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Two days after the first semifinal of Eesti Laul 2020, the second act featured their songs, six of which made their way to the Feb. 29 finals.

From there, Estonia will choose which act and song they will present at the Eurovision 2020 competition in May in Ao Arena, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Announcers and the show

The screening was opened by Black Velvet rock band. Before each performance we were treated to small postcards representing beautiful places in Estonia.

As in the first semifinal, the show was hosted by Carl-Eric Taukar and Tunis Ninemets. Born in 1987 in Rakvere, Tennis is supposedly a grown-up comedy and released a video called "Baby".

Karl-Erik Taukar was the final of the 2012 version of the "Estonian Idol". Born in 1989 in Viljandima, he is also a member of a band named after him, and they have toured and hit a number of hit records in Estonia.

Both hosts performed a great performance by Richard Marx Waiting right here before the results are published. They were followed by opera singer Oliver Kususik and a ballet performance. Two older chickens gave the Estonian "Rock N Roll Kids" (Ireland 1994) Estonian, and then joined a band to sing some other old fur, such as Runaway (Estonia 2002) and Never Let You Go (Sweden 2002).


Viinerid:Kappa Kohi-LA

Most of the videos were friendly to the yearly nonsense entry from Estonia and no less start to the show. This is the kind of thing for which Eurovision gets a bad reputation from the public. I hope Estonia has learned their lessons from the past and this will be the last time a non-fan has to hear it.

Jan Annette: Hingelind:

Jan Annette began her song, sitting in her red dress and black headscarf as she did. Sadly this is another non-description material that lasts three minutes and is over. The rest are better because we lost some good songs in the first semi-final. There is simply nothing going on. Three wacky backing singers walked and sang behind him.

Yuki SuvistWhat is love

Ouku is a good performer, but this song is also a little fun. An attempt is being made to compete like an orchestra, and with its stage presence it should make it to the finals. He was standing on a stage raised in white with a fire burning around him.

Inger:Just a dream

This is a funny little song like Malta's Entrance Tomorrow Since 2013, Malta alone has not had a guitar playing, such as this one. A little whistle song on Sunday at noon Sunday. its lightweight feel should be enough to make the Eesti Laul Final look.

Merilin Mälk:Miljo Samu

This is a really beautiful musical backdrop, but despite the beautiful song, Maril is millions of miles away from appearing on the big Eurovision stage. It was a good attempt to throw the records away, but many were missed. She looked good in her pink balloon chewing gum, but her ears hurt.

German & Violin:Heart Winder:

Three female violinists dressed in red, yellow and pink started the song well, but here comes the German. Maybe there is something wrong with the sound in the studio as he also started guessing the notes. The chorus of this one is very neat, and once it is gone it makes a certain appeal to this one. Could qualify.

Jaagup Tuisk: Beautiful lie

Completely affected last year's winner Arcade and: Beautiful mess Since 2017 from Bulgaria, so it has the right idea, but can such a song be able to win even in a numbered year? Sure the best so far, but a little more original will help. Jaagup was dancing with a female dancer. It's written just for Eurovision.

Ziggy Wild: Lean on me

In this four-piece rock band, the female vocalist certainly has as good a voice as Ann Wilson of Heart or Pat Benatar, and the song has that feeling too. The problem is that these were around the eighties, and if it were then it would just fit in. It may qualify for an evening out, but for a longer stay to appeal.

Udup SeppSorry I am confused

There may be many men tonight who can say which is the best. This one has a wonderful quiet melody and is pretty well sung. In fact, there are pieces by Luis Capaldi about it, and Udo seems very sincere when he sings it. Maybe one to watch.

TrafficElks cord veel:

There he sits with the rest of the band, no less than Stig Rust, playing guitar with his old band. This is an almost acoustic number, but it can also be stuffing the stadium. This should be qualitative. Stigg left this band in 2006 and presented Estonia with Elina Born in 7th place in 2015 B review yesterday. Never miss a chance here, he tries again millions of times.

SHIRA:In space

Back to the floating vocals again, but SHIRA is much more powerful than some have come before. This is still an old bubbly song, though it has parts that the audience can sing together. Probably go for another one.

Marilis GegevaIncredible

Now, if the winner has yet to be found, Marilis is the hotel of last resort. Holding a snowman's hand, Marilis sits in the center of the stage and sings Estonian. It has a sense of entrance from the past, but has better night tunes. After all, not the winner, but could also see the final.


Four actions were sent to the final as a result of the jury and television.

They were Yuki Suvist, Inger:, Jaagup Tuisk: and: Traffic.

Following the completion of the second phase of television television, the following two actions were also qualified SHIRA: and: Udup Sepp Given that the twelve operations for Eesti Laul 2020 were now ready.

Below is one of the selections this week from Inger and Just a dream.

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