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Rita Wilson is an American actress who has also pursued a career in music and film production. He is known for his role in films That thing you do. (1996), Jingle all the way (1996) and: A simple wedding (2019): The singer has six albums under her name. He has been married to renowned actor Tom Hanks for more than three decades. Many years of talented person tested positive for COVID-19.

Rita Wilson

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What is Rita Wilson's real name? She was named Margarita Ibrahimov in her birthday. He grew up in California, United States: Read on to find out more about her and update after she and her husband tested positive for coronavirus.

Profile summary:

  • First Name: Margarita Ibrahimov
  • Birthdate: October 26, 1956
  • Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, United States:
  • Age: 63 years
  • Zodiac sign. Scorpion
  • Nationality. American
  • Height: 1.72 m
  • Weight: 72 kg
  • Husband Tom Hanks (1988)
  • Parents Hasan Halilov Ibrahimov, Dorothy Wilson
  • Children: Jet Hanks, Truman Theodore Hanks
  • Occupation: Actress, singer, songwriter and producer
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Age of Rita Wilson

The actress was born on October 26, 1956 in Los Angeles, California. He is now 63 years old. His nationality is Greek-American.

Body measurements

The 63-year-old actress and singer stand at 1.72 meters high. He weighs about 72 kg.

Age of Rita Wilson

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His father, Hasan Halilov, was born in Oreio, Greece. He changed his name to Alan Wilson after moving to the US. He converted from Islam to Orthodox Christianity. Alan was fluent in several languages ​​- Russian, Turkish and Polish.

Her mother, Dorothy, was of Greek ethnicity. He grew up in Sotir, Albania.

He has two sisters and a sister. Teacher Lily Wilson and Composer Christopher Wilson.

She attended Hollywood High School and studied drama At the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Career in film and television

The actress first appeared in 1972 in an episode Brandy rice. Headline episode Greg's TriangleRita had the role of Pat Conway, who was running for one of the candidates.

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He appeared twice on the sitcom MASH. He was also shown Three companies and: Bosom Buddies:.

He landed the role of Hester Rose Crane Frasier: He had roles in such films Vanity bonfire, Volunteers, now and then, all the way in, escaping bride, raise your voice, sleepless in Seattle, and: It is difficult.

She played the role of Susan Borman in the television series From Earth to the Moon. Rita has acted in a number of other productions, including Restrain your enthusiasm, body of evidence, law and order. Special Victims Unit, girls and: Good woman.

He was the producer My big fat Greek wedding and its continuation My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2:. In 2008, he produced the film, Mama Mia.

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Rita Wilson's films

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Career in theater

She made her debut in theatrical performances in 2006. This was during a Broadway show, Chicago, where he played the role of Roxy Hart.

In 2015, she returned to the play with Larry David's wife Brenda Fish in the dark. He then starred in a play Love, loss and what you wear written by Nora Efron and Delia Efron.

He then starred in other shows such as: Din Ash with friends and: Deviated. Compared to film and television, her stage presence in stage productions was limited.


The actress has also established a successful career in music. On May 8, 2012, Rita released her debut album titled AM / FM:. The album released by Decca Records had classic lessons that began in the 1960s / 70s. AM / FM: performances with artists such as My Image Web, Cheryl Crow, Jate Hill and Patty Scalifa.

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In 2014, she had the pleasure of speaking to former US President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Unlike his first album, the self-titled album had the songs he wrote. He wrote the songs Grateful and: Bad things. In the latter he introduced Matt Nathanson. Hetq was the soundtrack to the movie Dawn Patrol.

For Rita Wilson The album, released in 2016, was written by Rita with the help of other artists. Among them were Jason Reeves, Dan Wilson, Richard Markle, Michal Blue, Laurent Christie, Nathan Jepman, ess essay Alexander, Jason Wade, Blair Daly and others.

He released his third album, Great picture, September 2018. He has worked with producer Fred Molin, with whom he has also collaborated on his first album.

The new album also features songs he wrote with Christian Bush, The Warren Brothers, Lindy Robbins and Alex Reid.

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His song, Heartlessused in the movie, Simple wedding. In the film, he made a single with David Hodges Emmet:

Rita Wilson net worth

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The singer and songwriter released her fourth album: Half the way home March 29, 2019. Nathan Chapman co-authored the album.

The album was inspired by his life and his past struggles. One of his songs is titled Throw me a party! revealed his survival from breast cancer.

The singer has been featured on such television shows Tonight My Imagine Fellon Shots Late Tonight with James James Corden Today and many others.

Here's a list of Rita Wilson's movies and TV shows:

  • The Brady Brunch (1972) – as Pat Conway
  • The day the country arrived (1979) – Advertising Debbie
  • Bossom Buddies: (1981) – Like Cindy
  • MASH: (1982) – as a nurse for Lacey
  • Three companies (1983) – Like Agnes Plate
  • Volunteers (1985) – Beth Wexler
  • 227: (1986) – as Dr. Peterson
  • Midnight caller (1988) – as Connie Zemak
  • Tales from crypto (1991) – how are you Gilkrist?
  • Sleepy in Seattle (1993) – Like Susie
  • Now and then (1995) – as Chris Williams
  • You did what you did (1996) – as a pearl
  • Jingle all the way (1996) – Like Liz Langston
  • Psychologist (1998) – as Caroline
  • Invisible child (1999) – as Annie Beeman
  • Runaway bride (1999) – Like Ellie Graham
  • Perfume: (2001) – Like Roberta
  • The glass house (2001) – as Grace Baker
  • My big fat Greek wedding (2003) – as Ariana's niece
  • Raise your voice (2004) – as Frances Fletcher
  • Beautiful Ohio (2006) – Jud Judith Messerman
  • My life in ruins (2009) – as Elinor
  • It is difficult (2009) – Like Trisha
  • The art of getting (2011) – as Vivian Sargent:
  • Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (2011) – as Bree Mazalon:
  • Good woman (2011) – Like Viola Walsh
  • Who do you think you are? (2012) – Like Himself
  • Girls: (2013) – Like Evie Michels
  • Dawn Patrol: (2014) – Like Shelia
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: (2016) – Like Anna
  • Brother Nature (2016) – Like Katie Torlin
  • Gloria Bell (2018) – Like Vicky
  • Emmet: (2018) – Like Mary Locke
  • A simple wedding (2019) – Like Maggie Baker
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Rita Wilson's instagram

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As a producer, he has worked on:

  • My big fat Greek wedding (2002)
  • My Great Fat Greek Life (2003)
  • Connie and Carla (2004)
  • My mother! (2008)
  • My life in ruins (2009)
  • My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2: (2016)
  • A simple wedding (2019)

Here's a list of Rita Wilson's albums

  • Half the way home (2019)
  • Larger image (2018)
  • Rita Wilson (2016)
  • Christmas sessions (2016)
  • Dawn Petrol: (2015)
  • AM / FM: (2012)

One may be stream or download his albums from him self-directed website. He also gives details of his tours and presentations on the site.

Rita Wilson Awards and Achievements

The actress has a few awards and the nominations under his name. Here is the schedule of his achievements


  • PGA Awards (2003) – Theatrical Motion Picture Producer for Film, My big fat Greek wedding
  • Los Angeles Greek Film Festival (2008) – Best Short Film Trap
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  • Satellite Awards (1999) – Best Actress – Supporting Actress in a Small Area or for a Movie Made for Television. It was for the movie, From Earth to the Moon.
  • American Public Guild (2003) – Motion Picture:
  • PGA Awards (2003)
  • National Review Board, USA (2009) – Best Actor in the Ensemble
  • Walk of Fame (2019) – Shr received a star on the Walk of Fame

Rita Wilson's husband

Tom Hanks (Thomas Effery Hanks), born 1956 On July 9. Just like Rita, Tom Hanks is now 63 years old. He was born to an English father and a Portuguese mother.

He is an award-winning actor and film director. He is best known for his roles in films Rotate: (1984), Great (1988) and: Forest waste (1994): As a producer, some of his best works are Catch me if you can (2002), Terminal: (2004) And the Ministers, The group of brothers.

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Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks

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Before marrying Rita, she was married to Samantha Lewis. They were blessed with two children, Colin and Elizabeth. Nine years later they split up in 1987.

Rita's relationship with Tom Hanks

How did Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson meet? The couple met in a series of TV series, Bossom Buddies. They were married on April 30, 1988.

With Tom, Rita Wilson's children are two: Jett Hanks (born 4 August 1990) and Truman Theodore Hanks (born 26 December 1995). Elizabeth Hanks and Colin Hanks are his step-children.

How long have Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks been married? The couple has been married for 31 years.

Rita Wilson net worth

How much is Rita Wilson worth? The actress has been fortunate in her acting career. He has also generated extra income as a producer and singer. According to: Well-known net worth, its estimated net worth is $ 100 million.

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Charity and charity

The actress is a big proponent of charity work, especially those focused on women.

Rita Wilson's latest news

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  • The actress and her husband were honorable mentors for the Women's Cancer Research Fund (WCRF).
  • She supported the Moffit Cancer Center by donating expensive jewelry
  • She and her husband are constantly part of the Shakespeare Center in Los Angeles. They are raising money to support needy youth.
  • He and Tom Hanks offered help to Mati Fire victims in Greece. Greek President Prokopis Pavlopoulos applauded their actions.

Rita Wilson Instagram:

Actress has an audience from over 900k followers on Instagram. He uses the platform to update his fans about his whereabouts and upcoming plans.

Rita Wilson's coronavirus update

On Wednesday, March 11, Tom Hanks announced that he and his wife are testing positive for COVID-19. He announced the news through long post on his Instagram page.

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She explained that both showed symptoms such as fatigue, colds, mild fever and body aches. They were isolated, and they promised to refresh their fans.

They were in Australia at the time. Wilson had his concert days planned in Sydney and South Brisbane in support of his new album Halfway to Home. Tom Hanks was there for the Warner Bros. pre-production project.

Celebrities are both 63 years old and experts say they fall under the category of "Adults", the category to which they are most subject. strongly affected by virus.

Rita Wilson's latest news

What update is there for Rita and her husband? Jeta Hanks, one of Rita Wilson's children, reported Monday, March 16, that the couple had been discharged from the hospital. Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks The house they rented in Australia had gone into self-employment.

Rita Wilson has established herself as a successful actress, musician and producer. For more than three decades she has been the wife of renowned actor Tom Hanks. Although they tested positive for coronavirus, they showed improvements and are currently in self-defense.

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