lucienne Black would quit our party in the early 21st century. However, he remained a decisive Communist until his very last breath, always open to dialogue. His work, vast and plural, will remain a major and precious investment for women and men who are determined to develop that communist aspiration that was his own and that remains ours. An ambition whose urgency is felt today more than ever.

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