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Rita Wilson is a "Hip Hop Hooray" when dealing with quartz.

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks. Photo: @ tomhanks / Twitter

H ONNESBURG – On March 12, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, confirmed that they were testing positive for coronaviruses for the movie project.

The couple was in isolation at Gold Coast Hospital in eastern Australia.

Hanks posted a statement on Instagram explaining what happened.

"Hello, Rita and I are here in Australia. We felt a little tired as we had colds and some body aches. To play reality, as it is needed in the world now, we tested for coronavirus and found it to be positive, ”he said.

“We will be tested, monitored and isolated as long as public health and safety are required. We will keep the world posted and updated, ”he added, as well as a photo of a surgical glove placed in a biohazard trash can.

After retiring two weeks later, Wilson posted a video of himself singing and painting the song Naughty by Nature Hip Hop Horace: word for word word:

While recording the song, Twitter is so impressed with its skills and subtlety that it shows that he has been a fan for some time. Even rapper MC Hammer is impressed.

Others just found it hard to believe.

Meanwhile, Hanks has made a statement on Twitter saying the couple is doing better, encouraging people to isolate themselves.

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