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Two Alsatian prefectures (Bas-Rhin and Haut-Rhin) released community lists Friday evening for more than 1,000 residents and more community municipalities, and individual candidates for communities with fewer than 1,000 residents. Submitted by Deadline: Thursday, February 27, 6pm. These twenty-four-hour delays are explained by the need to 'comb' these lists, ensuring that they meet all legal obligations (gender equality, etc.) and that the candidates making them are all eligible.

The following is an exhaustive list of lists of 24 major cities in Alsace with a population of 10,000 or more, or at least their name, as well as the name of the list leader. All listings can also be viewed online through our site. , or on two prefectures.

It is surprising that Strasbourg holds the Alsatian record (eleven) in the number of lists, and Mulhouse and Colmar are satisfied with "only" seven lists. On the contrary, the two municipalities of Alsace are devoid of any candidate. It is Altenheim (208 inhabitants in 2015) and Etendorf (778 inhabitants in the same year), both located in Bas-Rhin. Bids remain eligible for the second round.

Of the municipalities with more than 1,000 residents, where electoral legislation requires the submission of complete lists, there are only 166 municipalities with 93 in Bas-Rhin and 73 in Haut-Rhin. Let's cite in particular Hohenheim, Ilzach, Rickheim and Whitelsheim, where the only leaders on the list are outgoing mayors each time … Like in Altkirk, Haut-Rhin subway, and in the capital of Sundgeau, where Nicholas Olas competes.

In Bas-Rhin, the Prefecture drew attention to details, noting the youngest candidate (18 years) and the oldest (96 years), as well as the overall average age of registered candidates (47 years). In the absence of centuries on the Upper Rhine it is impossible to make the same calculation, but we can reasonably assume that the result would be similar.

Finally the highlight is: Finally. Women are still modest women at the top of the list with more than 1,000 communities. There are 74 in Bas-Rhin (out of 336 lists or 22%) and just 45 in South Rhine. (From 251 lists, or 17.9%)…

Ists sprouts in 24 major cities of Alsace

2: Strasbourg (Bas-Rhin, 280,966 inhabitants; source: Insee 2017, legal population 1)St: last January). Patrick Arbogast ("Active Equality"); Janna Barseghyan, EELV, Strasbourg Environmentalist and Citizen; Chantal Cutajar, "Citizens Involved"; Louise Fève, Workers' Struggle; Alain Fontanel, LaRem, "100% Strasbourg; Hombeline du Parc, RN, "Rally for Strasbourg"; Mathieu Le Tallec, Strasbourg 100% Public Services; Kevin Lucas, Strasbourg General; Clément Soubise, "Anti-Capitalist and Revolutionary Strasbourg"; Catherine Troutman, PS, "Strasbourg Together"; Jean-Philippe Wether, LR, "New Rental of Life for Strasbourg."

2: Mulhouse: (Haut-Rhin, 109443 inhabitants). Fatima enn are, without a label, "Oson Mulhouse"; Michèle Lutz, outgoing mayor LR, "Mulhouse en grand"; Lara Millio, unnamed "Mulhouse in Real Life"; Loïc Minery, EELV; Kristell Reitz, National Rally; Romain Spinali, without label, "I Love Mulhouse"; Jul Ullien West, Worker Struggle.

2: Colmar: (Haut-Rhin, 69,105 inhabitants). Tristan Dénéchaud, MoDem, "Colmar pour tous"; Frederick Hilbert, EELV, "Vivre Colmar, Entrepreneur, Creative and Supportive Ecology"; Hussein Karaduma, Workers' Struggle; Michaël Meguellati, City Opening; Gilbert Meyer, outgoing mayor LR, "Colmar Passionate"; Eric Straumann, LR, "New Mayor of Colmar"; Stephanie Willem, LaRem, Colmar's New Horizon.

2: Haguenau: (Bas-Rhin: 34,504 inhabitants). Armand Markle, without label, "Ambition Haguenau"; Patrick Muller, RN, "It is Better to Live With Us in Hagenau"; Claude Sturney, adjacent outgoing mayor LR, "Naturally Fill Hagenow."

2: Schiltigheim: (Bas-Rhin, 31,894 inhabitants). Christian Ball, LR, "Schilick pour tous"; Daniel Dambach, outgoing mayor, Vivre Schillik 2020; Denise Grandmougin, Lutte Ouvrière. Making the Workers' Camp Listable Frances Gayot, Shieldingham. Finally. "; Helen Holder," Oscars Fills Shieldigheim "; Rafael Rodriguez," Citizen Awakening ";

2: Ostwald: (Bas-Rhin: 26,780 inhabitants). Remy Bozhou "Together, it's dynamic for Illkirch-Graffenstaden"; Claude Froehly, «Illkirch-Graffenstaden, c & # 39; this is nature»; Pascale Gendrault. "Let's cultivate our city authentic and friendly"; Richard Ham, Authentic Ecology; Tibad Phillips, "Reinvent Illkirch-Graffenstaden."

2: St. Louis: (Haut-Rhin: 21,177 inhabitants). Alain Tchkutio-Tizne, "The Source of Life in St. Louis"; Jean-Marie Joel, outgoing mayor, "St. Louis, toi mon ville."

2: Results: (Bas-Rhin, 19,225 inhabitants). Marcel Bauer, outgoing mayor LR, "Sélestat notre passion"; Dennis Degel, Living Well Together; Jean-Marc Castel-Kofel, "Citizen Convergence"; Caroline Reese, Celestate, a humanistic country.

2: Lingolsheim: (Bas-Rhin: 18 324 inhabitants). Javier Dunnell – Together Together; Catherine Greif-Eckert, Unlabelled, "Lingolheim Commitment"; Valerie Wakerman, "Lingolshim Different 2020".

2: Bischheim: (Bas-Rhin, 17,093 inhabitants). Estelle Fraas, PS, "Together for Tomorrow"; Jean-Louis Huerle, outgoing Mayor LR, "All Bishkek Actors"; Christel Laffort, "Traitor Dunion Bischheim"; Gerard Chan, EELV, Bunnellet Bischheim.

2: Illzach: (South Rhine – 14,691). Jean-Luc Shildnecht, outgoing mayor, "One ambition, one project for our city."

2: Wittenheim: (South Rhine – 14,317 inhabitants). Antoine Homey, outgoing mayor Rafael Kirillo, Civic Union for Wittenheim.

2: Rixheim: (Haut-Rhin – 13 902 inhabitants). Lyudovik Hayen, outgoing mayor, "Rickham is living together."

2: Kingersheim: (South-Rhine – 13,055 inhabitants). Chad Hachem, "King's Life Together"; Philippe Maupin, "Kingersheim, New Era"; Laurent Richey, Assistant to Outgoing Mayor, "Kingheim, a city that unites people."

2: Riedisheim: (South Rhine – 12,645). Hubert Nemet, outgoing mayor, "The Ensemble Fills in Ridsheim"; Loz Richard. "Act Today to Make Tomorrow"; Didier Riff: "Riddimheim, you're the first."

2: Ostwald: (Bas-Rhin – 12,604 inhabitants). Fabienne Baas, "Oswald with You"; Jean-Marie Butel, outgoing mayor PS, with "Oswald's heart"; Vincent Florang ("Oswald 2020"); Claude Steinle ("Claude Steinle").

2: Bischwiller: (Bas-Rhin with 12,538 inhabitants). Michel Grunder-Robert, Transition and Solidarity for Bishwiller; Jean-Lucien Netscher, MoDem, outgoing mayor, "Unis fills Bishwiller."

2: Cernay: (Haut-Rhin, 11,565 inhabitants). Michelle Sordy, outgoing mayor LR, "Cernay vivre bien"; Christoph Meyer, Corney Ensemble.

2: Obernai: (Bas-Rhin: 11,227 inhabitants). Catherine Edel-Laura, "Imagination's Auburn"; Bernard Fischer, outgoing mayor LR, "Aberna Ave.

2: Saverne: (Bas-Rhine: 11,239 inhabitants). Stefan Leyenberger, outgoing mayor, Saverne, plus loin; Nadine Schnitzler, "Unis Fills Saverna"; Laurent Wagner: Reserve Saverne.

2: Hoenheim: (Bas-Rhine: 11,215 inhabitants). Vincent Debates, Outgoing Mayor, Acting Together.

2: Guebwiller: (Haut-Rhin, 11,094 inhabitants). Christian Facchin, "Guebwiller general"; Helen François-Ayule – "For the Coming of the Gube – Democracy, Ecology, Solidarity"; Francis Klitz, outgoing mayor, "Gubwiller, Let's Keep Together"; Gregory Stich, LR, "Guebwiller and you".

2: Erstein: (Bas-Rhine: 10,630 inhabitants). Michelle Andre-Sanchez, "For the Future of Erstein"; Kevin Diebold, RN, «Rassembler Erstein»; Patrick Kiefer: "With You For Erstein";

2: Wittelsheim: (Haut-Rhin – 10,355 inhabitants). Yves Goffert, outgoing mayor.

Instructions for use Above are the titles in alphabetical order with the only political leader on the list when he has another clearly labeled mandate or confirmed political affiliation. Its list can be multiple or push itself without a label.

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