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"For nothing good," the balance follows 1984 Chicago 17:, actually it was good for something. Instead, she found a home for Africa in the US We are the world a charitable project that was particularly relevant to the paths of renowned recording artists.

It turns out that the tracks of the latest Chicago release by Peter Cetera fit perfectly into the album. Like many other star songs We are the world"Nothing is good" was about helping others, love and unity, so it fits into the overall theme.

Chattera's background vocabulary, described by Robert Lam, is the view of a man who gave his time, money, and effort to people who needed it but were not appreciated. The song, written by Lamm, with Chicago producer David Foster and Richard Markle, then raises an interesting question: This means that he cannot accept that people may not thank him or that he should not help others if no appreciation is given to him.

After all, that mystery does not take away Chicago's bigger message. My understanding is that helping someone is always important. We have to give it to others and we do not expect anything in return.

Out of that positive mind, "Good for Nothing" played very well. At first I like the sound of the keyboard and the guitar as well. I also love that this track feels like a pop. Lemmy and Chetera's voices blended together very well, reinforcing a lyric that really made you think.

"Nothing Good" is a great song with a great message but still sad as it marks the end of Peter Cetera celebrated his tenure In Chicago.

"Saturdays in the Park" is a multi-layered, song-and-dance exam in Chicago music. Click here for the record archive.

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