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Richard Marx.

Benevolent rocker of the 80s and 90s Richard Marx is back on the Atlantic. For many of you, you probably remember dancing to Richard Marx's hits, and especially to his unmistakable slowdowns, such as 1989's "Angelina" or 1988's. A wonderful birthday song "Endless Summer Evening". You're Always in the Present Richard Marx offers us a new album on American music called "Telling Stories." A project that combines new works with new versions of its wonderful classics. On the radio you can now hear Richard Marx's single "All".

Richard Markle, author, composer, performer and producer, is one of the artists who lasted from the 80s and 90s and chained to a large number of hits, Richard Markle released 13 memorable songs. Number 1, like the fabulous "Right Here We Are Waiting," mysteriously titled "Danger" or "Stay Nights." Although he has had success with mostly such ballads, many of his songs have rock soundtracks such as "I Don't Mean Nothing", "I Should Have Known Better". Richard Markle was the first singer in the United States to leave the first seven excerpts of his albums in the top five on the Billboard chart. Richard Marx is also a producer. He has collaborated with renowned artists such as Kenny Logins, Tony Brixon, he is the author of his "Scales" album.

If its production list is impressive, it was in 2010 that Richard Marx released his new album "Telling Stories" as a mix of his greatest hits in acoustics. All the biggest hits of the singer can be found on this CD. All his songs have been re-recorded in acoustics. Richard Markle also used his studio sessions to write some of his personal commentary on some of the titles he wrote for other artists, such as "Where Are You" songs written for Too Groban or "En Enough" songs for the band. Lifehouse: Richard Markle also stars in the hit 2007 hit album "Everybody" by Keith Urban. "All" has been released in England's No. 5. Since November 15, downloading "Telling Stories" has been an ear-fest and offers to bring back the tempting past to selfies. For amateur lovers who don't know Richard Marx, this collection will make you discover a talented artist with a heterogeneous musical universe.

Here is the following list of Richard Marx's "Telling Stories" album:

01. Endless summer nights
02. One thing is left
03. Danger
04. On my head
05. Angelia
06. Now and forever
07. Keep coming back
08. This is what I promise you
09. Favorite
10. They should have known better
11. Right here waiting
Bonus titles.
01. This is what I promise you
02. It was enough
03. Wherever you are
04. Inside
05. Never dance for me
06. Best for me
07. All

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