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1983 with a San Francisco blues-rock outfit Huey Lewis & The News: released their third album, which the world will never forget, Sportswear:. They hit it off the park with six of the nine tracks landing as hits, including classic jokes like "The Heart Of Rock And Roll," "If This It," "Heart And Soul," and "I Want New Drug."

Now, 37 years later, GRAMMY's winning band have released their 10th studio album: Weather:on February 14. The seven-track project consists of touching songs that they finished recording before Lewis suffered a severe episode of Meniere's Disease, an inner ear disorder affecting hearing and balance of different intensities, 2018. Because Lewis has not been able to make music, record or even listen to music, he hopes that things will improve in the future, and he is grateful for his many rock memories.

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Ahead Weather:The release is about the "Hip To Be Square" singer GRAMMY MUSEUM guests have a heartfelt and enlightening conversation with her celeb bestie, my imie Kimmel. The dynamic couple has been stumbling across Lewis's long music career (on the way back to Europe at age 16 on a bus returning to life), with a hearing loss, Weather: and the new one »The heart of Rock & Roll"Musical.

The GRAMMY Museum-Event opens with a special preview of the stellar "Her Love Kills Me" music video (which you can watch above) featuring Kimmel and SF. Former Giants manager Bruce Bocch – legendary SJ 49 grandmasters from Montana, Andy Garcia, Brandon Flowers, June Ann Lockhart, Topper Grace, Brad Paisley and more. While chatting, Kimmel shared his excitement that he would finally fulfill his dreams by starring in one of their videos, while Lewis revealed that his original idea for the video was for Kimmel to be a full song concert.

Prior to Lewis and Kimmel Conversation, Hue Mercifully Speaks about Recording Academy Weather:, inheritance Sportswear:, hearing loss and where the heart of rock and roll still beats (hint: it's in Ohio).

The first album of the band's new music for almost 20 years, Weather:, will come out soon. How do you feel?

Yes Friday, Valentine's Day. I am very excited. I sincerely believe that this is one of our best works. I have these hearing problems, so maybe I shouldn't try to do interviews and stuff, but I've tried to send the songs nice. We are very proud of the record and are trying to make some noise with it.

"I sincerely think that (the weather) is one of our best jobs … We're very proud of the record and are trying to make some noise with it."

Can you talk a little bit behind the message "While we're still young?"

Yes. It is written from the point of view of someone who is not too young but is not yet dead. I think that's the idea. (Grins:.) Here's how you regulate middle age, say.

"We will fall after noon." It's part of the fun.

I love that lyric.

So much of youth wastes on the young.

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I had this conversation with my colleague today: What can we do to get mad now when we're 50?

See? (Grins:.)

You can talk a little bit about your experience of hearing loss.

Yes. It's something I've lived with for a long time. I lost my right ear 35 years ago, or 80 percent of it. (Dots on the left ear.) This just happened two years ago. Unfortunately, the left ear fluctuates. When my hearing is good. I wear hearing aids. I'm fine: I can hear words and everything, and I may even be able to hear enough music to sing. But I couldn't figure it out, because I'm never good enough to try. My hearings are getting worse again, as they are now. When it's bad, I can't hear anything, I barely hear the phone. I can hear you when you're 24 inches away, that's about it.

Was it emotionally difficult for you? You just take it day by day.

At first it was very, very difficult. I spent the first two months in bed really, just fasting and taking steroids and trying everything to moisturize the gall. I lost 18 pounds, but my hearing has never improved. I was really depressed.

My children are wonderful and have helped me through all of this. It turns out that you can get used to almost anything. I have to realize that there are people who are worse than me. I have to be thankful for what I have. Sometimes it's hard, but that's just right. That's what I'm trying to do, try to look at the bright side.

That's important.

It's not always easy, but I try.

“Our dream is to play music for a living, era. It was that we couldn't do anything else than play music. And so, Sportswear: it was the record that showed us that we could do it. "

What was the success? Sportswear: I feel you at the time.

Well, it was a relief for us, because our dream is to play music for a living, era. It was that we couldn't do anything other than play music. And so, Sportswear: it was the record that showed us that we could do it.

But that's an interesting record, because it was the record of its time, it came out in 1983, but we set it & # 39; 82. If you think back then, it was a whole radio world, Modern Hit Radio was running the whole show. Even MTV, which was just starting out, was right on the radio playlist. And so our job was to make a hit single. If you didn't have a hit single, you wouldn't exist.

This was our third album, and if we hadn't hit it, it would have ended. So we insisted that we can record it ourselves, because if we're going to make those commercial decisions, we want to make it ourselves. Because you have to live with those things. So our manager went swimming for us. Our label was in London, so they really couldn't control us. We were 6,000 miles away, so they allowed us to produce ourselves.

We were targeting almost all the songs on the radio because we knew we needed a hit. We didn't know we were going to have six of them. Each had different styles – one was ballad, one rock, one blues, one R&B based, they didn't know which one to work with. Now, when I look back Sportswear: The album, I see it as a record of its time, a collection of singles, because it has been a world of singles ever since.

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When the band was gathering in San Francisco, back in the 1970s, do you feel that St. John's in the 1970s? Ֆ. Have you had an impact on your music or music career?

It was a great time for music. Even before that, live music was plentiful as we grew up. It was the fun of his day. In the Marie district there were four or five clubs that had live music all the time. And so it was a great, great place to learn your craft. I was in a band called Clover, who had been playing five nights a week for years.

And then this band, we played clubs and concerts. We've played thousands of screenings, probably over a thousand. Many groups today are not going to do it. In fact, it is wrong to do so. It is better to make a beautiful video or screen time, and let it not stay there and do not blow it up. And so it was a completely different time.

Nowadays you record how you set the record, then you go to the country. You start in Seattle, go to Portland, go to San Francisco, go to LA, go to San Diego, cross Tucson, Phoenix, then Texas. And you invite radio stations and newspapers in every city, and I hope you get a good hint when you leave and the radio stations will play your song. You do it all over the country – about 50 shows. When you finally reach New York, I hope the whole country is playing your record. But even if they aren't, you've just made 50 or 60 screenings. So we learned our craft. It was a very live performance. I think it's less than that today.

Cutting your teeth is a lot to slow down the music.

Yes, cutting your teeth is a lot. We didn't play with cars, so we advertise more. It was a different deal.

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Where do you think the heart of rock and roll lives now?

Well, it probably still beats in Cleveland. Cleveland is a cool place. I wrote that song because we were playing jokes there, and you know we're from San Francisco, and we always heard that Cleveland is a great rock and roll city. I thought to myself, "How could Cleveland be a city, we're from San Francisco?" We had it Thank you dead, Eff Jefferson plane, Sly & the Family Stone:. (Imi im) Hendrix played by Filmore (West). Then we played the gig and it was amazing. The audience was amazing. It was really one of our best jokes when we first arrived.

Leaving the bus out of town, someone had a shirt with the clear sky of Cleveland, saying: "Cleveland, you have to be tough," or something. I looked at the blouse and, thinking of the big blond, I said to the boys: "Hey, you know what's going on. The heart of rock and roll is really in Cleveland. " I said. "Wow it could have been a song." The boys went. “The heart of rock and roll is in Cleveland. sorry sorry, it's not so good. " I changed it so that "the heart of rock and roll is still beaten," but it inspired me.

I think it probably still beats in Cleveland. It beats in many places, but not as loud as before.

What gives you the most hope?

O my children, my family! (Grins:.) My kids are so positive. I get a note from my daughter just like now (points to the phone), He says. "Love you daddy, and I know you look up every minute." They are just so positive and so wonderful. Having a big family is really great.

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