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how Richard Marx is going to release his 12th album on February 12th Infinite, her first new recording of a deal with BMG earlier this year, the veteran singer / songwriter says that if she could get back to the beginning of her career, there are some tips she would like to pass on to her young self.

“One thing I would say, 'Get more fun' because I didn't celebrate. I never celebrated it until maybe five years ago. and "Right here waiting."

Marx accredits his wife, Daisy Fuentes, for about four years, encouraging him to celebrate his success. "He specifically asked me, 'When Repeat the criminal you went to # 1, what did you do? How did you celebrate it? ”He says, referring to his 1989 album The Lucky 1989. BMG celebrated its 30th anniversary this year with the release of the album Repeat the criminal again, which includes a new recording studio, live and audio versions of the song's sights.

Marx confessed to the woman that when they painted charts like the hits "Rest", "Angelia" and "Right Here Waiting", he would not stop celebrating. He continued to work. “I think I was scared to do it. I was scared to admit how great it was for so many different reasons, and I didn't celebrate the incredible things that happened to me when they happened, ”she says. “So I would say when big events take a minute, a day or a week and mark it. Be 100% in it and truly feel it. I myself have not allowed myself to do that at all. I have written 14 No. 1 song – for which I am so grateful – on various charts, so I looked at the dates of the 14 songs that went to No. 1, and we had dinner every year. I realize this. every year, 14 days in fact, two Keith Urban No. 1 (2005's "Better Life" and 2011's "Long Hot Summer") were the same day (October 22), just different years that are so weird, but we celebrate every day. that my song has gone to number 1. I just do it with retrospective force. ”

Looking back on his Grammy-winning career, Marx has a lot to celebrate, but that doesn't mean he's resting on his laurels. He's excited Infinite, and he should be: it successfully navigates the complex line between familiar and fresh life, making it sound like classic Marx to satisfy longtime fans, but it is also ingenious to attract new ones.

He attributes much of his appetite to listening to all kinds of music and collaborating with colleagues who have challenged him, including his son Lucas, Sarah Barelles, Morgan Page, Vertical Horizon frontman Matt Sackey, and Matt Sackeyel, and Matt Sackeyel Daisy. .

Marx says his approach to the new post was "working together when it felt right," and he encouraged other veterans to look for new creative partners. "There are definitely songs I've written for myself that still feel very fresh because I'm constantly listening," he says, referring to Tove Lo, Post Malone, Halsey, Ed Sheeran, To Lady Antebellum and Dan + Shay, among whom she admires. "I listen to the radio and I think it's really important to let current and new music influence you, but I also think that at this stage of my career and any career that lasted so long, if you weren't really. hug the talents of others and see how you can be creative, then you've got your head in the sand.

"There are artists that I really love who are still making albums," he continues, "and every time they put out an album I get more frustrated because it just sounds like what they did 20 years ago. bad version. Look at the loans and see that they haven't worked with anyone before, so it's up to me to reach out to new partners and be open to new things, including my son. Lucas is an incredible talent, and I'd be foolish not to ask him to help me. "

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Marx and his son co-wrote the albums "All Together" and "Another One Down", the album's lead single, and rose to No. 14 on the contemporary adult chart chart (October 19), becoming his highest-grossing non-hit. hit the chart since 1997.

Marx has three sons with his former actress Cynthia Rhodes. Brandon, 29, Lucas, 27, and Essex, 25. "I'm close to three, and they're all incredibly talented," he says proudly, "but Lucas I think is the best music and creative for me. My older son, Brandon, is a brilliant and incredibly vocal singer, but he is completely electronic and mostly hip-hop. As much as I appreciate it, I do not feel nationality. I respect it very much, but we are just different in different worlds. Then my youngest son, Ess I, and I wrote a little bit together, but he's like a serious rock band. orchestra) The voice of the Lamb of God sounds like me. Lucas is such a total pop / R&B and super melody. He's been playing stuff with me for the last two years because he's really productive and every time he would sing a new song I would go. "Sorry, this is so good."

Marx said that when he and Lucas sat down to write, they knocked "One More Again" for about an hour. "I couldn't believe how difficult it was to write, and the next thing I knew he was sitting at his computer creating a trace," Marx recalls. “It was a pleasure for me to produce it for me. I made suggestions. I changed a few things, but mostly he had a really good vision for it. When the trace was done, I went up to the microphone and said, "Tell me what to do," and he beat me several times quite hard. Once she would like to go. "No No: You can't sing like that. You sound 100 years old, "and so I said, "Sing well for me," and he would see me read as you are an actor …. I have learned a lot from him and I know he has learned from it. Then the single would leave the charts, and almost being included in the top ten of the AC chart, he wouldn't have wanted to sing in that chart before. He said. "My first song with you in the charts is crazy. It is very surprising. ” So it was a really special thing. "

Marx co-wrote with Barrel the ballad "Not in Love". "It's a song I've had for a couple of years, and I just wasn't sure it was over," she says. "I knew there was something special about it, but I just couldn't break the code to fill it with my wish, and then Sarah and I got together to write. He came most of that last verse lyrically. remember to take a light breath and go. "Now it's over." I love him: I'm a huge fan, so I love that we have something that comes out together. "

At the same time, "Strong is Enough" was written with Lifehouse's Jason Wade and features vocals by actress / singer Ana Kramer. “I wrote that song with Jason Wade, which I love. He now lives in Nashville, but we wrote that song when he lived in LA a few years ago, ”Marx recalls. "We did a really good job at his studio, and when I was singing it, one of us said, I don't remember who said, "You know this would be a really good duo." I came to Jana's leadership, and she loved the song. So, a few weeks later, we got together at LA's studio and knocked it out. "

Let's go is another way Marx is especially excited to hear from fans. “I love that song. It started as a collaboration with Morgan Page, who is a DJ / songwriter / musician that I'm a big fan of, "she shares. "I said, 'I'm going to take this house for a couple of days and just leave it there,' because there were no texts when we wrote that path. I was dating Daisy and we wrote a title for my latest album, (2014) Goodbye. It was really the first time she had ever tried to write a song, and it turned out that she was a really good lyricist. It's not that he doesn't follow the rules of the songwriters. He does not know them. He never knew them. He does not observe any restrictions. I sometimes get all my "songwriting" in my head (saying): "You can't rely on it," or "you can't say that. It has to be more poetic, "and then Daisy goes," Why can't you say that? Just say it. So I brought him this song, and as soon as we sat down, we knew exactly what we wanted to write. "

Marx describes the song as a detachment, but in a positive sense. "For most of my life, I was hit by a button and in fact I was cheating myself into thinking I had some control," he says. "When you realize you're not doing it and you're really getting rid of it, all of a sudden these good things start happening."

Marx will share his hits and present songs Infinite as he winds up his current tour and moves on to the 2020s. Over the course of his long career, he has written songs for a variety of artists, from Kenny Rogers to Luther Vandros, and Marx distinguishes himself for writing songs. has been a hit on various Billboard charts of varying degrees for the last four decades (each from 1980-2010), as well as being the only male singer in history, whose first seven Billboard Hot 100 records reached the top five.

Marx enjoys this season of his life and seems to be at ease and happy. “What I have finally learned to do over the past few years is that it has captured the gift of not having to do anything I do not want to do. To be in a place of my career and life where I make an album. That's just because I felt like making an album. If you see me on stage, it's because I want to be there. It is a truly amazing blessing to be in one place in your life for such feelings, ”she says. "That's why the album is so schizophrenic in that sense. There were times when I was like how I could put Limitless on the same album as "Front Row Seat" or how I could put "Let Go". same album as "This One". They sound just like any other album, and I liked it at the time, but they are all for me, and I reminded myself that I could do whatever I wanted.

"I am in a place where everything is important to me, I enjoy it," she continues. "Even if this album was remotely successful, it would be great, but that's not the reason I did it. For me it's already a success because I really love the album. I'm really proud of it and that's enough. That's what it really should be. I learned to do just what motivates you. It's a beautiful place. "

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