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The biography of Robin Beck:

In fact, he has no official vocal training. Growing up in Brooklyn in the 1970s, Robin learned a lot about R&B, as well as the Beatles and Carol King, on the slopes and corners of her block. Robin was just a kid when he left home to meet Daytona Beach, Florida, in search of his dream to sing in a rock band.

He was discovered by a local musician (Alex London) who received Robin's first professional work with guitarist Johnny Conklin. Robin learned the art of singing before singing local orchestras before singing hit songs before asking her to leave the band at the age of 17 to sing in a band called Deep South. Soon after, Robin dropped his first recording contract for the single "Still For Love", which was discovered while playing at the Detroit Club.

Still in New York, Robin started working on various projects, including Broadway's Got To Go Disco, and finally began a recording career with the release of his debut album, "Sweet Talk." In 1979 with Kenny Lehman's famous "Dance, Dance Dance". While living in the Big Apple, he became involved in the jingle field and during this time he had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest musicians in the world. Thanks to some scrutiny, Robin's name came to prominence in 1988, when the song "The First Time" (a song on Coca-Cola themes) became a huge hit worldwide. In fact, the song was in the UK's top spot for three weeks, which meant that Robin had to make a living on BBC's Top of the Pops program.

This was a springboard for a new start in his recording career. The following "Trouble Gold Nothin" album featured people such as Steve Luketer (Toto), Paul Stanley (KISS), Diane Warren, longtime partner Eff Ef Kent and Desmond Child, to invest. Robin never ceases to be one of the best AOR singers / artists of all time.

Robin's new album "Human Instinct" was released on the DSB label in 1992 and once again featured the best sessions in the world (eff ef Porcaro, Kim Bullard, Tim Pierce, Michael Landau, Lee Rintour, Michael Thompson, etc.). ) and composers (Mark Spiro, Eff Ef Kent, Jon Onan ourn Urnie Kane, Heart Ann and Nancy Wilson, Sue Shiffrin, Glenn Bournik, etc.). "Can't Get Out" begins in 1994, East / West, and once again, he's proven his singing abilities with songs by Cliff Mages (Steve Lavin, Steve Perry), Steve Kipner, Michael Bolton and Ole. Evenrude, Marc Jordan.

The break in the music industry was on the cards, and it was then that Robin met and married Of James Christian, a record producer and rock band singer. Together they had a beautiful daughter, Olivia. Despite her new role as a mother, Robin cannot be completely out of the spotlight. In 1998, he recorded a duet with Italian star Pupo, forcing him to travel to Italy and Germany to promote it with 9-month-old Olivia. Robin's career

In 1999, Robin released "Jewel in My Crown" and "Shut up and Kiss Me" (vocal producer James James Christian, with music by Chris Flanger and Ingo), who saw him return to recording after five pauses. year. has released the album "Wonderland". Contemporary in sound, this bold new recording demonstrates Robin's passion, power, and versatility better than ever with technically superior production.

Robin's solo and writing career has always been an important part of his career. However, over the years his talents have been repeatedly demanded for work sessions as well as great names in twentieth-century music. He has played with Patty Austin, Tina Turner and Richard Marx, and recorded with leading artists such as David Bowie, Michael Bolton, Deep Purple and Cher to name a few.

His long-awaited return to rock was finally made in 2005 with "Do Miss Miss Me", a beautiful piece of melodic rock music with great original songs, original songs by Mark Jordan's son (Amanda, Cher, Amanda Marshall). ), Desmond Child (Bon Jovi, Kiss), Michael Michael Bolton and Chris Pelcer (Peter Cetera, Van Zant) and was at the top of his hierarchy with his best efforts, such as "Problem or Nothing" and "Human Instinct". Living On A Dream was released in 2006. By Frontiers Records. This album has been praised by Melodic Rock Magazine's Andrew McNeice, a classic rock album earning 97 points out of 100, as well as a new status in the melodic rock world.

The classic "First Time" also came under the spotlight, and that same year Universal asked Robin to recreate the song with a new "First Time" dance mix with the famous Sunblock mixers. It was also an instant hit, and Robin played in Top Of Pops. Robin once again tops the tournament charts, ranking No. 9 on the UK's official Billboard chart and still selling more than 3 million units.

Releasing a new label in February 2009 with his new label, "The Room of His Majesty's Music," Robin gave his fans a real treat by releasing the album "Trouble Gold Nothin", the 20th anniversary release of Silver. Recently, each note has been recorded, featuring new deadly songs. It was something Robin had long wanted to devote to his fans.

You may be wondering now why Robin began to create his own label alone, His Majesty's Music Room. Faithful to the form of life, we will all return to our point of departure at this or that time. For Robin, this is her dream of becoming a songwriter, singing her own songs and beating another drummer. While others may be waiting for their break and getting rid of the fear, Robin removes all obstacles.

Robin is another Maverick who makes his way up the stairs and takes the bull by the horns.

"For years I've been thinking that I don't have the strength because I didn't sit at the recording company writing on the desk and calling the managers behind the desk." These days are gone. "To live this dream you have to live it out, after all, it's my dream, if you don't share it, you can't be with me. I love my life and the music that was offered to share my heart and soul with those people, who think of me as a donor, which is clear to most people who know me, so at this point in my career I have chosen all my ambitions to travel less. This path leads to a woman of her own making. Nothing more than delivering the ball to this girl. "… His goal is to succeed on his own terms.

Robin continues to be a driving force, an innovator and a true leader of his kind. The dynamic that makes Robin so special and unique is that she truly enjoys and loves her fans as much as they appreciate and love her. The proof is in the music.

After hosting the fourth most popular television show in Germany in 2009-2010, including the prestigious and popular Ultimative Chartshow, Robin sat down on the couch to talk about his classic hit "First Time". Hosts are Oliver Geisen, Thomas Steen (formerly Boris Beckers manager and wife Charlie Lily Kerstenberg). Overall, the success of this label has been successful for the last two years since I created my own home. for wearing records and all hats to ensure its success. ” Robin Beck

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