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As most of us across the country still perceive the concept of social distance, trying to level the curve novel coronavirus outbreak, obviously we need a little (well … a lot) of humor. Countless tweets and memes over the past week about not wearing pajamas, getting off the couch and doing virtual meetings how to flirt with someone at a social distance, have gone viral. And here we have "quarantine nicknames" to gather our minds about the spread of the epidemic.

How to come up with your "quarantine nickname"

The fun began when author and television producer Elan Gail, best known for his work Baccalaureate and: Bachelor's degree, "Your quarantine nickname is how you feel now, the last moment you eat out of the cupboard. Gail's nickname: "You can call me 'angry chili mango.'

And since just locking in the closet is pretty restrictive, it didn't take long for people to open their nicknames to include items in the fridge and freezer. everyone needs options during this test. Comedian Katie Griffin came in to let everyone be herself. "Decided on ice cream mint mint." Even singer / songwriter Richard Mark wanted to amuse and tweet. Randy Pretel.

Below you will find the best combination of "Quarantine nicknames". Because we are all worthy of some ridiculously loud tweets that summarize the truth of how we feel about our last meal.

1. Edgie Spaghetti

2. Exhausted Twinkie

3. Pissed Off Twizzlers:

4. Pissed Brandy and Brownie

5. Horny Kit Kat:

6. Stretched winter squash soup

7. Outraged by Benadryl

8. Nervous Nachos

9. Tipsy chicken wings

10. Restless dark chocolate M & s

11. Frightened Kalamata Olives

12. My Angry Thin Jim:

13. Disappointed protein bar

14. Cheesy cheese

15. Angry frozen pizza

16. Irritating to Mac & Cheese

17. Ruined chicken soup

18. Stress Banana Muffin

19. Hyper Belvita

20. Lazy Scone:

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