Gary Barlow and Australian pop star ason Jason Donovan have had a live duo on Instagram, at the same time isolating themselves from the coronavirus epidemic.

The "Take That" singer entertained fans during the lockdown, speaking on social media, calling the daily series "crooked sessions."

On Tuesday, former Neighbors star 51-year-old Donova broke into the video and sang the 1989 duet of her much-hyped "Towards Broken Hearts" duet.

49-year-old Barlow was playing on his keyboard, while Donovan encouraged fans to sing together.

"Thank you Jason for sharing your time with you," Barlow said, as fans commented that the performance in isolation eased the mood.

"It really made me happy," said one.

Another wrote: “Ah Gary… the most important event of my day. It's like opening day watch every day. Thank you very much for doing this xx. "

And one commented: “Dream Team. Well done guys. "

Donova is the last star to appear in Barlow's daily swallow sessions.

Westlawn's Shane Gillan joined her home on Richard Marx's "Right to Wait" duo on Monday, while Ollie Morse appeared last week and sang "Take That & # 39; s Shine".

Other stars include Ronan Keating, who performed Tracey Chapman's Baby Can I Can Hold Barlow, and tenor Alfie Bowe, who sang Don't Stop Me Now.