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Music Week controls the effects of Covid-19 worldwide on the odorant.

The spread of the virus has already led to a number of diseases tour cancellations, including the similarities to Ozzy Osborne Storm, Khalid, New Order, BTS, Green Day, Slipknot, and Avril Lavine, all of which draw worldwide.Whereas, the organizers 2020 The SXSW conference was followed by the leadership of Austin City and canceled this year's event.

This will include updates on the effects of the flares.

Country 2 Country Festival

C2C Festival has announced that its 2020 release has been delayed. The festival was scheduled to return for its eighth year, March 13-15, March 20 at The O2 London, 3Arena Dublin, SSE Hydro. The official statement reads:Due to COVID-19's global epidemic and the changing nature of tourism policy in other countries, alongside possible future restrictions, it is with regret that the Land of the 2020 festival – London, Dublin and Glasgow – is delayed. Ticket holders are advised to keep their tickets. More information will be available on the upcoming re-event. Thank you all for understanding and patience at this very difficult time. C2C and its organizers apologize profusely for taking the time to work through the problems to make this statement. "

Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavine has canceled his Europe / United Kingdom tour. Twitter statement reads: “A heartfelt message to my fans. As you all know, governments across Europe have continued to impose restrictions, banning large rallies due to the continued spread of coronavirus. Now the United States has implemented its own ban on these trips. With these restrictions, it means that I am no longer able to turn my head above Europe and the United Kingdom. And it suck. I've been looking forward to this tour for so long. reunite with my amazing fans, supportive fans! My main concern continues to be your health and safety, and I want to come back and go with you another time when everyone can enjoy the shows without worry. I send you all a lot of love. "

Greg Dooley:

The official press release reads: "Due to the recently announced travel ban, we unfortunately have to cancel the March / April European dates. We sincerely apologize and are already working to transform our European tour later this year. Returns will be available upon purchase. We hope the North American tour will begin on April 24 in Minneapolis. We will continue to monitor the development of the situation.

Series of C2C CMA composers

Music Week the following is said: "Due to the nightly US travel restrictions, we regret to report that tonight's CMA Songwriters Series has been canceled at O2 in Instigo. The refund will be automatically processed to the card used to buy your tickets. »»:

The Who is postponing a UK tour and TCT date

The band will no longer take part in the UK Arena Tour, which was due to begin on March 16 in Manchester or their Teenage Cancer Trust show on March 28 at the Royal Royal Hall. Roger Daltrey insists that all the screenings "will definitely be, and you may be the last time we go around this type, so keep those tickets because the screenings will be fantastic."

Tallinn's music week moves to August

Estonian conferences have announced that it will take place this summer instead of the end of this month. "According to the recommendations of the Estonian Health Council, the TMW team and its partners have decided to postpone the March event because of the risks associated with the spread of the COVID-19 virus. TMW 2020 has been redesigned and will take place on August 26-3, 2020 “They have explained it in a statement.

Closing the office

Music Week understands that a number of jobs will be temporarily closed to limit the spread of Covid-19. Secretly Canadians and Globalists understand that staff attendance is restricted, while Beggars Group plans to close a "dress rehearsal" for one day next week.

MUSEXPO 2020 has been delayed

MUSEXPO, which will be held in Burbank, California on March 22-25, has been postponed by organizers. “I would like to thank our generous sponsors, showcase artists, speakers, delegates, my MUSEXPO staff, and the Castaway and SIR Studios team for what would have been an amazing event, MUSEXPO 2020, but for the benefit of all. should do the right thing and delay this event in the future, ”explained President and Founder Sat Bisla. In addition, our partners at joined us, also postponing the World Radio Summit in 2020 with a further date. That date will depend on the course of the (COVID-19) epidemic and how fast it is under control, and everyone will feel better about traveling and interacting with others on a more personal basis. All registrations will be transferred and completely redistributed to new dates, if approved. We will notify everyone as soon as we have a confirmed date. We hope that everyone will remain safe in this unprecedented health. "

Country country festival

Old Dominion has been replaced by The Shires in the main bill. The CMA Songwriters show is now hosted by Niko Moon, Jaren Johnston, plus Kyle Hamak, Tenila Towns and Phil Burton following the departure of Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Lindsay.

Coachella and Stagecoach festivals have been postponed

California festivals Coachella and Stagecoach returned in October for a statement by the organizers. "In the direction of Riverside State and local health authorities, we should sadly approve the re-equipment of Coachella and Stagecoach because of Concern 19 concerns," they said in a statement. “While this decision comes at a time of global uncertainty, we take the safety and health of our guests, staff and community very seriously. Coachella, which will take place in April, will now take place October 9-11 and October 16-18, and Stagecoach will take place October 23-25. Ticket holders may claim compensation if they are unable to attend the new dates.

The NME & 100 Club team gathered for the SXSW showcase

NME and the 100 Club will showcase a number of artists to perform at SXSW. The pop-up show is scheduled for March 22, during which details will be confirmed. "So many big groups have invested time, money and emotional energy to get on the field at SXSW, and we really feel for every one of them the news of its cancellation," says Sam Craver of the 100 Club.

Pearl Jam is pulling a US tour

Pearl Jam has announced that they will not be touring, and has posted on their website criticizing the US response to the Covent-19 outbreak.

"As Seattle residents, we have been hit hard and first of all we have witnessed how quickly these catastrophic situations can worsen. Our children's schools are closed along with universities and businesses. It's cruel, and that's why it's aggravated before. is improving, so we are told that being part of a big gathering is high on the list of things to avoid, as this global health crisis is now beginning to affect our lives.

"Unfortunately, communicating with large groups is a huge part of what we do as a group, and the tour we've been planning for months now is in jeopardy. We have and will always maintain the safety and well-being of our supporters as a top priority.

"So we are deeply disappointed and saddened that we have to make this statement the most terrifying. This first meeting of our PJ / Gigaton tour is scheduled to be postponed and resumes for later dates.

"We've worked with our management and all business partners to find other solutions or options, but the risk level for our audience and their communities is simply too high for our comfort level. In addition, we also have a unique passionate group. fans who travel very far and we have always bowed to it and respect their energies and dedication, but in this case traveling is something to avoid.

"It certainly did not help that our government did not have clear messages about our safety and ability to get to work. Without our National Health Department having no example of this, we have no reason to believe that it will be under control in the coming weeks.

"Again, here in Seattle, what we are witnessing that we would not wish for. What we want for the rest of the country is that they can avoid its harsh negative consequences and maintain the sense of community and care for one another just as we look forward to our next concerts and the ability to gather and play songs aloud. as always full of energy. "

Madonna leaves two dates

The singers' shows at the Grand Rex in Paris on March 10 and 11, which will be his last Madame X tour, were canceled after the French government banned gatherings of more than 1,000 people.

Italy is in the offing

Following restrictions in the north of the country on March 10, the Italian government restricted travel throughout the country, and public gatherings were banned. This, of course, had an impact on Italy's live scene, and screenings of Kelis, Santana, Avril Lavigne and Rex in Orange County were canceled. Living Nation.

Miley Cyrus is not leaving for Australia

The American singer has announced that she will not travel to Australia before the planned visit.

Coachella speculations

Although no word from the organizers, there are speculations that the Coachella festival will be postponed. The event is scheduled to start on April 10, but reports say that it is planned to postpone it until October.

Richard Marx delays March and April

The American singer will not start her 2020 European tour this spring.
"To ensure the health and safety of my fans to come to my fans' screenings, the forthcoming European tour must resume because of the global health crisis," he said in a statement. “I am very grateful for my fans and very excited about the amazing European tour. These shows have been sold out for months, and I was ready to have an amazing music night with everyone. I'll be back soon and we'll have an amazing time. "

The virus goes viral

Following tips on how people wash their hands for the sake of singing Happy Birthday, the designer has created a generator that lets fans add their favorite song words to the NHS handwashing diagram. Create your own song / hand sink at Here's to the welcome of laundry current Music Week cover star, Luke Combs.

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