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"I always worked steadily / But I never called it art / I collected my cursed together / Meeting Christ and reading Mark

It burned my little fire / But the spark of death is bright / Go tell the young messiah / What happens to the heart … "

These are the opening lines of Leonard Cohen's posthumous "Thanks For The Dance" album. Now I know what you think of posthumous albums, usually corporate releases to make more money from fans of late artists. Fans of Biggie, 2Pac and Jimi Hendrix have been abandoned for years, but this time it feels different.

"Thanks For The Dance" was compiled by tracks from Cohen's son, Adam, that could not be completed until his father in November 2016. The choir includes all representatives of the choir: Damen Rice, Chase, Becky, Daniel Lano, Richard Reid of Paris Arcade Fire and The National's Bryce Dessner. These contributions help connect the album with the rest of Cohen's back catalog.

One of the most important things about every Cohen album is its sound and lyrics, rather than music. And Thanks for the Dance is no exception. That glorious little baritone comes out of the speakers. It's not as sensible as "You Want It Darker", but there is a pleasant darkness that is hard to ignore.

The final contest is closer to the album "Listen to The Hummingbird". In one of his recent interviews, Cohen sang it to journalist David Remnik and admitted that he may not be able to complete it before his death. In the album, it's a little more than Cohen's breathing vocal with a piano. It's devastating. You can hear in Cohen that he knows he will never hear the finished song. There is regret, but also hope. And this is such a powerful "Thank You Dance" listen.

For this project, Ben Cohen has taken vocal sketches and sketches and developed wonderful rich and vibrant music around them. Would Leonard like that? We'll never know, but that doesn't sound like a place in a rich workforce, which is important. Long-time fans will be amazed at one more opportunity, using its wisdom and that captivating audience for almost 50 years.

The album is closed with the following words: “Listen to a rumor that you cannot see its wings. Listen to the rumor, don't listen to me. " I am scared of this once we have to ignore Cohen's advice and immerse ourselves in the resonance of his dense false vocals a few more times.


Words: Nick Rosblad:

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