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We have reached Chapter 10 What do socially isolated people do all day? Today we have two people whose actions affect the epidemic. How does social isolation affect your daily life? Let us know too

Graduate of the World Institute of Journalism Victoria nsson writes: “My husband is a police officer in Phoenix. He says the virus has changed its work in three main ways. From a patrol standpoint, he is calling for fewer calls and fewer accidents. The "bad guys" are easier to spot because their behavior hasn't changed when everyone has. From a legal standpoint, the courts have postponed all jury trials, and the commanding staff is encouraging officers to charge suspects with crimes. From the political point of view, many officers are concerned about emergency measures. They feel they are taking strict steps between the following commands and violations of constitutional law. ”

Enn Higgins, 62, works in Costco, near Houston, Texas, and her husband is a Costco driver. "We now consider ourselves key people," Higgins said. For the past three weeks she has experienced a wide range of emotions. an unusually difficult situation. " In addition to her own emotions, she deals with customer anger and fear. Higgins tries to hear and realize how difficult the situation is, and people often thank him for listening and understanding. He also has the opportunity to bless his colleagues by remaining calm and kind. One said that seeing who was in this crisis had changed him. "I had no idea that just being kind and asking questions about her life could change her life so much," Higgins said. He realized that God was using him. “Once upon a time I shared a heart. I keep thinking: "Well, sir, whatever I do, let it change."

Chapter 9, Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Here is Chapter 9 What do socially isolated people do all day? Find out what you were from

For many of us, social isolation means more family time. Here's how two families use it at the time:

Lian Baker, her husband and four daughters live in Avoca, NY says. “The news of being home all day with your family members (as if it were a pre-industrial revolution) has definitely worn off. My husband and I and our four school-age daughters are learning daily. Breakfast and reading the Psalms at 8pm with schoolwork, homework, and homework reading. On Sundays we sing fan songs accompanied by an acoustic guitar and share what we read in the Bible that week. For lunch, we pick up a local restaurant and watch a documentary. Because let's face it. During the week there was quite a comedy-movie. "

Uly Sokol is a young single parent with autism. He writes: “Since the school closed, she has gathered in her bed, working on anime sketches and online chat. He is introverted and finds that many of this new composition are natural. Telecommunication below. My Siamese cat sits by the front window and watches all the new passers-by in our district. My son and I usually make lunch together, go cycling, look for his friends' homes on Google Maps, and chat with friends about memories. ”

Chapter 8 is Monday, March 30, 2020

Here is the eighth edition What do socially isolated people do all day?! Send your social isolation cases

Some people run home from work, but Cindy Siaton in Austin, Texas, remains busy. He writes: “My husband and I work from home. He is an Oracle Cloud Training Manager, and I am a Coordinator of 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. We guide our 16-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter through home-schooling without the resources of community and college two-way credit courses. My parents are healthy, but we help them with house cleaning and running. For our neighbors, we supply water or supplies to those in need, and deliver toilet paper to partners in other states. "

Lee Pitts teaches journalism at Dortmund University in Iowa's Sioc Center and is an associate professor at the World Institute of Journalism. "Starting my college online course online, I didn't know what to expect," he said. “Would students be ready to study after a two-week break? Will everyone be able to access time zones across the nation? Would they even think about learning at this time? But after student, student began to enlarge my Zoom meeting. Almost perfect attendance. They were smiling at each other, waving and walking around their bedrooms. New students even joined the class – Gibb and Leo. Two cats. As students looked at each other's pets and posters, I realized that they were not happy with my upcoming lecture. They were just happy to see each other. The university community is broken, now reunited. "

Chapter 7 from Friday, March 27, 2020

Today's edition: What do socially isolated people do all day? provides two examples from outside the United States. If you're trapped in social isolation, we'd love to hear how you use your time. Email Describe 100 words in the mail

Pre-Sunder and her husband, Sam, live in India. Prema writes: "The deadly virus is very much here in Kenya. They call it an "imported virus" because it was first discovered by people returning from other countries. Those who had it were elite and middle-class people who could isolate themselves. But now there are cases of people who have not left abroad and it is spreading in the community. Our people in the villages are very poor in hygiene and most of them are day laborers. How will they survive this spoilage? We already hear that people go without food. Sam and I are not going anywhere. All centers of the Ministry are closed. We organize fasting prayers in our homes, and we have virtual worship in many churches. We thank God for that. "

Michael Kearney is a PhD student. student at Adam Mikiewicz University in Poznaն, Poland. He writes: "Europe was shut down abroad during my semester, so I run the virus in a hostel room in Poland until June. Sometimes I feel like a convict, sometimes like a patient, sometimes like a monk. Monastic times are the best. Silence matters: breaking the silence is also important. I read it aloud. I pray aloud. I sing a little while sleeping. I dictate essays to me. I hear the bells of the church. I wake up in the daylight and sleep. I'm afraid of the international headlines of the day and their consequences. I sing a little more. "

Chapter 6 is Thursday, March 26, 2020

How do children deal with social isolation? For What do socially isolated people do all day?, Chapter 6, Three Children Say What Keeps them Busy. If your children would like to write about their social isolation activities, send them descriptions

12-year-old Dearose Stewart lives in the Inupiatat village of Kobuk, Alaska, 40 miles from the Arctic. Here is his guide: "A few hours after the announcement of the social isolation rule for Kobuk, the men moved on a snow-covered river for Kobuk on a hunting caribou. Hunters used to land one or two animals like deer from each house. My family cut the steamed meat for 10 hours, some stuffed in sausages and made our two shrimp decent. We are also flowing Adventures in Odyssey, the dog was silent and hung on 5 foot deep snow. Our mother is outside for six to eight hours to maintain healthy bodies. My friend was flying home from a boarding school, and we were "hugged" 12 meters away. So far, social isolation is not that bad. ”

Lydia and Guela Burnham are sisters. Their father, osh hash, works for a company that collects and destroys garbage from hospitals, nursing homes and banks.

Lydia Burnham, (almost) 10 years old. “When my dad comes home from work, the day is almost over, and we don't have to worry about our homework, school and employment. But even at the end of the day there are hints that the virus is still there. Dad goes to change his clothes so he won't give us a virus and then say hello.

“My dad thinks keeping in touch is important, so we talk a lot about video. When we use Zoom, Skype or FaceTime, the picture is usually blurry and everyone is talking to each other. But even so, we have to catch our friends. Since we can't go to the library, my mother opened a whole wall of books from the warehouse. I am amused at the old, shameful copy The owner of the rings and pray for better times. ”

Guela Burnham, 8 years old. “Life has not changed, not much. Papa has to get food; he doesn't want us to get a coronavirus. He does not stop working because his work is destroying the rubbish of hospitals. We are a home school, so there is not much change in school. When we turn on the news, they talk about coronavirus. They talk about social distance, so we don't give the virus to the older one or he's already sick and can easily die. The church is closed, so on Sunday we watched part of the sermon at home. We can still play outside, although we haven't been due to bad weather lately. We use a lot of FaceTime and cards to get in touch. ”

Chapter 5, Wednesday, March 25, 2020

In honor of children's illustrator Richard Scar, this is the fifth installment What do socially isolated people do all day?. If you are trapped in social isolation, we would love to hear how you use your time. Please send 100 words of your description

Natalie Boltz is a stay-at-home mom to three children under the age of 4. He works to entertain them. “In the kitchen we have fun with carrot apple cake, homemade whole wheat bread, strawberry yogurt cookies and pancakes. Children pull chairs up to the counter and help mix and add ingredients. A 4-year-old child can even measure certain components. We are grateful to spend time in the sun and lighting our home with yellow flower bouquets that bypass our yard. ”

Speaking of yellow flowers, Amy Boyd and her family plan to bless their neighbors. He wrote: “We are a home school with eight children. Social isolation was a relatively easy adjustment for us, but we knew that many of our neighbors in Buford, Ga. In the state, they are struggling. We placed bouquets and provided free cousins ​​from our garden to all who walked around. The chairs were 6 meters away from the table. We plan to continue the Free Flower Pavilion every spring, Coronavirus or not. "

Chapter 4, Tuesday, March 24, 2020

In honor of the children's illustrator Richard Scar, here's: What do socially isolated people do all day?Chapter 4 If you are hunting, let us know how you spend your days. Please send 100 words of description

Katie Winkler. "I am quarantined in Romania after going crazy in Eastern Europe to get to safety. After my school plans got home, I planned to spend a month in Eastern Europe and a month in Ireland to study what God is going through for me. I'm still studying it, in a different way than I expected. Yesterday, as I was praying and walking on the highway junction (19 times 2 miles), I asked: "What did Paul do in prison?" I think he stumbled upon himself in the scriptures and in the presence of the Lord until the books fall. So I pray, study, and memorize Scripture, invite the presence of the Lord in my day, and read John on Bunyan Holy war»

Christiana Woman. “Coronavirus has brought home all five of our children (ages 4 to 11). Instead of rushing to get dressed and go out the door each morning, we have breakfast and lunch together at our table. Our evening classes are about playing games and building castles instead of doing basketball practice. During late-night conversations, my husband and I talk about what the kids say, what gave us hope. Our children are unhappy with the chaos and fear of the world. Our 6-year-old child said: 'Mom, can I continue my home schooling up to the age of 14?'

Kim Downs is an artist who has been reading the WORLD for over 15 years. She told how her family is dealing with social isolation. “We are five families, with little boys, 5, 4 years old. I spend days with them, as usual, except that they mostly stay at home, but with the bonus. with my husband who works (plus play and discipline) with us at home. We have had picnics, walks and lots of yard time. Yesterday we watched our church music leader and his children play live scripture songs, and tonight my ladies in a small Bible study group were actually discussing with the Philippines 2. My husband took the boys to watch my parents' sunset. COVID-19 drives us into a simplicity of contentment and a cashier community. ”

Tamara Shoemaker said: "It's no secret that I live on Facebook because schools have gone out and Coronavirus has become the only topic of discussion ever. At my local elementary school, my job was delayed, my graduating classes all moved online, and I started planting three homes from home. I was following my Facebook news with horror because there was a shortage everywhere, especially medical deficiencies. When the fabric masks were called from the local medical center, I jumped on two legs. I have a sewing machine and basic sewing skills. I could volunteer. The next day the center worker picked fabrics for me, stretched and threaded it, and I put it on. They were easy to do, and I felt better knowing that I was doing something to help. ”

Chapter 3 is Saturday, March 21, 2020

In honor of the children's illustrator Richard Scar, here's: What do socially isolated people do all day?Chapter 3. I am currently turning this feature on to WORLD journalists Anna Harris and Karisa Kahi, so please send me 100 words of your description If any children would like to paint how they portray John Jon Erikson and Hank Cudog, please send an email. Email Address:

The author of 74 favorite Hook Cudog books, Er Jon Eriksson lives in an umbrella in Texas, whose neighbors are miles away. He writes: "You can say that Chris and I have been quarantined for decades. Over the course of our 53 years of marriage, we have learned to overcome isolation and even take advantage of it. We play instruments and sing together. In the evenings we share a glass of wine and talk to each other. We watch old movies on DVD, the first of which is the Marx Brothers. We also have our interests. Chris enjoys cooking and cooking. I'm interested in Texas Panhandle archeology. But we also enjoy singing in our church choir and being a part of the worship community. We will miss it for some time. ”

The editor of World Radio Features Paul Butler writes that the population of 725 in La Moyle, Ilham. 725 out of three community pastors with the mayor, school head and two concerned community members. go mobile phone as a community hotline, designed postcards that should go to every postal address in the area, and posted flyers for the post office. The first call came from an autogenerator who needed a few things from the store and someone could pick up his mail. I bought apples and evaporated milk. As I was taking them out, I passed the young man who was delivering his mail. We had never met before this crisis. Who knew isolation could really bring people together? ”- Marvin Olaski

Chapter 2, Friday, March 20, 2020

I got two more stories for our Richard Scarry collection, What do people do all day in social isolation? (see below). Առաջինը պատմաբան Ալեն Գուելզոն է, Քաղաքացիական պատերազմի մասին հրաշալի գրքերի հեղինակ և Փրինսթոնի համալսարանի Madեյմս Մեդիսոնի ինստիտուտի Քաղաքական քաղաքականության և քաղաքականության մեջ նախաձեռնության տնօրեն

«Երբ ես կանգնած եմ ինքնազարգացման, ժամանակի հետ կանգնում եմ կարճ հեռավորության վրա: Նախ կարդացի: Երկրորդ, ես բարձրաձայն կարդացի, ինչը 19-րդ դարի ընտանիքներն էին անում սրահների սեղանների շուրջ: Երրորդ ՝ ես փնտրում եմ պատարագների աղոթքներ (ավելի շատ բարձրաձայն կարդալով): Ես խորհուրդ եմ տալիս Էդմունդ Գրինդալի «Մտորումը» ժանտախտի ժամանակ 1563-ին, որից կարող եք Google- ը Էդմունդ Գրինդալի մնացորդները (1843): Ինչպես ասաց Սուրբ Jerերոմը, աղոթքով մենք երբեք պակաս չենք, քան միայնակ: Trշմարտությունն այն է, որ ես այդքան շատ հաճույք եմ ստանում կապել այս օրակարգերի հետ, միգուցե չցանկանայի վերադառնալ ապագա »:

Մեր երկրորդ Scarry պատմությունը «Մարֆի Նասիցա» քաղաքական խորհրդատվական ձեռնարկության գործընկեր Մեթ Բրաունֆիլդից է.

«Քաղաքական խորհրդատուները սոցիալական կենդանիներ չեն: Բետա ձկների պես մենք պայքարում ենք, երբ տեղադրվում ենք համատեղ ակվարիում: Մեր կարանտինը կարող է լավ լինել բոլորի համար: Եվ ոչ միայն չինական վիրուսի բռնկման ժամանակ (կարո՞ղ եք ասել, թե որ կուսակցության համար եմ աշխատում): Ի՞նչ տիպիկ օր է մեկուսացման մեջ: Դե, նախ և առաջ, ես սխեմա եմ անում: Դրանից հետո ես հողագրում եմ: Այնուհետև ես երեխաների հետ շրջում եմ կարճատև բնույթով: Վերջապես, ժամանակն է համակերպվել — ինտերնետի միջոցով: Ես իմ օրն ավարտում եմ հեռուստացույցով գոռալով, ինչպես իմ քեռին էր անում: Ավելի քիչ խելագար է հեռուստատեսությամբ աղաղակել, եթե գիտեք դրա վրա գտնվող մարդկանց: Իմ երեխաները ասում են ՝ «ոչ»:

Եթե ​​դուք սոցիալապես մեկուսացված եք և պատմելու հեքիաթներ ունեք, էլեկտրոնային հասցեով ուղարկեք լավ նկարագրության 100 բառ — Մարվին Օլասկին

Գլուխ 1, հինգշաբթի, 19 մարտի, 2020 թ

Գրական հերոսներիցս մեկն է Ռիչարդ Սքարը (1919-1994), մեծ երեխաների գրքի հեղինակ և նկարազարդ Ի՞նչ են անում մարդիկ ամբողջ օրը: Կալիֆոռնիացի երկու ընկերներից հետաքրքրվեցի, թե ինչպես են իրենց ընտանիքները կարգավորում սոցիալական մեկուսացումը:

Լին Վինչենտը, բեսթսելլերի հեղինակ և WORLD- ի նախկին հատկությունների խմբագիր, ասաց. «Մենք գյուտի հանեցինք մեր թղթի սրբիչները. 20 մեգա գլան: Մի քանի թղթե սրբիչներ հարևաններին հանձնեցին այն բանից հետո, երբ Amazon- ը խփեց իր կարգը: Մուտք գործեցինք մեր եկեղեցի ՝ տեսնելու, թե ում կարող է անհապաղ օգնության կարիք ունենալ ՝ մթերքներ գնելիս: (Լավն այն է, որ մենք միակը չէինք, և համաշխարհային իրադարձությունների այս սյուրռեալ շարքը մեր փոքրիկ եկեղեցուն ևս մեկ պողոտա է տալիս ՝ «Մատթեոս 25-ին» միջոցով Աստծո սերը բաժանելու համար): Միևնույն ժամանակ, ամուսինս սկսեց հեռահաղորդակցություն վարել, և դա հաճույք է նրան այստեղ: Մենք դա անվանում ենք «կենսաթոշակային պրակտիկա»: Մյուս կողմից ՝ մենք ջանասիրաբար ենք վերաբերվում ոչ նայելով մեր կենսաթոշակային հաշիվներում անկման մնացորդներին:) »

Դավիթ Բահենսենը, ներդրումային գլխավոր և կենսաթոշակային հաշիվները ղեկավարող ներդրողն ասում է. «Հենց հիմա ես շատ քիչ եմ աշխատում, բայց աշխատում եմ, տնային ուսման մեջ պահվելով բազմաթիվ մոնիտորների միջոցով, որոնք բաց են, աշխատում են իմ հաճախորդների համար և զբաղվում են շուկաների առօրյան: Բայց մեր ընտանիքը համախմբված է, սիրում են միմյանց այս անորոշության միջով և այս անցնումներից հետո մտածում կյանքի մասին: Ես հիասթափված կլինեմ, եթե չօգտագործեմ այս անգամ իմ գրադարանում շատ գրքեր տեղադրելու համար, որոնք ամիսներ շարունակ չեմ հասցրել աշխատել: Եվ ես Աստվածաշնչի շատ ընթերցանություն ունեմ անելու: Շատ."

Եթե ​​դուք սոցիալապես մեկուսացված եք և պատմելու հեքիաթներ ունեք, էլեկտրոնային հասցեով ուղարկեք լավ նկարագրության 100 բառ — Մարվին Օլասկին

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