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Jer hurry acks inspiration. With just five fingers, he is an amazing piano player. Because of his unusual situation Jer Jerome taught himself how to play the piano, and he continues to do so by ear. Watching him play is an amazing sight. Which has been a big factor in his successful popularity on the short social media video platform Vine; later succeeded TikTok:.

Despite the lack of right-handed fingers, she is still able to use her wrist to press the keys and create the accompanying tune. He has written and produced some of the beautiful piano music available on iTunes and other online music services such as Spotify or Apple Music. In our interview Jer Ero shared with us some of his wonderful musical inspirations and traits.

Jerome, how would you describe your voice?

I described my voice as very emotional. It is universally associated with people in all parts of the world, be it the happiest or sad feeling.

What sparked your love for music?

My love for music came at a very tender age. From the very first day I was listening to music while playing radio as a kid, I knew from then on what I wanted to do with my life. Music is a universal language that also defines each emotion.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

They are many. My list could go on forever, but I can name a few: Michael Acks Erson, Bob Marley, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Elton John John, Richard Mark, ourn Journey, Coldplay, Mob 2, The infamous BIG, Dr. Dre, Eminem, David Foster, Baby Face, etc., just to name a few.

What is the message you want to share with your Waiting Music?

The message I wanted to share in Waiting is that being patient is powerful. That's the quality of waiting quietly, without complaining and not leaving it so easy, as we may miss opportunities. Other people may find patience a weakness. Life is about time, and sometimes it is good to be patient to allow something to happen. Whether it awaits the fulfillment of your dream with all the hard work you put into it … it's time to have a moment of calm and reflection. I went to bed one night and dreamed that I was in a beautiful place. Somewhere very quiet and calm, waiting for something and listening to that piano tune in my head. So it was, in fact, my little soundtrack to my dream, and I immediately composed and released it.

What was the process of making "Someone You Love" music?

Lewis Capaldi's "Someone You Love" is a breakthrough hit. I almost hear it every day by radio. You can't leave it, and I really enjoy that song. It's a simple, piano-based ballad that is amazing with emotions. Before creating it, I had to immerse myself in that song, which is why I enjoyed it so much.

What is the message you want to share with your Unstable piece?

The message in that song is very powerful. It's about broken homes and how it affects children, that's why sad because in many cases children are the ones who most offend, especially because of their innocence. It applies to me and to many people I knew right away, that I wanted to cover. And while I may not be singing songs, I can interpret the best I can with the instrument.

Thank you you Jerome to share your thoughts with us.

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