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“The Cold War is stuck in my memory and my attitude to Castro is well known. If the Reds had won the Cold War, then Central Park (New York) would have been executed by a mad mob, and I would have been one of them. «


"What does he mean by 'socialism'? (Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic presidential nominee) Does it do "things" like in Denmark? Well, it would be harmless. Who knows “

Well-known journalist and political commentator Chris Matthews is on the brink of tears on February 3 on MSNBC's "Morning oe n".

Apart from the fact that 34 honorary doctorates holders of many prestigious institutions can throw such nonsense, which speaks volumes about the quality of modern journalism, the most serious is that he believes in it, which has fallen into the realm of psychology.

But let Mr Matthews be sure that the "Socialists" do not want to take away his privileges. On the other hand, they would see his salary, which was determined by the task force in accordance with the quality of his performance, adhere to the neoliberal doctrine of dignity.

Likewise, more and more, the opening of a little Swiss bracket than the future ex-boss of Credit Suisse, who was fired last week over his incredible spy story against his director last week. International Asset Management, a tragicomedy that began in a dispute between the two main characters in the town of Herlbrig, over a fence of a fir tree blocking the view of Lake Zur. This is to say

It is not certain that, under these conditions, the Labor Board would allow the dismissed boss to start the CHF 30 million, besides his salary, we can imagine that at least since he took office. The share price has fallen by half, becoming a key benchmark in the financial world.

But as Chris Matthews is convinced, the game has not yet been played. Especially because billionaire and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who is late in the race, now spends $ 1 million every day on ads he has nothing to envy. to British film director Ken Lowe.

At first glance it works. The polls are favorable for him, surpassing the figures of candidate Joe Biden, and Mr Bloomberg, focused primarily on the 'Super Tuesday', can do so without thunderstorms in the 'Belt Zone' pastry and communal rooms.

Indeed, it is far from the case that this class of workers in 2020 finally mastered "cultural hegemony" because, as a writer and political theorist and communist, Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) employed the Turin "FIAT" machine workers. “Are you, in fact, bourgeois? After returning home, you exchange your work clothes for a bourgeois Sunday custom, and then your families walk in front of your peers, as the bourgeoisie do, "or, quoting French humorist Colucci," Les is good for the poor, bad for the rich, and bad for the rich. to be: «

What is really going on in people's minds, God knows who knows it, for those who believe in him, and there are many in the US. On the other hand, for sure, the growing part of American society is looking for an alternative to the economic and political model that is theirs, because it is far from the desire to shoot political commentators from television. they begin to realize that within the social model of "socialism" there is, in fact, as much power of thought as "jazz" or "electronic music" knows the styles.

Most Americans are unaware that "socialism" exists in most European countries in one way or another that may explain the excitement of a vibrant journalist.

Thus, "neoliberalism", which is also a stream of thought, this time within capitalism, will soon be celebrating its 40th anniversary, and at least what can be said, as a result, of a rather mixed result. to put it mildly.

The "superpower" or "cultural hegemony" of capitalism (institutions, laws, religion, philosophy, ethics, art), as the dominant model of society, had to agree for 200 years of its existence, following many periods of more or less intense class struggle in the field. at the expense of social democracy, are vital to community consolidation, health and education, while remaining fully responsible for what Karl Marx calls "infrastructure", an economy that determines production. Neoliberalism destroys this latest concession of capital.

The alternative would be prominent American Marxist economist, Professor Richard D. Schmidt. Wolf, who was a graduate of Harvard, Yale and Stanford, democratized "infrastructure" and therefore the entire economy, rather than attacking the "superpower" beforehand. Thus, the workers would collectively decide on the factors of production, its location, its price, wages and working hours, to some extent affecting the redistribution of produced wealth, and not so insignificantly these days. environment.

The great temptation is obviously the remuneration of capital, the determination of access to all resources, which raises the question of raising it.

While Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate in the US, is limited by his plan to a simple restoration of the "last concession of capital", what the institution condemns as "socialism" is the question of democratization. he could have applied the economy to a class that would eventually spend most of its existence in one workplace or another.

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