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11 lists in Strasbourg

Strasbourg City Council elections broke the record for 2014 with a record. No less than 11 lists will meet in the first round on March 15. In order: "List of Workers 'Struggle" ("Listening to Workers' Camp"), led by Louise Zeev; "Active Equality" list maintained by Patrick Arbogast; The list is "The Strasbourg Anti-Capitalist and Revolutionary" list, led by Clem Suebes. Collection list for Strasbourg (RN) headed by Hamblin du Park. "Let's Create a Strasbourg Together" list, led by former Strasbourg Mayor Catherine Troutman (PS); The Strasbourg 100% Public Services List, headed by Matieu Le Talek (POID); The Strasbourg Environmental and Citizen List (EELV, PCF), managed by Strasbourg Outgoing City Council, Janna Barseghyan. The Strasbourg Community List, led by Kevin Lucas (La France Insoumise): list: "New Life Rental for Strasbourg" (LR-les centristes-UDI), headed by Jean-Philippe Wether; List of Citizens Involved, headed by Shantal Kutajar, outgoing deputy mayor of Strasbourg. The "100% Strasbourg" list, led by Alain Fontanelle (LaREM), the outgoing deputy mayor of Strasbourg.

Note that the RN list represents Jean-Claude Bader, "daytime Johnny Halliday from Alsace," in second place.

7 lists in Mulhouse

The second city of Alsace will play 7 rounds on March 15. In Mulhouse – the "Mulhouse Common Case", which was led by Lowe Miner; "Mulhouse on a Scale with Michelle Lutz and Jean Rothner," as her name suggests, headed by outgoing Mayor of Bolverk. list "Workers' struggle. making the workers' camp audible, ”led by Ulyen Westin; Oson Mulhouse list headed by Fatima Enn. List "I Love Mulhouse", directed by Roman Spinali; List of "Rally for Mulhouse" led by Christel Reitz; The list is "Deaf in Real Life," led by Lara Milon.

7 lists in Colmar:

Colmar, 3:e: The city of Alsace, the Haut-Rhin Prefecture, will see as much of a collision as it did in Mulhouse. View details: "Colmar repeated passionately with Gilbert Mayer," who was the outgoing mayor; List of Citizens Opening, managed by Michael Megelati: List by Colmar for All, maintained by Tristan Denchad. List: "Workers 'struggle listening to workers' camp" led by Hussein Karaduman. The list is "A New Horizon for Colmar" headed by Stephanie Willem. The list of "New Mayor for Colmar" led by Deputy (LR) Eric Straman; the list "Living in Colmar, Entrepreneurship, Creativity and the Unified Ecology" list, conducted by Frederick Hilbert.

3 lists in Hagenau

In Hagenow: 4e: In Alsace, three lists to contest votes list "For Claude Sturney, Hagenau, of course! ", Managed by outgoing mayor; the list "It's Better to Live With Us in Hagenau" by Patrick Muller; List of "Ambition Haguenau" managed by Armand Marx.

6 listings in Schiltigheim:

5 in Shildigheim brewerye: Alsace, no less than six lists, will be in operation. Den essay "The Workers 'Struggle by Listening to the Workers' Camp," led by Deniz Gradmugin. List of Citizens Awakened by Rafael Rodriguez List of "Vivre Schilick 2020" (environmentalists, PS, PCF) maintained by outgoing Mayor Daniel Dambach. list «Schiltigheim. finally. ", Led by Francis Gayot; list "Dare in Shiltingham. », Managed by Helen Holder (LaREM); List by Shieldigheim for All, led by Christian Ball (LR).

5 lists in Ilkerch-Grafenstadt

In Ilkirk-Grafenstadt 6e: Alsace, there are 5 lists. "With the Thibaud Philippines, re-shoot Ilhirch-Grafenstadt. ", On behalf of the leader. "True Ecology" List by Richard Hamm; List "Together for a Dynamic Issue for Illkirch-Graffenstaden" by Remi Boujouk. list: "Our city is growing, authentic and friendly", headed by Pascale Gendraul; The "Illkirch-Graffenstaden, It's My Nature" list, headed by outgoing Mayor Claude Frohl.

2 lists in St. Louis

7th in St. Louise: Alsace has two lists of candidates. "The Fountain of Life in St. Louis," headed by Alain Tysne Chekhoutio and "St. Louis, toi ma ville," are headed by outgoing Mayor Jean-Marie Joel.

4 lists in Celestate

In Celestate: 8e: There are four lists in Alsace: "Living Well and Doing Well in Celestate" by Dennis Digel; The "Sélestat notre passion", led by outgoing Mayor Marcel Bauer; Citizens Convergence List, headed by Jean-Marc Castel-Kofel; The list is "Sélestat, terre humaniste", led by Caroline Reese.

4 listings in Bischheim:

9 in Bishkeke: Alsace city, to participate in four lists. Together Tomorrow, directed by Estelle Frass; The Trait d & # 39; union Bischheim, which was led by Christèle Laforêt; Burtleman Bisham, directed by Gerard Chan; "All Bishkek Actors," led by outgoing mayor Jean-Louis Hoerle.

3 listings in Lingolshim

At Lingolshim, 10e: Alsace has three lists: "Living Together Lingolsheim", directed by Javier Dunnell; "Lingolsheim Different in 2020", directed by Valerie Walkerman; "Handing over to Lingolshim," led by Catherine Greif-Eckert.

1 list in Illzach:

Only one list was submitted in Iltsach, Alsace 11. "Ambition, the project for our city," led by Jean-Luc Shildnecht.

2 lists in Wittenheim

There are two lists in the City of Whitenheim in Alsace, 12, Alaska, for Citizens' Union for Whitenheim, headed by Raphael Kirillo; "Together for Wittenheim, the City Majority with Antoine Homme," which was headed by the outgoing mayor.

3 listings in Kingersheim

The thirteenth city of Alsace in Kingsham has been nominated for three lists: "Kinsersheim, a city that gathers people," led by Laurent Rich; "Kingfisher, Life Together" by Chad Hachem; "The New Era of Kingmingham", led by Philip Maupin.

1 listing in Rixheim:

In Rexheim, Alsace's 14th largest city, there is a list, "Rikheim, Living Together in 2020," headed by Ludovich Haye.

2 listings in Bischwiller:

There are two lists in Bishville, Alsace 15, Alaska: Transition and Solidarity for Bishville, headed by Michel Grunder-Robert; "Eunice Fills Bishwiller", directed by Jean-Lucien Netzer, outgoing mayor.

It should be noted that no candidate has declared himself in the municipalities of Altenheim and Etendorf.

Details of candidate lists in all Bas-Rhin and South-Rhine communities, which can be found here

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