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The Democratic nominee for president, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, calls for a revolution. Finally almost.

With its proposal on the Luck Tax, it attracts the public's favor and the ire of some angry billionaires. Deeply hurt, hedge fund manager Leon Cooperman literally shed tears during a November 4 interview with CNBC.

Is it true, times are tough for the rich, and people are growing. Any fallen reformist, he has dedicated Professor Warren to the mitigation of wild capitalism. Another popular remedy will soothe the "vox populus" and, eventually, tear down Leo Coperman's tears.

According to calculations by French economists Emmanuel Saes and Gabriel Foucman of the University of California, Berkeley, wealth redistributors who, moreover, work closely with French economist Thomas Pickett, are also highly optimistic of Carl Marx's not-so-optimistic quote. The tax will affect 0.1% of US taxpayers or 75,000 households and still reports $ 2 & 750; $ 750 billion. , four times the annual military budget in ten years.

Amy Goodman, a freelance journalist on the topic of "Environmental Justice at the Presidential Forum," organized by the University of South Carolina's National Black Legislative Committee of the University of South Carolina, asks: “Many environmental activists point out that a growth-based economic system runs counter to environmental protection. "How do you manage this dialogue? «

Answer: “First, I want to make a clear distinction between my nomination and Senator Sanders. I am a capitalist and a follower of the free market, while my opponent is a socialist. That will reassure Wall Street.

The rest of the argument is presented as a textbook at Harvard Business School. “The free market has brought us and continues to bring us the innovation and creativity that our economy needs. It will also bring us non-polluting energy. But the market without rules is theft. When multinationals cheat, it is that the market is not functioning properly. «

"I've devoted my entire career to regulating the financial markets, especially as an instigator of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (created by the Obama administration as part)" Dodd-Frank "Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act 2008" after the financial downturn), "which caused millions of Americans to be evicted from their homes because of unscrupulous banks that at the same time endangered our entire economy."

On the topic of the regulation of the financial markets and the well-known Dodd-Frank law, we note that, now, 11 years after the crisis, some banks are withdrawing cash again. For that reason, for nearly two months, the Central Bank, the US Central Bank, continues to inject hundreds of billions of dollars into the financial system to help prevent a new collapse. Until we don't know much.

As for "innovation and creativity in the free market", she is so dear to me. Warren, one could think for a moment about the analysis of linguist Noam Chomsky of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who has the unfortunate habit of ruining the American dream. "Major technological advances of the 20th century have been funded by state agencies with state funds, and in the case of the United States by the Pentagon."

It is not surprising that Marxist economist Richard D. Murray was the first to make a living. Wolf calls Warren's argument "stupid."

The existence of capitalism stemming from feudalism begins about 300 years, and during these 300 years, every decade or so, the system goes through a more or less severe crisis, crises due to congenital overproduction, causing speculation.

The most serious of these, the forerunner of World War II, causing the most important depression of the 20e The century marked the entry into the 32nd history of capitalisme US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the only president to be re-elected three times.

Coming from a wealthy family of Dutch descent, FDR, led by his wife, Eleanor, launched the first social security program that has so far benefited Americans, funded by the country's billionaires, known as the "New Deal," the scare that the president shook. in front of his peers, calling himself the "Bolshevik Revolution."

Forty years later the rich revenge arrived under the leadership of Ronald Reagan, who is still trying to dismantle the legacy of the most popular president in American history.

Then it is clear that Richard Wolfe is crying out to hear Elizabeth Warren speak. "We've been there."

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