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– Cedric O at the scene. When US merchants launched an investigation into France's digital services disputes, the French state secretary of French digital affairs arrived in Washington to meet with stakeholders in the American tech industry.

– Privacy Game-changer. President of the Senate Commerce Roger Wicker expressed willingness to take into account the narrow private right of action in federal data privacy legislation, a prospect that sympathetic Republicans have largely overlooked.

– (More) allegations of bias on social media. Republican lawmakers criticize Google and YouTube over rumors of hundreds of Trump campaign ads being removed, without explanation.

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AWKWARD TIMING for CEDRIC O – Junior Digital Minister of France Cedric O. has referred to meeting with lawmakers, scientists and other leaders in Washington focused on technology policy – just as the US Trade Representative's office issued an unfavorable verdict over France's controversial digital services tax dispute. . After tech industry and President Donald Trump objected to France's new tax, arguing that it unfairly separates American technology firms, US traders came to the same conclusion Monday night saying the tax was discriminatory, and they were seeking it. for possible consequences. US ally. (The Trump administration have threatened to impose tariffs on French goods worth up to $ 2.4 billion, including cheese and champagne).

– The results of the USTR probe and the possibility of fresh tariffs on French goods certainly depend on Cedric O's business trip. It began on Monday with meetings with FCC President Ajit Pai and former President Tom Wheeler, US technology chief Michael Kratsios and FTC Democratic Commissioner Rohit Chopra. Today there are talks with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, Open Market Institute CEO Barry Lynn and Senna. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii). He will then travel to the Bay Area and Los Angeles to meet with antitrust and misinformation experts, Snap and Salesforce executives and others.

– "The emergence of digital giants There is a technological, legal and democratic challenge for the state authorities that calls for adjusting our regulatory frameworks, ”he said before the visit. "The United States and France, longtime allies, must work together to show that Western democracies have the ability to act to regulate the Internet and its dominant giants."

TOP SENTA PR FOR STATE PRACTICES – In a surprise move he said: Roger Wicker (R-Miss.) Said Monday that he is open to including a narrow private right of action, including data privacy legislation, because first reported by Bloomberg – the prospect that is heavily opposed to Republicans in bipartisan negotiations with Democrats. Wicker told MT that he was "ready to discuss" a provision that would allow imprisonment. Commerce Democrats recently unveiled legislation that included a wider private right of action that would allow individuals to sue companies privacy violations.

– So where are the negotiations? Wicker and Maria Kantel both said on Monday that while the talks were continuing, they had not yet met their common goal of developing a joint discussion plan, outlining areas of agreement and disagreement. "My goal is that it has already happened, and it has not happened," Vicker told Cristiano. Cantwell added that they had been discussing drafting the bill for months to show "where we think a lot" and where they were not.

– Front of Hearings. Senior: Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) Said Monday that he does not expect the bipartisan privacy legislation on which Sen works. Jerry Jerry Moran (R-Kan.) Will be released Wednesday before the Senate's trade hearing on privacy proposals. Blumenthal and Moran are two of the original members of the Senate Trade Task Force, and their bill is set to build on those discussions.

CHANNAI'S OBSERVATION MAY SECURE GEX ARK'S SEX SALE LAW Democratic representative Ro Khanna: The state of California plans to enact legislation this month to evaluate how last year's most important online sex trafficking law According to the speaker, it affects the sex. Khanas first raised tears on social media on Monday, twitter that the bill calls for a federal study "the way # SESTA- # FOSTA has impacted the health and safety of sex workers." Khan was one of 25 lawmakers in the House who voted against the CESTA-Fosta law that was amended last year. Section 230 of the Communication Fairness Act is subject to liability for sites that are "knowingly" permitted to sex trafficking. Instead of restricting sex trafficking online, Khanna tweeted that the law "criminalized online sex work and suppressed free speech."

GOOGLE AD TAKEDOWNS IRK CONSERVATIVES – Republican lawmakers are expressing new frustration 60 Minutes Report finding that Google and its YouTube platform have destroyed more than 300 Trump ads due to undisclosed policy violations. "The lack of transparency and bias toward conservatives is the reason why the American people do not trust #BigTech," wrote Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). Senior: Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.), Another conservative, tech-savvy critic, added: "@Google censors @ realDonaldTrump. If you don't believe it then it's Google. " Representatives of the Google and Trump campaigns did not respond to requests for comment. But in an interview with CBS, YouTube executive director Susan Vojic admitted that "there are President Trump ads that have not been approved to run on Google or YouTube."

– As the "60 Minutes" notes, Google's advertising archives detail how much time elapsed, the approximate values ​​for the ad, and how many impressions they collected, but not the reasoning behind the company. "We found very little transparency in the transparency report," the report said.

RED ASSEMBLY TO DISCUSS FRIENDS FRIENDS Advertising Transitional Nonprofit Advertising Initiative, which sets standards for online and mobile advertising new requirements for its members location tracking and other sensitive data they collect, and programs that work closely with them. The guide details how its members (including Google, Microsoft, and Oracle) should work with their project partners to ensure that users who prefer to collect their data know that it will be shared with third parties. back to customize the ad. "When software users are asked to confirm their data collection and use, they deserve to know how that data is used and shared with them," says Leigh Freyun, group president and CEO.

Jon Onan PavlowAdam Smith (D-White), a former congressman in the House of Representatives, will join the growing team of the Information Technology Industry Council as senior director of government affairs. … David Hudson, The former digital director of the Accountable.US observation group, joins the Motion Picture Association America, as senior director of digital media based in Washington, DC It is reported by POLITICO Influence.

Dating App Hole: Registered sex offenders are freely browsing Relevant online dating services including Tinder, OkCupid and PlishofFish, ProPublica reports.

ICYMI: Amazon says on Monday it removed Christmas decorations from its website depicting images of Auschwitz, Reuters reports.

Entering the Quantum Game. Amazon Web Services runs a quantum race (joining IBM, Google and others) through a service called Braket, Reported by WIRED.

Facebook ad follower: Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has spent more than $ 1.1 million on Facebook as a candidate throughout his first week as a candidate, making him the platform's top political sponsor last week, Zach Montellaro reports.

Privacy Center closes. Twitter, which wants to make privacy and data protection a top priority, has launched a Twitter Privacy Center, reported the company on Monday's blog.

State of China's control: "Citizens of China who are registering for new mobile phone services will now have to scan their faces to verify their identity." WSJ reports"A step that will increase the control of the government of his people."

Whatever you do, I can do it … with virtual reality. Patricia Marx details how she "walked with Jesus, was thrown into a sofa, and flown to New York City" using VR, In New York.

About the viral app you probably downloaded for selfie: FBI Warns Russia's FaceApp 'Possible Counter-Intelligence Threat' It is reported by POLITICO.

Blog OTD: «An internet we didn't expect, ”By AT&T Senior Vice President for Foreign and Legislative Affairs Jim My Sikconi.

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