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"Taproot" theater breathes a little fresh air into the holiday season, "Bishop's Wife". With their production of LIVE RADIO PLAY. While the other theater rests on old standards, Taproot rolls the dice and introduces a new adaptation of a lesser-known work. Their gambling games are already paid for with smiles, cheers and festive spirit. The bishop's wife is a wonderful mix of nostrils and freshness.

In addition to the usual holiday hurry, our story finds that the Bishop is also busy planning and fundraising for a new church for the community. The monumental efforts of this task have made Bishop (Henry) tired and anxious as endless demands make him more distant from family, friends and community. His wife ia ulia also feels pressured and longs for a simpler time when they could spend more time together. When they all reach the breakpoint, they come to the rescue of an angel named Dudley, who signs up to become Henry's assistant. With his quick wisdom and some minor miracles, Dudley begins to help everyone find their true path to reality.

Chelsea Levalli (Julia) brings great heart, bright eyes, and old-school exercise. He diligently communicates to Jula Ulla, which prevented her from becoming a one-note story. I was cross (Miss Cassaway, Debby, Rupert) All the deals and fun to watch as she switches from character to character. Kevin Pittman (Announcer, Miller, Stevens) has a voice for radio. Even without looking at him, his voice rising, falling and rolling told you everything you need to know. However, if you haven't watched it, you've missed it. His whimsical expressions and dead fries added another level to the wonderful performance. An angel with the devil's edge, Richard Nguyen Sloniker (Dudley) brings a heart and humor to every scene. Jolie's painter Andrew Eric Davison not only brings to life the show's sounds but also manages to do so with flare and never misses the opportunity to add some humor.

BWW review. Bishop's wife: Live Radio Game is the perfect blend of freshness and nostalgia at Taproot Theater
Rebecca M. Davis, Claire Markle, Richard
Listen to Slonikers, and I was cross to perform
inside Bishop's wife: Live radio station the time
Taproot Theater.

Karen and: Mark LundTaproot viewer customization is a customization. In a season of repetitive and well-dressed holiday rules, their renewal of YEREVAN LIFE provides a refreshing attitude while maintaining the feel of a classic holiday show. Michael Nutting's original music is a charming addition to the show, which also features the vocal power of Levalli and Claire Marx. Stage design Mark Lund It is simple, but provides the means of movement and actions that visually retain the audience. Karen Lunddirection integrates and highlights the story while allowing everyone to shine. It is a fluid show that slides at a pleasant pace, never hurrying or stopping.

The Bishop's wife at the Taproot Theater is a festive treat. During a season when traditions are supreme, it may be time to try something new. It is quite possible that this show will become a new holiday tradition, especially for those who have to take a moment to slow down and listen to a well-told tale of what's really important this season.

LIFE OF THE CHURCH. LIVE RADIO PLAY is currently playing until December 28 at Taproot Theater. For tickets or more information visit

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