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The Conservative Movement is wholly owned by President Donald Trump, and nowhere is this more apparent than the overwhelming challenges. Agenda: For CPAC – Conservative Political Action Conference.

The annual affair for the Washington elite now also represents a cholera mud dredge in the swamp of the right wing. And the theme of this year's tribute to the President is clear: The Libs carried out a "coup" by examining our President. We need to do that by 2021.

Everywhere, when looking around this year's schedule, they realize that Mr. Trump has been treated very, very unfairly.

Why will the schedule scheduled for Thursday no longer show "FBI Lovebirds:«?

Yes, that's what it sounds like. Direct reading of a string of text messages between former FBI official Peter Strotzok and Lisa Page, who had a love affair on government phones – and subsequent congressional testimonies – has become more irresistible, with the harsh criticism voiced by them at the time.

The play, which is likely the first feature in CPAC history, will follow a Catholic mass and film about the patent system.

If only the first of these three options seems compelling, you're in luck. CPAC 2020 is a coup.

For example, former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page is no longer just a "coffee boy", as former presidential aide Michael Caputo once called him. He is a "hero of activism", according to his Wednesday night 5. 50th. conversational hole. Those in attendance are encouraged to "meet the person who was spied on by the Deep State in an attempt to seduce President Trump."

Next 7am. At 55, John Batchelor of WABC delivers the first of six parts of the CPAC, of ​​six. – series of panels about "The Turn".

Butchelor begins with us: "The Revolution for the Republic. Prelude "followed by" Coup. Tomorrow, ”featuring CPAC Presidents Matt Schlap and Representatives .Im. Jordan (R) and Mark Meadows (R-NC)

Then, like the knockout Disney + franchise, the coups continue. "The coup. Rosenstein and Comey – Empire Strikes Back "," The Coup. , "The Coup. Witch hunt begins. Hillary's Ukrainian insurance policy. "

The TPM has counted 29 members of Congress on the CPAC speaking agenda, plus five senators, seven government-level officials and two ambassadors, including Richard Grenell, the acting acting director of the National Intelligence Service, Trump.

The real demonstration of power, however, comes from the Trump campaign. Don Jr., Lara Trump, and Kimberly Gilfoyle, dozens of Trump campaigners, strogers, and Republican salespeople will present CPAC 2020 participants with their tools. It is necessary to win this election cycle, such as "Engage in social media".

Still at the end of the day, at CPAC's suggestion, pre-election campaigning hinges on time-tested techniques to intimidate seniors with socialism.

In all, CPAC 2020 planned eight events related to the evils of socialism, including "Discovering and Kidnapping the Socialist Topic in America" ​​and "Socialism and the Great Awakening", among various new media personalities.

The red fears fall on the floor of the conference, as well as: One of the CPAC exhibitions this year, specified: Next to the Koch Brothers' i360 political data firm and conservative property right stands in a confused name: "Miss v. Marx. affirmative capitalism vs. rap battle of socialism. ” It probably refers to the semi-virus YouTube video with the same name produced by the Institute for Conservative American Economic Research.

Alas, no one really gives a window to Trump's unique mess like oddball internet humor and right-wing extremism, like Carpe Donktum, the creator of Trump's memento who was invited to the White House by a couple of viral peers. last July. Doncott will speak on "The Future of Social Media in the Public Square" on Thursday.

Recently on Twitter, Donktum, real name Logan Cook – has paid a little attention emphasize rotation he trained the nativist Polish politician Dominic Tarczynski. The video features interviews in which Tarczynski says he does not think about being called a racist and that "no Muslim migrant will come to Poland."

Against the montage of Tarchinski's montage of Muslim migrants, viewers hear a corrugated metal base. Megadeth's "Holy Wars … Punishment."

"Please play this on the main stage @CPAC" away Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin responded to Donktum. Donktum withdrew its claim.

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