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Big heads, We do not lie, Children of televisionLaurent Rukier on all fronts. This Saturday, January 25, she received her screenings We do not lie, some guests from the world of cinema, such as: Richard Ancona, or theater like that Alexis MichalikBut this program also allows for the identification of lesser-known figures in the media, such as historian Emmanuel Todd, who came to advertise his new book, entitled Class struggles in France in the 21st century, A series of controversial work that has sparked heated debate.

«You are the farce of this story. «

Director Romain Gupill, who had come to express his views on the work and to present guests these days, excelled as a literary critic, and he did not hesitate to deceive Emanuel Todd's work. Pointing to his absurd numbers, his baseless talk about the present world and his vision for politics. Nothing seemed to thank the director, against whom the guest found it difficult to defend, blocking the brushes several times. «Here is a sentence from Marx that you know well: Events always happen twice – once a tragedy, once a farce. You are the farce of this story. ", The director opened.

Other mocking guests

But when Emmanuel Todd left the set, we realized that the other guests in attendance had agreed with the director on Emmanuel Todd's attitude. «I have found this ability to never answer the question fascinating. It was weird. I was like that, but when is he going to answer the question? & # 39; and … never. “Alexis Michalik launched it, apparently not much daring between the two men with an oral smile. Actor Richard Ancona, for his part, also entertained the work by printing it on Lauren Rukie's desk and preparing I'm looking for a point of contention. "He also has the right to forget about the poor Emmanuel Todd. “The presenter started with a smile.

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