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The World Health Organization (WHO) tried to break the fear of the epidemic on January 14, echoing China's claim that coronavirus was not contagious in humans.

"Preliminary investigations by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of the #coronavirus (2019-nCoV) novel # human transmission found in #Wuhan, #Cina," the WHO wrote.

Just 60 days later, global number of victims from: coronavirus It was above 8,000 and continued to rise. More than 200,000 cases were recorded from 145 countries. (Contact MSNBC analyst suggests using Coronavirus to prosecute Trump for "negligent killing": helps former Democratic candidate)

But virus: The remittances were far from the only misinformation received by Chinese officials.

Beijing reported that the first known cases of the coronavirus of the novel were recorded in mid-December, but later information from outside sources suggests that the earliest cases were discovered in November and kept under wraps.

In addition, Caixin Global reported that Chinese officials identified the virus in early December, but were instructed to destroy both the test result and the samples.

The: UK Times: reported:

The city of Wuhan, whose regional health center is on fire, has demanded the destruction of laboratory specimens that were the cause of the inexplicable viral pneumonia on January 1. China does not admit that there is a human-to-human transmission up to three weeks later.

The WHO announced that China had provided the necessary data on the virus in mid-January, a month after preliminary data and information had been destroyed when it was reported that preliminary data and information had been destroyed and officials announced a week later when officials announced that it has not yet been discovered.

Despite China's lack of co-operation as other countries began to contend with the spread of coronavirus, WTO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Gebriesus praised Chinese President Xi Jinping for China's response to the protocols and quarantine tests.

The: South China Morning Post: noted that one British WTO member described it as "heroic" to put Wuhan under mass quarantine, affecting about 11 million people.

Criticizing his words of praise for simply saving China the "face", Tedros insists that China "should not be praised" for efforts to spread the virus.

"China has done very good things to slow down the virus," said Tedros. “The whole world can judge. There is no rotation here. ”

In addition to the apparent failure to exert pressure on the Chinese government and the refusal to provide all available data, the WTO has assisted Beijing in pushing back against American points, and even President Donald Trump's insistence that it is "racist". Comment on the origin of the virus.

A number of public figures have joined the rally accusing Trump of renaming the virus place the guilty unjustly On China.

But, as some have been quick to point out, the American media, some who later called it "racist" called the coronavirus "Wuhan coronavirus" before its rapid spread.

Even the Chinese state media did the same thing before the key engagement.

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