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There's a lot to love about frozen movies. Crowd-pleasing sisterhood, high fantasy, high quality fairy tale movies and gloomy snowman, but come on. Everything is about sounds.

Disney movies were excited about great songs, as most of the Frozen fans were born before that, and the late 20th century was a golden age, giving us great numbers like "Beauty and the Beast", "Part of Your World" and more. : "A whole new world". Oscar-winning hit "Let It Go" (2013's original "Frozen"), though, may well hang on to Mickey Macy's jukebox, and it's part of the soundtrack to its standard. written by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez.

The new animated sequel "Frozen 2" (now in cinemas) adds even more to Canon, plus it returns to the stage with a talented cast; "Let It Go" blackmail Idina Menzel (as the magical queen of Elsa), Kristen Bell (proudly the princess of the strange ball), osh Nash Gad (adorable snowman Olaf) and Jon Onan Goff (gruff steward).

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With a number of new tunes, which is the best? Does "let it go" rule? In honor of the new movie, here are all the Frozen movies that are definitely classified.

15. "Frozen Heart" ("Frozen")

The film, based on the love of the two sisters, begins with a screaming number featuring a whole bunch of ice harvesters. The song is pretty good, but it gives us a glimpse of how adorable Christoph and his best reindeer Swan were when they were little.

14. "Fixer Upper" ("Frozen")

A bunch of trolls are in the spotlight to convince Anna that Christopher is in fact a hunt, though it does not seem to be like having a reindeer company, which is "a little out of the laws of nature." plot, it's a fun little riot that acts as a palm cleanser before the action packing ends.

13. "The Northern Horns (Humans) Are Better Than Humans" (two films)

For one thing, it is not really a song as much as it is a seamless break, where Christopher and Sven (via Christopher) agree that people can consume. And here is the movie's grammatical grammar; Reindeer are plural, not a "d". In the first film, Christoff is a lighthearted embodiment of Christopher's character, though his "Frozen 2" rap is meaningful when Sven gives his crying green light to prevent him from losing his feelings.

12. "Everyone Has Been Found" ("Frozen 2")

The introductory part of the story takes us back to the childhood of Anna and Elsa, and this is the slaughter of their fur that their mother (Evan Rachel Wood) sang to them. About the legendary river "Where Everybody Has Been" is a gloomy number that foreshadows the deep mythology described later in the film and gives a darker musical tinge.

11. "Some Things Never Change" ("Frozen 2")

The new film shapes more traditional music, so this is a more traditional first issue where Anna, Olaf, Elsa and Christoff (plus Swan!) All get to know their bits connecting to the big frozen theme: makes big changes. Not only will it make your feet cling to you sooner, but also one of the few times you'll get to hear all these talented voices in the same song.

10. "When I'm Older" ("Frozen 2")

Olaf is already experiencing various internal crises when a lucky snowman enters a magical forest and is haunted by a devil fire and traverses the wind. The song highlights the contrasts of the snowman, who happily tries to hold it together, telling him that everyone will make sense later, while the strings of musical madness symbolize the chaos around him.

9. "Show Yourself" ("Frozen 2")

Elsa's story culminates in this song, which links together the great paintings of "All Is Found" (and Elsa's mother) and the mystery of "Into the Unknown" as the Queen of Arendel begins to see her place in the world as well. as his own backstage understands. Menzel also gets vocal training and is happy to hear her nails for every note of sight.

8. "Love is an Open Door" ("Frozen")

The romance between Anna and Prince Hans (Santino Fontana) was not in the cards. He turned out to be a wicked fury, he stung his nose so hard, but man, they could have a duet. The Open Door is a delightful meeting between the two royal youths and the first love of the ocean is (first of all) filled with fun words ("It's crazy, we're finishing each other …" "Sandwiches." "Here's what I meant." : »)

7. The Next Right (Frozen 2)

Anna is usually the sister of two sisters, but her most emotional song finds her rock bottom, having a great loss and wondering if she will ever see Elsa again ("The life I knew ended, the lights are over / Hello dark, I am ready to submit ”). Distressed and hopeless, he bravely gathers it and conquers it, as Bell once had a belt like Menzel.

6. "Summer" ("Frozen")

Having a bad snowman for a Disney movie is not far off. His introductory song, however, is what makes Olaf a staunch gem. Gad's dumb little throat and shows off some soft shoes that run his favorite things about what to do outdoors in the summer months, blissfully unaware of what is happening with the heat in the snow.

5. "In the Unknown" ("Frozen 2")

In the series, Elsa's signature song is surprisingly short of a story arc, in which the icy queen first interrupts the strange melody she calls, then answers the call, which leads her to a new adventure. It also acts as an intrigue duo, where Elsa and the unknown singer (Aurora) go to work with one another to create the perfect harmony.

4. "In the Lost Forest" ("Frozen 2")

This will work best for those who have a soft spot for rock ballads of the 1980s. (Children, ask your parents about Richard Marx). Christophe's return is the time to shine, and yes, it is full of reindeer, but there is also real depth to a boy who is left out of his love. machination and expressing his feelings. It's bad that it's not 1986 anymore. Peter Jeter would be a version of murder.

3. "Have You Fallen to Make a Snowman" ("Frozen")

Your heart will grow in size by listening to little Anna ask to play with her older sister who is enchanted by her magic in the bedroom. There is hope when Anna grows up and still wants to build a snowman, but things get melancholy as her younger brother tries to get there ("I'm just here for you, just let me in") and is greeted with silence : .

2. "The First Time Forever" ("Frozen")

Super-duper looks attractive and growing – this way beautifully embodies the personality of each sister on Elsa's wedding day. Anna runs happily through the castle to finally be completely happy with other people ("I don't know if I'm elected or carbonated, but I'm in that zone"), though Elsa is scared that she still needs to be toughened. its powers and will be "shown" to those same visitors.

1. "Let It Go" ("Frozen")

No other Disney song in recent references has approached its influence, period. And that is why you are collecting a Broadway star like Menzel to completely throw it out of the garden. Don't be disappointed, however, with how well it fits into the film. We're mostly in Anna's Corner and Elsa's still a mystery but with a masterful twist and a truly fantastic empowerment anthem, it's impossible not to be disappointed by Elsa embracing new freedom ("That perfect girl left") after her wonderful melodic pitch. Cue all the goosebumps.

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