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Hollywood spreads false news, Trump

Hollywood stars insult President Donald Trump and spread false claims at his latest coronavirus press conference at the Rose Garden, where the president declared a national emergency and announced remittances to key stock indices. which were filmed at the end of Friday.

Celebrities have called President Trump a disgraceful and moralist on social media as he announced a $ 50 billion release plan for his administration to fight the spread of coronaviruses. The president also increased economic incentives, including by refusing to pay student interest on federal loans.

The Hollywood elite also used their influential roles to spread fake news to millions of their social media followers in the wake of the conference and President's global outburst.

Author Stephen King falsely asserts that the president's coronavirus team is "all human, old and white." But at a news conference Friday, at least two women spoke to the media, and one was a woman of color. Seema Verma, Medicare and Medicaid Service Center Manager and Dr. Deborah Birks, who manages the training. Part of the White House coronavirus. Response Team:

Note that the Tramp Coronavirus team is male, old and white.

– Stephen King (@StephenKing) on ​​March 13

Actress Bette Midler went on to spread the false allegation that President Trump has called the coronavirus a "theft." The president recently used the word "deception" in a campaign meeting to describe Democrats' attempts to politicize the disease and harm the administration.

Songwriter-songwriter Richard Marx, who is not a Trump supporter, said that "this story, which called the real virus a call, is false."

It's just amazing to hear that shame. Five days ago it was "rudeness", and now Pence et al praise the denialist of science in the sky.

– Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) on March 13, 2020

No one is more rejected by Trump than I am ”(except for the one who is supposed to see him naked), but this story, called the real virus a hoax, is false. He said Dems's statement that he did not respond properly was misleading. It turns out they were still right.

– Richard Marx (@richardmarx) on March 13, 2020

Humorist Chelsea Handler and actor Joshua Malina called President Trump a "morality."

Tramp maintains a press release about the crown, but is unable to answer any real questions about it, and then puts it straight, praising victory for the work he is doing. How stupid we must be before getting rid of this intercession. It is not a question.

– Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) March 13, 2020

Tramp just shook hands with this guy. Idiot

– ((((osh osh malina))) (@JoshMalina) March 13, 2020

Oscar-nominated actress Minnie Drewer has twice called her "president" a "hole" in two separate tweets. In his first tweet, he allegedly claimed that the president was acquiring a virus by collaborating with Google to create a coronavirus test site.

In his second tweet, he continued his rally, stating that the government should not work with the private sector to fight the spread of the disease.

#Pressconference # Covid_19 "Thank you Google" The hack has found a way to improve the performance of this virus. @realDonaldTrump:

– Minnie Driver (@driverminnie) on March 13, 2020

#Pressconference # Covid_19 "Canceling Private Power", Asshole. All you want to do is earn money from this crisis. The federal government has to pay for it.

– Minnie Driver (@driverminnie) on March 13, 2020

Actress Jane Ein Lynch also mocked the Trump administration's decision to partner with Google.

Unlike past sites:

– Jane Ein Lynch (@janemarielynch) on March 13, 2020

Actor Eff Efrey Wright stressed that the Trump administration has requested that Wolgrens, Target, Walmart and CVS executives attend the press conference as part of the government's efforts to cooperate with it. pharmacies across the country to try to speed up tests. .

#Happy hospital included in this #nacionalemergence effort, or are we just in a hurry to park at Walmarts and CVS?

– ef Efrey Wright (@jfreewright) on March 13, 2020

Actress Ashley Dowd called Friday's board meeting "a white man's party."

White Brothers Party.

– Ashley Judd (@AshleyJudd) on March 13, 2020

Actress Mia Farrow has also fought for public-private partnerships, which the Trump administration is planning to tackle. "So many corporations," the actress wrote to her husband and wife.

So many corporations. So little has been done. STOP YOUR CAN

– Mia Farrow (@MiaFarrow) on March 13, 2020

40-year-old Virgin filmmaker Judd Apatow lamented that President Trump at his press conference focused on the United States, not "the whole world." He also called the president "a liar" without presenting evidence.

Tramp always has to frame him as smart than other countries when we were terrible, and he's a liar. He never talks about how we, the whole world, are together.

– Judd Apatow (@JuddApatow) on March 13, 2020

Filmmaker Rob Reiner offended Vice President Mike Pence, who also spoke at Friday's press conference at Rose Garden.

We all want the Crown virus under control, but it's funny. How long has Mike Pence left Trump's ass?

– Rob Reiner (@robreiner) on March 13, 2020

Actor Adam Goldberg dismissed the entire press conference as "propaganda advertising".

Campaign Campaign Ads.

– Kiss my @s (@TheAdamGoldberg) on ​​March 13, 2020

Actress Samantha Matis has reiterated the Trumpvirus designation of the coronavirus in the New York Times, named by columnist Gail Collins.

Are you drinking? #TrumpVirus:

– Samantha Mathis (@samanthamathis) March 13, 2020

Several celebrities, including Bradley Whitford, Michael Ian Black, Chelsea Perth, John John Shaw and Elizabeth Perkins, disapproved of President Trump's decision to shake hands with some of those partners at a news conference Friday. .

Swimming in the hall will make the chair full of infectious diseases.

– Bradley Whitford (@BradleyWhitford) on March 13, 2020

He was worried about shaking hands with the president, but his donkey kiss is worse.

– Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) on March 13, 2020

Why POTUS shakes hands with this WH press. I tell myself.

– Elizabeth Perkins (@Elizbethperkins) on March 13, 2020

Oh my God. Trump does not stop shaking everyone's hand.

– Cho on Joe (@JohnTheCho) on March 13

Incredible. They were all together (!) And they shook hands (!) And they told us that their response was really quick. (!) Fucking awful

– Chelsea Peretti (@chelseaperetti) March 13, 2020

3-star rock star Kristen John Johnston joked about how President Trump has called the national urgent words "two very big words."

"I do national accidents better than anyone, everyone says it's extraordinary how beautiful my emergencies are"

– kristen johnston (@thekjohnston) on March 13, 2020

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