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Readers can post events to the online calendar. Visit, click "+ Add Event" and follow the instructions. Select items will also appear on the sheet.

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THERE IS NO LINEPOS PARTICIPATION ONLY OF THE BELIEVERS. Evening 7. At 30, Club Arcada, 105 E. Main St., St. Charles. Curtain dinners are back on Thursday. Next up will be Nyon Lyons and The Pride at 8pm. On the 30th. February 7; Rick Lindy & The Wild Ones at 8 p.m. On the 30th. February 8; Sinatra Sundays with Ron's Family Holiday, attended by Lee Stevens, at 3pm. February 9; $ 5 cover, Magic Wednesday featuring Mark & ​​John 7 at 7pm. February 12; “St. Valentine's Day Massacre on February 13 "Murder-Mystery Dinner. Dinner with Jack D'Amico at 7pm. On the 30th. February 13; and Nick @ Knight at 8pm. On the 30th. February 14 Information at

NETWORKING WITH RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS AND ST. From February 8, White Street Studios, Batavia, 160 S. Main St. Water Str. A reception is planned for the next screening. On the 14th, the gallery hours are 5pm. Thursday through Sunday. Cost: Free admission, $ 5 donation is offered. Information at

WRITER WRITERS SUBSCRIBE FOR INTERNATIONAL RECREATION. Water Street Studios Before March 15, Batavia, St. 160 s 160 s The group meeting schedule will now be seasonal. Information: Submit a job and send questions to;

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CZECH INTERESTED PROJECT CONGRESS AND DRAM. 8 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays through February 29, Riverfront Playhouse, 13 White Street Mall, Aurora. While recycling Chekhov's "Uncle Vanya" cattle, a group of old friends, former lovers, foreign grooms and life-long enemies clash with one of life's most pressing issues. Life Sucks contains an adult language. Rates from $ 15 to $ 17. Information at, 630-897-9496.

ROOMS OF WHITE MUNICIPALITIES OF RURAL MUNICIPALITIES ENOUGH FOR FOOD AND MUSIC 5 to 8, 1860 Dennis St., Apt. The Allegory farm food truck will be screened, and singer-songwriter Brian Allison will perform from 6 to 9. Bart Attacks will play folk and blue browns from 6pm to 8pm. On Feb. 8, food will be offered by the Fire & Smoke BBQ food truck, from about 9 to 6. Information:

Night danger will become part of ARCADA LINEUP. 8: At 00, Arkada Theater, 105 E. Main St., St. Charles Next will be The Stylistics tonight at 8pm. February 8; and Richard Marx at 7pm. On February 9 (meetings and welcome evening at 5 pm); “St. Valentine's Day Massacre "A murder-mystery dinner at 8pm. February 13; and Luther Vandros and Marvin Gay present the fairy tale of Terry Steele and Johnny Britt at 8pm. February 14 Information at

WORLD FAMILY COMPANY. 8 pm yesterday, Upper Veron Restaurant Upper Italy Restaurant, Geneva Hamilton str. 416: The next performance will be This End Up, at 8pm. February 8. Information at

IG IGNIED COLEMAN'S MINI WAY WAS IN THE COLEMAN OF GREAT BRACELESS ECUW WOULD GO TO EXCIS BLACK HISTORICAL WORLD. Coleman was the first black pilot in the United States and the first to receive an international pilot's license. Coleman was unable to attend the United States Flight School at the time, so he learned French and moved to France to obtain his pilot's license. The year was 1921. Breakfast starts at 8pm. 30th in the dining room of the college building. Ignie Coleman inspires young people to get interested in STEM through her aviation program The Bessie Coleman Aviation All-star. Worth: Breakfast tickets cost $ 15 for students and $ 20 for community members; Seats are limited. Information: To find out more about this program and the full month of events, you can visit or call the box office at 847-622-0300.

FIRST PLACES CELEBRATE COMEDY., 8 pm, Hemmens Cultural Arts Center, 45 Symphony Road, Elgin. GreenRoom Productions improvisers make audience suggestions and transform them into comedy theater pieces. It is a semi-professional, ensemble theater group. "Along with competing improv teams, improvised songs, stage members, and tons of energy, these family-friendly shows are ones you won't soon forget," say the organizers. A cash bar is offered. The next day, March 6. Cost: $ 15 for adults, $ 12 for seniors and students. Information:, 847-931-5900:

IM IMIM NICK & YOU DON'T DO MOM. 9:30 p.m., The House Pub, St. Charles Riverside Ave. 16, St. Charles. Cost: $ 5 cover. Information at

OLD ECONOMIC NEW ECONOMIC AND WHO: 10am – 5pm. Feb. 7 through 9, Pheestan Run Resort, 4051 E. Main St., St. Charles Refurbish, renovate and rebuild your home surroundings with 300 award-winning contractors, designers, transformers, brand exhibitors and creative craftsmen. It shows the latest in kitchens, bathrooms, basements, additions, transformations, landscaping, painting, decoration, window treatments, floors, patio, piquola, tiles, cabinets, countertops, pre-tops, custom cabinets, fireplaces, insulation, fireplace, insulation and air, roof, waterproofing, windows and doors. Seminars and sights are included with admission. Seats are limited. Part of the ticket benefits the humanity of the Fox Valley Habitat North. To receive the event you need to bring a printed ticket. The ticket can be used for one of the three days of the show. Cost: $ 7 for adults; $ 4, 62 and older; and free for young people under 18. Information: tickets at;,, 630-515-1160; Hive running at 630-584-6300.

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DEBILON REGION ROCKY SHOPS PARTICIPATE IN THE ZONE. On the evening of the 8th, St. Broadway Ave. 21 (Route 25), downtown Aurora. It will include a tribute to Bob Marley. Next up will be a tribute to the "Aluminum Coats" series tonight at 7pm. February 9; Acoustic Bluegrass Invite Night, hosted by Bradley Utterbeck, representing Anderlik & Church, at 7pm. February 12; The showcase of composers, led by Dave Glynn, featuring Nicole Amine, Pete Jive and Paul Moody, at 7pm. February 13; Heart and Soul Tonight at 8pm on "The Heavy Sounds". February 14; and Deacon Blues, tribute to all stars Steely Dan, at 8pm. February 15. Information at

ST. CHARLES HISTORICAL MUSEUM IS NEW FOR NEW AND HOPEFUL. Starting from February 215, E. Main St. It is entitled "Business Development in the Beautiful Area of ​​the Fountain Area". Information:, 630-584-6967,

CITY B REAL ESTATE MARKET FOR BATAVIA 9am from noon to Saturday, Sunday through May, Bar N. Evolution, N. N. River St. This year the new Bar Evolution will offer drinks and food. Information at

EN YENEVA Green Market THIS WINTER. 9 – 1st. During the week of April, First Assembly Church of Geneva, Hamilton str. 327 Information.

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BACK TO MY COMEDY. 8 pages., EvenFlow Music & Spirits, 302 W. State St., Geneva. To participate, email: Email Information: 630-802-6581,

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FOXFIRE TAVERN PRESENTS "DO NOT" LOVE LOVE "WINE D. At 6pm. On the 30th, Ժ. State of California The five-week dinner will be celebrated on Valentine's Day and reservations are required. Information at 630-232-1369,

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OLD ELBURN HALL Monthly JAZZ JAMMS. 7 pages. on every second Wednesday of the month At the address 130. It will feature a home band, and jazz musicians are welcome to join. Doors open at 6 pm, music starts at 7 pm. Cocktails, beer and cold snacks will be available. Information,,

"The secret to my success", new music. February 12 through March 29, Paramount Theater, Aurora, E. E. Galena 23, b. Broadway will still feature the "Kinky Shoes" stage from April 29 to June 14. Value. Single tickets range from $ 36 to $ 74, with subscription savings offered. Information at, 630-896-6666.

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"GAGIK – TABLE O. CAROL KING'S SONBOOK WITH DAVIS ". Evening 7. Blizzard Theater on June 30 at the College of Elgin Community College. In the building, Elgin. With heart, reverence, and impeccable attention to detail, Davis and his band perform songs from the album, plus King from the '70s, for a thrilling break from Carol King's goblin-era concert. event organizers. For an extra $ 29 a dinner can be added. Cost: $ 34. Information: 847-622-0300, tickets:

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AK REPORTING "WEEKLY NIGHT LIGHTS" COMMUNITY VICTORY CENTER. OW TIMES. 7:30 p., 101. Charles Second Ave. 101 Performances will be the Alyssa Allgood Jazz Quartet on February 15; Ragged Rascals Irish band on March 7; On April 4, Dan Buck and one of Boise; and Anson Ellison's "Love Finds Judy Garland" on May 16. Each ticket holder will receive a coupon for two nice drinks. Worth: Tickets are available on the day of the event or $ 20 in advance. Information at, 630-584-7200.

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SNOWDRIFTERS SKI CLUB: 5:30 p.m., Four Lakes Ski Area and Basecamp Pub, 5750 Lakeside Drive, Lisle. Scheduled is a ski and pizza party. The club will offer games and prizes. The event will start at Dinner 5. 7 pm to 30 pm You can eat delicious pizza, salad and pasta between 00 and 15. People are asked in advance at RSVP for dinner on the site. The group will offer skiing on the slopes. Discount tickets for the evening can be purchased for $ 21 in the ski area, or games can be played and others can be viewed on skis. The club usually meets on the third Monday of the month at Old Towne Pub & Eatery in downtown Geneva, including March 16. Information: Call or call 630-567-6407 or visit

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"20TH CENTURY VICES". From February 21 to March 15, Steel Beam Theater, 111 W. Main St., St. Charles Curtain is at 8am. Friday and Saturday and 3 pm Sunday: Four women meet annually for a ritual photo shoot, chronically changing and growing old, independent when it comes to love, careers, children, and the complexities of history. When their friendship is threatened, women must resist who they are. Costs range from $ 23 to $ 28. Information at


ST. CHARLES REPUBLIC LIBRARY AND TRIVIA NIGHT OF POLYANNA COMPANY. 9 to 7. March 3, 106 St. Riverside Ave. Charles. It's an opportunity for people to show off their wealth of random knowledge and straighten their brain muscles. There will be prizes, gifts and fun snacks. You can bring a group of friends or go solo. Registration is not required. Information: 630-584-0076, ext. 1; For details on beer production, visit


COMEDIAN LEWIS BLACK: 8 p.m., Blizzard Theater at 1700 Elgin Community College in Elgin City, University of Elgin Community College. Tickets go fast. Black during his "It gets better every day" tour. Among the many upcoming exhibitions and artists include Graham Nash, John von Sebastia, and author Sarah Wowell. Value. Black tickets range from $ 57 to $ 67. Information: 847-622-0300, tickets:

QUEEN OF HEARTS Painting Nights of the Week. Thursday, Elburn American Legion Post 630, 112 N. Main St. Doors open at 4pm. On the 30th. There are video automated machines in the post. Information at, 630-365-6530.

SAFETY, NO CONDOMINIUM SHOW: 8 p.m. every Thursday, Two Brothers Roundhouse, 205 N. Broadway, Aurora. Doors open at 7pm. A full list of food and drinks is available in the showroom. Value. Show admission is free. Information at

LIVE MUSIC: 8:30 p.m. Thursdays through Saturdays, at the Baker's ROX City Grill at 100 W. Main St., St. Charles. Information at, 630-845-5800.


ARTISAN SPIRITS DISTILLERY TURO BROTHERS DISTILLERY TOURS. 7 p.m. Friday and 2 pm. Saturday, Two Brothers Roundhouse, 205 N. Broadway (Route 25), Aurora. No reservations, but check out the host stop. Cost is free. Information: 630-264-2739, twobrothersbrewing.


HABITAT WORKS: 1 to 3 in the evening. Monday and 9-11am Wednesday, Fermilab Natural Areas, off the Kirkwall Highway in Batavia and off Pine Street. The main business days are 9am to 11pm, the second Saturday of the month. Participants learn about ecology and the environment. No rehearsal is required, but dress for the weather and outdoor work. The volunteers have cultivated native seed mixtures and removed invasive forest plants. Find a volunteer application online. The group meets in the parking lot of the Leederman Science Center. Vacations, rain or dangerous weather will stop the event. Information:,


HOUSEHOLDS TO BE BROUGHT TO WORK FOR WORLD CHARLES REPUBLICAN LIBRARY BOOKS AND DEPARTMENTS: 11 am – 2 pm St. Charles Canle Club, 1250 Country Club Road. The guest speaker at the Fifth Annual International Fundraising is the author of 11 fiction books and three fiction books, including "Presumably Insane" and "Evidence Burden". Includes signatures, autographs and book presentations, as well as rice. Worth: US $ 55 tickets must be purchased in advance, and seats are limited. Information:, 630-584-0076, ext. 230, or in the library: Sixth Ave. 1:

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