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After the death of actor-director-screenwriter Buck Henry on Wednesday, fans of the entertainment industry, friends and fans paid tribute to the co-creator and writer behind The Graduate.

“Buck Henry was funny and brilliant and made us laugh more times than we knew. I was lucky enough to board with him at SXSW, and he was so fun. He said. "I don't like to write with people because if they aren't as funny as I am, I hate them, and if they are more fun than me, I hate them." ", Says Apod at Apatov on Instagram for a double Oscar nomination. "He co-wrote The Graduate and To Die For and co-created Get Smart and was the host of SNL Rebellion, where writers were allowed to host SNL. One of the great ones. "

"It's so sad to hear about Buck Henry's death," says Ilana Douglas, who appeared in the 1995 film "Henry" written for Immortal. smiling at him from the camera, sometimes criticizing him. For comedy, his ear was flawless.

“When writing comedy, drama or acting, few are as profound, entertaining as Buck Henry. Sad day. "Graduation": "Be Smart", "SNL". etc and so on, etc. RIP, ”said comedian Christopher Titus.

"The Alumni and Heaven Can Wait" perfect scripts, and "Be Smart" was fun. Another comedy legend has passed, ”wrote producer David Oakman.

See Henry's sample of duties below:

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