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During his presidency, Trump has done many lamentable Decisions to involve children, especially parents who have been abducted by their parents The US-Mexico border. Now, in the name of festive entertainment, the White House Halloween party in effect, he encouraged American children to come back have been separated from their families. According to Yahoo News, at: The White House Staff yearly Halloween party, October 25 at the Eisenhower Executive Office BuildingExecutive Branch staff and VIP guests are encouraged "Build the wall" one of the construction works that came out of the construction paper bricks as one of the operations. It seems as if such propaganda tactics could not have worsened, the construction kit was hanging under the sign of the "Trump Staff". according to: GQ:.

“It's scary. We were terrified, ”said one of the anonymous attendees Yahoo News:.

Star WarsActor Mark Hamill took to Twitter to express his disappointment. “Children are born innocent. They can only be taught racism and hatred. What they learned at this #WH event scares the hell out of words. Remember when #POTUS was a role model for kids? We are better than that. #Hall HalloweenHorrorStory, "he wrote.

Composer-songwriter Richard Markle also publicly shared his disgust. “Teach Your Children Well… Be Unaware and Racist Like Hell…” he wrote tweets.

It turns out, this is not the first year Trump administration is a Halloween event crazy. In 2017, Trump beat up obese children about their parents, who are journalists. “I can't believe the media has brought such beautiful children. I don't know how the media did it. " He even applied to a little girl dressed as Ray Star Wars. The power is awakening and commented on her weight before handing her a nurse. "You have no weight problems, that's good news."

The SheKnows White House comment request was not returned.

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